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  1. really love that you put in the "no matter your gender identity or preferred pronouns"!!! More youtubers need to be like you ❤️

  2. even on the sales section on this site most things is over a $100??? sorry but regular people aren't spending hundreds on a holiday gift…

  3. I just want to say you're such a badass beauty, I've been subscribed for a while and I'm liking your channel more and more with every video.

  4. ive been watching your vids since the early days and goddamnit i didnt think you could get any cooler- but your new inclusive intro— GIRL i just love you. i love that you create content thats both visually beautiful and high quality but also the thought and the meaning behind it is so genuine and actually given thought. you dont just share things that everyone else is into or things that are trending. you show the radest badass unique stuff and to top it off its always so true to you and this amazing flow you have. absolutely love continuing to watch you evolve and share your beautiful self with the world xx

  5. I do not understand, why you don't have more subsribers, when you're such a lovely girl with so much positive personality. You're alway so hip and chic 😀 i love watching your videos, and you and Jenn are my biggest rolemodels!
    Just wanna say that i really look up to you, and yeah 😀
    Btw, your glasses are so pretty and makeup 😉 damn girl, she's doing it again!


  6. I have the same pair of glasses! They pair well with the pink lipstick because there's a slight purple tint to the frames! 🙂

  7. Wait what, I can't believe I missed this!
    I do feel like glasses can hide features and nose contour, that's why I don't like wearing bold frame ones and I stick with contacts

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