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Architecture at Curtin

Architecture at Curtin

In a world of challenges where
sustainability and climate emergency is really at stake, designing new cities and
re-designing, re-thinking our cities and our buildings is really, really important.
Curtin is a fantastic choice to study architecture. We are actually well-known
to have highly technical students as well as those students and graduates who are critical-thinkers and problem-solvers. Curtin had a more technical
hands-on curriculum based heavily on design, innovation and real-world
application, which really drew my interest. Curtin has a great relationship
with a number of the practices. They’re getting real-life experience.
Hassell is one of our privilege partners. They constantly support us in co-designing our briefs, participating in our lectures, we have workshops with them, we organise site visits with them. Hassell opened up a studio space in the
city for students to come in and interact with employees. That was a
really great opportunity to see how people worked in the real-life
environment. They’re actually dealing with really interesting challenging
projects but they’re real. I won the Hassell Graduate Prize and so that led me
to have the opportunity to have a job interview at Hassell, and I was offered a
position here straight out. We have internship programs in Singapore, in
Vietnam, in Italy, so there is a very large range of opportunities to engage
in different regions of the world. I actually worked overseas in Rotterdam
for a small firm for a six-month internship that really gave me insights
into the inner workings of the office and see how that plays about in the
built environment, which is really interesting. I would highly recommend
studying architecture at Curtin because of the industry connections, the
hands-on curriculum and they’re fantastic tutors. Architecture plays a
very important role more than ever. We can actually make a difference. Good
architecture could actually bring joy and happiness.

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