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  1. I like it 😉 Google when you provide some good components to synchronize / cache data loaded from the network, does anybody need to create it on his own?
    @yigitboyar if know any components that can help me with that please let me know

  2. Nice talk, the idea is not new, but still not many developers follow those principles. It usually takes more time to write applications like he suggests and if the man you work for does not require UX to be this cool developers do not care too.

  3. Except that in most 'developing countries' connection is faster and cheaper than in the US or Europe.

    Such a US-centric Google I/O. This, and the 'joke' Chet Haase made about Deutsch/Dutch during the "What's new on Android" talk… WTF guys

  4. "If you look at the framework, we still write it as if we write C"
    A pearl over the end of the talk.

  5. I can't believe Japan and South Korean, i.e. Two Countries with the fastest Internet are considered part of the "rest of the world", and all the "first world" countries are euro descent. Seriously, WTF?

  6. HAHAHA … Awesome MAN….
    letting us know… who is yr Friend and Enemy 😀 😀

    Loved your presentation 😀 😀 keep doing that …

  7. Nice talk, but his accent is literally confusing, difficult to understand english words)
    The greatest talents of android talks are: Chet Haase, Thor Norby, Reto Meier, Adam Powell, George Mount..

  8. Yiğit Boyar seni görünce bayrakları asıyorum kardeşim başarılarının devamını dilerim zevk ile takip ediyorum.

    That guy is awesome!

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