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  1. Great talk! One part of the application architecture that was not really covered in details by the talk and demo (but should be in the source code) is the local model. Does anyone have insights, examples or libraries showing how such a model can be maintained (where to store the data, how to handle state to keep track of whether the data has been sent to the server, etc)? I also wonder about the storage size: you can't keep everything locally, so how do you choose what to store and how long?

  2. For those who want to have a look some code before this sample is released, the library used is Job Queue (https://github.com/yigit/android-priority-jobqueue). You can a simple demo code in the repo.

  3. This talks about the exact problem we'd have couple months ago. You have to think about so many scenarios when dealing with syncs, especially when there are three parties involved, one server and two devices. This problem dramatically slow down our development cycle. I wondered why Google won't create an API to solve this kind of problem. It seems so common in the community.

  4. I found source code here:https://github.com/yigit/dev-summit-architecture-demo Please update the description, that people stop ask where is source code 😉

  5. Looking at the dependencies of the demo app it looks pretty sad that in order to architect an Android app we need to rely on a pletora of 3rd-party libraries rather than relying on a mobile platform backing the basic needs of a mobile client app developer. What should I take from this? That Android is a badly architected platform based on god objects which doesn't allow separation of concerns unless putting in Dagger and EventBus?

  6. if you need to write ugly code for your application to behave as expected, then at least hide it in some function/utility class. This way you don't get hunt down the road by the guy who's going to maintain your project

  7. I don't understand people who complain of bad Android architecture. This is an open-Source project, how do YOU have improved it?

  8. Ciao a tutti, ho creato un supergruppo telegram dedicato a tutti gli sviluppatori Android Italiani. L'idea di base è condividere esperienze, aiutarsi e discutere su tutto il mondo Android.

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  9. at 20:17 he said it's Ok to write ugly code if it helps your users… totaly wrong !
    ugly code brings your development organization to its knees …clean code is for your productivity and for maintainability so you can make any change when your client want to have a new feature

  10. There should really be a good documentation or something explaining on how to separate code like this example.
    Thank you for this talk!

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