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Architecture Is…

Architecture Is…

Architecture is Legos. Its houses on the street,
big buildings in the city. Its design. Its your dream and the guidance counselor said
math is important. Architecture tells stories and It looks like music. Its got so many styles.
Its your major and its not sleeping a lot. You told your parents its starting to feel
like the words written on a locker. Architorture. Its subjective. Its a broken will. Its thrilling.
Sometimes it looks like what it means and sometimes it looks like crumpled paper. Its
metaphor and simile. It is ornate and brutal. Its habitable art. Its invention. Its inspiration.
Its mathematics and physics. Its functional and aesthetically pleasing or not. It is simplified
and complex, clear and opaque, abstract because it can be. Its a duck. It is symmetrical and
perfect. It is asymmetrical like you. It is proportions and rules. It is form follows
function or function follows form. Its your new lens for looking at the world. Its the
Fountainhead. Its a small paycheck and a long road to the word you cant use in your title.
Its selling yourself to self-absorbed people and selling your soul to self-absorption.
Its your boss in a publication one week and getting sued the next. Its running an office
and keeping everyone busy – running out of work and letting people go. Its under promising
and overachieving. Its problem solving, drawing, drafting, sketching, model making and changes.
It is construction documents and CYA. Its setbacks, codes, zoning laws, structural,
mechanical, electrical, and AV. Its plans, sections, elevations, and details. It is coordinating
every word and every drawing with every player. Its not about design. Its about 3 expensive
letters. Its your kids dream. Its the translation of an idea like Van Goghs starry night. Its
technology and tools. Edifying, seductive and clean. It is the greatest profession in
the world and the worst business. Its dinner party conversation. Its absurd and perfect.
Its wishing you were a banker. Its what you always wanted to be. Its a myth. Its your
passion. Its here then its gone. Like you. Dust.

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  1. that was so creative! but can you please explain WHY is architecture considered the worst business?

  2. @OriginalPongster
    People will sue over anything. Mies was sued over the Farnsworth house in spite of the fact that the client had approved the plans. Building is expensive and people can get tense when they see so much of their money going out. I agree, it would be interesting seeing a video on the subject.

  3. Ei I'm a architecture finallist student in portugal and just wanted to say that I love your videos and would like to ask if you could do a series on the major architecture firms currently working separated by countries or something because i would like to do an intern ship but i don't know what's out there…what do you say? of course its not a complete list of firms just the ones you know or perhaps enjoy there your(photos btw). thanks for everything and continue the good work

  4. When you are feeling down and nearly out, listen to Doug to give you a lift!

    Thanks Doug, you are a breath of fresh air!

  5. Hi, can you make a video showing where do typical architecture grads start work, in private or government sectors, and how do they move on from there?

  6. it starts off good, full of passion, then turn into suffering and problematic in the middle, and regrets in the end

  7. I am your subscriber and LEGO fan as well. And I have to make a point. You say 'LEGO', not 'LEGOS' according to company's official statement.
    🙂 no offence
    Other than that. Great videos. Thanks for the series.

  8. @the3rdOne I love it. If I were to make the Empire State building or the Guggenheim museum out of a representative toy part (a LEGO block), it would be composed of many parts. As it stands they are both made with millions of parts. As the LEGO block is significantly larger at a very small scale than say a concrete masonry unit, it might be made of thousands, not millions of these LEGO units. It would be made of multiple LEGO blocks or LEGO's:) Architecture is LEGO's.

  9. Doug, I love your videos, but unfortunately I can not understand a lot because my English is not good. if you can put in writing what you say in the videos easier translation to many people. thanks

  10. It sounds like a few television commercials are adopting your oration style. Seriously. Maybe there were some other creative people looking at popular YouTube profiles for inspiration.

  11. @howtoarchitect What if a structure is made of bricks? You wouldn't call it a "Bricks Structure", but you could refer to it as "The structure is made of bricks" or "A brick structure". Both having the same meaning but different sentence structure as well as singular vs. plural. Non the less they can be used in an inner changable manner. Thats another way i like to look at it 🙂 BTW I'm applying to UNCC school of architecture in December! Your video's should help me out tremendously!! Thank you!

  12. those were the most inspiring words I ever heard and read in my life, the fact that i was about to give up architecture , then hearing the words "it's what you always wanted to be" and "it's your Passion".. I'm embarrassed at the same time motivated once again. i'm a 3rd year now and I used to watch your videos back in my freshmen year, i never really understood those words before but it came across to me now. thank you so much.

  13. Thank for these videos.  I am using them in  my Architecture classes. They have a ton of good information for high school kids thinking about becoming architects.

  14. Thank you so much for this! Now I know how hard is to be an architect. Im just grade 8 but I know now what would be my course because you opened my eyes from reality ☺☺

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