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  1. Oh my god… Lifecycle problem fix, SQLite boilerplate merciless annihilation along with built-in Rx2 support and compile-time SQL check, Kotlin! All the features community could only dream about, today are coming to reality. I'm so eager to try out all of these new features. Thank you Google guys for being so responsive!

  2. Question: To use a Room Persistence Library database in an app that already has a SQLiteOpenHelper database, will a new database have to created (with Room) and all the data copied over from the old SQLiteOpenHelper database?

  3. Can we get a cursor back from the ORM? Thinking that getting a list with 10,000 items, and making 10,000 complex objects would be a bit of a pain…

  4. i was looking for android orm from google itself since a long time, now i am so much happy,also hoping for the tutorial which is detail oriented

  5. Do you never wonder that this database might get prepopulated, and its schema might not actually be dependant on Android and ROOM? that you actually receive it as is from a 3rd party, say the backend team? What happens then with all of your tricks is that they can't be used everywhere

  6. I wonder, how can you implement polymorphism with room? Could you create a pojo containing all fields of each polymorphic object and use a typeconverter to parse it back to the super-item?

  7. I just dont understand why no fucking relations, you described why lazy loading is bad, i agree, then why not just load the whole object with its object fields?

  8. great improvment but i want to know if room supports oneToMany and ManyToOne relationships ? mean says what if class Feed has a List of Location ? how is this case managed with Room ?

  9. This is just a great thing for my entire week. I've been hearing about Room a lot. But now I understand why. Thankyou for such a good session.

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