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Architecture and VR: PT3 The Empathic Model in VR

Architecture and VR: PT3 The Empathic Model in VR

In the previous video we went over the
history and design considerations of virtual reality and architecture. In
this video my master’s thesis we’re gonna go over
one method of using head-mounted displays and game engines to represent
architecture. The virtual environment that’s shown is
not what’s unique or important in this project it’s the
manner in which it’s shown. In one area of the project you
experience what it’s like to have red-green colour-blindness and in another
you experience what it’s like to have cataracts. This
method viewing a project being someone else is called The Empathic Model. I think The Empathic Model is more
effective than the legislative model in inspiring
universal access design. Becoming someone else is much
more effective than being told what it’s like to be someone else. Another example of The Empathic Model
is to explore a building from the perspective have a wheelchair There is precedent for
something like this. In the previous virtual-reality boom people
experimented with wheelchairs and architecture. Design decisions where
you would normally reference a 100 page manual… in this case you would enter your building,
you be in the front lobby you would encounter a staircase and immediately that wouldn’t make sense. Or, you had a ramp and maybe the ramp was too steep and you would roll backwards. You would experience what it’s like to be in a wheelchair and that would inform your decision-making. I get this. Okay, so essentially what you’re saying is that you’re like foregoing all the things that aren’t interactive and
not very engaging could maybe leaders or
human error. Let’s say for example you put in like a ramp
for wheelchair and then everybody afterwards was like aww **** that’s kind of a shitty place to put it. It’s like at least in this situation
you’re sort in the virtual place forgo all the bullshit and just go “Well what would it be like to be in that
area” right? Yeah, exactly. That makes total sense.

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