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  1. Could you create a chart of iron heat settings for the different mediums you used? Maybe post it to your website?

  2. Can I sale customized footballs online without a nfl license? im just using the ball, Im not using no NFL teams or players names

  3. I love the font for the hangers, and you share what's the name of the font and how big did you cut them for bride and groom?

  4. I don't have any practice material to test, so I wanted to ask if ya'll have tried applying HTV to a hand knitted sweater?

  5. I tried HTV on a painted piece of wood. The paint melted and the HTV didn't really stick, would you say this only works on bare wood?

  6. Do you prefer using HTV whenever you can. I think it's more expensive to use when regular vinyl is an option. I like how it is versatile but for me more expensive.

  7. Great info. I have some pieces of HTV I forgot to mirror. Saved them because that's what we do, right? Thinking about using an iron to put them on the glass of a picture frame.

  8. Has anyone tried this method on a hydro flask? I know people do stainless steel cups but I'm not sure if it would work with the coating they have on the outside?

  9. I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I'm hoping you see it. I tried using 651 on a tire cover they list as "denim grade vinyl" but it doesn't adhere well. Have you ever tried HTV on a product like that? Don't really want to risk melting it if I can avoid it. Kind of hoping someone has tried it. Thanks!

  10. I just received the burlap garden flags i ordered from amazon. I was planning to put htv on them, but have run into an issue. Did not realize they have a plastic backing on them. Will htv work or will that backing melt? Any suggestions? Thank you.

  11. Hi, for the football did you need to use a specific kind of HTV or will all types work? I was told by someone that HTV will not adhere to a football and I was wondering if only a specific kind would work. Thanks!

  12. Have you ever tried using HTV on a plastic bucket? I am making a cheer bucket for my daughter and I can only find the colors that I like in HTV. I don't want to melt the bucket.

  13. I’m personalizing an igloo cooler. Permanent vinyl isn’t really sticking. Do you think I could use HTV? I’ve also heard you shouldn’t put a sealer over permanent vinyl. I’m curious on your thoughts

  14. Can you transfer the vinyl to paper or thin cardboard? I was wondering if it would be possible to make paper models covered with the film? I wonder if you can fold it after applying it to the paper? I have never used the film before.

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