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AmazonBasics Mattress Review – Does The Comfort Match Convenience?

AmazonBasics Mattress Review – Does The Comfort Match Convenience?

Logan Block: Hi, it’s Logan from sleepopolis.com. Today, I’m going to be taking a look at the
Amazon Mattress. Amazon is known as the everything-store, so
of course you can find a bed-in-a-box on the site. This mattress comes from their AmazonBasics
store brand. It’s a memory-foam mattress coming in at a
really cheap price, at about $230, for a queen-sized mattress. If you are looking for a mattress on a budget,
you can check out our list of Best Mattresses for the Money. We’re going to put a link in the description
below, or you can just google “Sleepopolis and best mattress for the money.” That list is going to pop right up. If you are interested in finding out more
about the AmazonBasics Mattress, stay tuned for my full review. The AmazonBasics Mattress comes in three different
versions. There’s an 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch tall
version. I’m going to be specifically reviewing the
10-inch version today, but something I did want to point out is that the taller the mattress
you’re on, the more room you’re going to have to sink in for pressure relief. If you are something like a strict side-sleeper,
you’re probably going to like to look at the 12-inch version of this mattress. Coming in at $230 for a queen-sized mattress,
there’s not too many mattresses in the same price range as the AmazonBasics, but if you
are looking on Amazon, you’ve probably seen the memory foam hybrid from Winning Spa, the
Lucid gel memory foam, and the Tuft and Needle Mattress. We’re going to take a closer look at some
of the competitors for this mattress later on in the review. I did want to point out that on sleepopolis.com,
we do have a list of some of the best mattresses available on Amazon. We’ll link to that on the description below. Right now, we’re going to speak specifically
about the AmazonBasics and we’re going to talk about the materials used during the construction
portion of our review. The AmazonBasics memory foam mattress is an
all-foam construction and is made of three different layers. Again, it comes in 8-, 10-, and 12-inch versions. Today, we’re taking a look at the 10-inch
version. The cover of the mattress is a polyester blend. It’s pretty thin so it’s pretty breathable
but overall, nothing too special about the cover of this mattress. Below the cover, we have the comfort layer,
which is a layer of memory foam. Memory foam is known for its slow response
to pressure and allows you to sink in for pressure relief. This memory foam isn’t that dense, and as
you can see, it actually has a quicker response to pressure than a lot of memory foams that
I have tested. You shouldn’t really feel stuck even though
you are going to sink into this. For sure, it’s a softer layer of foam. Below that we have polyfoam. As you can see, it has a quick response to
pressure. This is a transition layer. It’s a bit firmer than the memory foam above
it. As you’re sinking into this mattress, you
get the softer layers then you start sink into the firmer transition layers here, which
leads you to the firm base of the mattress which is a high density polyfoam. The foam itself is pretty firm, has that quick
response to pressure. As you can see it is convoluted here which
is supposed to allow for air flow through the mattress for temperature regulation and
cooling. I don’t know how effective the convoluted
nature of the base really is in terms of cooling of the mattress that’s the idea of it. One thing I do want to point out is that because
it is this egg-crate design, it does take away a little bit from the support of the
mattress. I find that this mattress is really soft. You’re going to sink pretty far into it thanks
to that memory foam. You do start to feel a little bit of support
from the transition layer here, but overall I think that the convoluted nature of the
base here does take a little bit away from the overall support of the mattress. Now that we’ve seen what makes up the AmazonBasics
mattress, it’s time to get an idea for the feel and firmness of it. I start by lying on my back. The first thing that really jumps out to me
about this mattress is just how soft it is. Even with my weight pretty evenly distributed
on my back, I felt like I was sinking really far into the AmazonBasics. With that memory foam comfort layer, I did
feel a bit of contouring around my body. With that contouring, there’s this general
idea that memory foam has a slower response to pressure. This memory foam comfort layer has a bit of
a quicker response to pressure than what you might be used to. It’s not quite as dense as a lot of memory
foams out there. As I was changing positions onto my side,
I didn’t really feel stuck in the mattress. Once I rolled onto my side because of that
higher weight concentration over lower surface area, I felt like I was pushing really far
into the Amazon mattress. Again, it’s a really soft mattress. Generally, I would say that soft mattresses
are good for side sleepers because it allows you to sink further into the matter, not as
much pressure on the shoulders and the hips, two places that side sleepers tend to have
a lot of issues. Because it is so soft, I did feel like I was
sinking really far into the mattress and ended up interacting with that firmer high density
polyfoam base. Once I was done testing it for side sleepers,
I rolled onto my stomach. In my opinion, the AmazonBasics is a softer
mattress and stomach sleepers tend to prefer firmer mattresses because they do a good job
of keeping your hips from sinking into the mattress, keep your spine aligned in a good
position. I definitely felt like my hips were sinking
into the Amazon mattress. A little bit worried about stomach sleepers
waking up with some aches and pains in the lower back. In my opinion this mattress has a 5 out of
10. Maybe even a little bit below that on the
firmness scale with 10 being the firmest. That is just my opinion. A lot of people have differences of opinions
on the firmness of the mattress because of the different sizes and weight distributions. For reference, I’m about 5′10″, 190 pounds. We do have a wider variety of opinions on
the firmness of this mattress at our full review at sleepopolis.com. Another important aspect of the feel of the
mattress is the edge support on it. Edge support is really important if you sleep
with a partner because if you’re close to the edge, you don’t want to feel like you’re
collapsing the side of the bed. You’re going to feel like you’re rolling out
of bed or anything like that. If you have a mattress with strong edge, you’re
going to feel that the mattress is a little bit bigger because you can sleep that much
closer to the side of the bed. Now, the Amazon mattress is a softer foam
mattress. It did feel like I was collapsing a little
bit. Edge support is probably not one of the strengths
of this mattress, in my opinion. Sarah Riccio: Hey, guys. It’s Sarah from Sleepopolis. I’ve taken a little break from pillow testing
to come roll around on the AmazonBasics mattress. I am a combo sleeper who prefers a mattress
that’s a little bit more firmly supportive, some more bouncy support. I was finding the soft support of this all-foam
construction to be almost a little too soft particularly in the prone position. I found that my spine was thrown a little
out of alignment. I wasn’t really feeling that pressure relief
in my lower back that I’m looking for. I do think that lighter sleepers — and by
that, I mean lighter in weight — could potentially benefit from a mattress like this especially
if you’re into a softer feel. Now, if you’re on the hunt for a mattress,
you’re also looking for the right bedding, the right pillows. Be sure to google “Sleepopolis best pillows
or best sheets.” We’ll help you find the right ones. Logan: Instead of just telling you what it
feels like to lie on the Amazon mattress, I wanted to show you where pressure points
might form when you’re lying on the mattress. To do that, I placed a pressure map on top
and I lied down on it in a few positions. You’re going to see the results next to me
ranging from blue for low pressure to red for high pressure. I started out on my back. As you can see, there’s pretty much low pressure
across the board. That’s to be expected when I’m lying on my
back with my weight pretty evenly distributed. I did feel like I was sinking in, but there
was no specific pressure points that I felt forming while I was lying on my back. As I rolled onto my side, we do see a little
bit higher pressure at the shoulders. It doesn’t spike into the red range anywhere. Memory foam and softer mattresses tend to
be pretty good for that. I do want to point out, if you are a bit heavier,
you’re probably going to push even further into this mattress than I would. Heavy side sleepers are definitely going to
want to be pretty careful with this mattress. Once I rolled onto my stomach, again, my weight
is pretty evenly distributed. There’s no specific pressure point that shows
up when I’m in this position, but I did feel like my hips were sinking into this mattress. I would definitely say I would not recommend
the AmazonBasics to stomach sleepers. I do want to take some time to talk about
some of the competitors for the AmazonBasics mattress that might be out there. At this price range, there really aren’t too
many other mattresses on the market out there. One of them is actually the Lucid gel memory
foam mattress which comes in at $239 for a queen size mattress. The Lucid actually only has two layers. It has a 2.5 inch gel memory foam comfort
layer over a 7.5 inch high density polyfoam support layer. One of the things to make note of is that
even though both the AmazonBasics and the Lucid mattress use a memory foam comfort layer,
the Lucid actually uses a gel memory foam layer. Memory foam can at times be known for trapping
a bit of body heat. The gel infusion should help to draw heat
away from the sleeper to help you sleep a little bit cooler. In my opinion, the Lucid is a bit firmer than
the AmazonBasics mattress. That’s because of the fact of there is no
transition between the gel memory foam layer on top and the high density polyfoam support
layer below. Another mattress that’s really popular on
Amazon is the Tuft and Needle mattress. It is a bit more expensive than the AmazonBasics
and the Lucid with a queen size version coming in at $595. That is actually on the less expensive end
for a lot of bed-in-the-box companies out there. It’s made up of two layers with their comfort
layer made of a proprietary Tuft and Needle foam. It’s placed over a high density polyfoam support
layer. That Tuft and Needle foam is pretty good at
temperature regulation and cooling. It also has a medium firmness to it with a
quick response to pressure. You’re going to be able to change positions
pretty easily. Has a bounce foam feel to the mattress overall. That’s just a little bit of information about
two of the competitors for the AmazonBasics mattress. If you’re interested in our full reviews,
just google “Sleepopolis and mattress reviews.” You’re going to find a list of all the mattress
reviews out there for a really in-depth information. To give you an idea of the bounce on the AmazonBasics,
I have this 10 pounds steel ball and I’m dropping it here. Honestly, there is a bit more bounce than
I was expecting out of an all-foam memory foam mattress. Again, there is a little bit a quicker response
to pressure from the memory foam layer in this mattress than a lot of denser memory
foams that you’re used to see. That if you sink into, there’s really no spring
back. That’s not to say you’re going to get that
traditional spring feel of a really bouncy mattress. It means you’re not going to feel stuck when
you’re changing positions, things like that. Also on here, I’m going to run a quick motion
transfer test and basically I’m going to drop that same ball from heights of 4, 8, and 12
inches. Those drops are going to simulate some rolling
around in the middle of the night or getting into another bed. On the other side of the mattress I placed
the seismometer to test how much disturbance is transferred across the mattress with each
of those drops. We’re going to put up the results on screen. Honestly, these are average results overall,
for a foam mattress. Memory foam does a pretty good job of dampening
motion transfer, you’ll see that there does get to be a little bit more motion transfer
up towards the 8- and 12-inch drops. That’s to be expected. Overall, average results out of a motion transfer
test. A lot of people buying a mattress are going
to know if they’re going to feel like they’re sitting on top of or sinking into bed. To test that, I’ve set up the sinkage tests
using four balls of varying sizes, weights, and densities, to simulate different body
parts and show how far into the mattress they sink. Here we have the 6 lb medicine ball, it’s
filled with sand. Assume it’s a lighter body part, sinks into
the AmazonBasics about an inch-and-a-half. Here we have the 10 lb steel ball. It’s the densest ball used in this test, sinking
in about 2.5 inches. Here, the 50 lb medicine ball, filled with
sand to simulate to have your body part, think of your shoulders, your hips, sinking into
the mattress about five inches. Over here we have this 100 lb medicine ball,
again, filled with sand. If you’re a bit bigger, it simulates the center
of your body, and it’s sinking into the mattress seven inches. Across the board, that’s way above average
for all these balls in terms of sinkage. Again, I really do feel this mattress is on
the softer side. It’s not too much support here. Honestly, what this shows me is that it’s
a softer mattress, not much support, especially if you’re on the heavier side, 100 lb, the
100 lb medicine ball sinks straight through it. There’s that three inches left, it’s a 10-inch
mattress. There’s three inches left of foam, it’s basically
just compressing all the foam, there’s really nowhere else for it to go. It sinks all the way straight through. With the quicker response to pressure from
this memory foam and other memory foams we’ve seen, it’s not so much as you’re going to
feel stuck in the memory foam or anything like that. You probably be able to change positions. It’s just a lack of support across the board. Really with the lighter ball here and the
10 lb steel ball, you’re really just interacting with the memory foam, but you aren’t sinking
pretty far into it. With the 50 and the 100 lb medicine ball,
we’re seeing that we’re thinking pretty much straight through to the support layer. You probably end up feeling that this is a
bit firmer, just because you’re interacting with the high density polyfoam or even just
kind of going straight through and feeling the whatever you have supporting the mattress. Overall, I was pretty surprised with how deep
all the balls sank in to the AmazonBasics. To give you a little bit of information about
the AmazonBasics mattress. In terms of a trial period a lot of bed-in-a-box
or online mattress retailers provide a 90- or 100-day trial period. The Amazon doesn’t really have so much of
a trial period as it is just the Amazon return policy. I highly recommend you read into that when
you go onto the site. Now in terms of a warranty, a lot of mattresses
will offer a 10- or 15-year warranty times probably kind of the industry standard in
terms of warranties for foam mattresses. This actually has a one year warranty, a bit
on the shorter side for sure. Then in terms of shipping, it does arrive
compressed in a box and it is also due to the Amazon shipping policy. This actually qualifies for free shipping. If you have Prime, obviously you get free
shipping on that. Something to take a look at when you’re on
the site. Some of the reasons I might recommend the
AmazonBasics mattress to you is if you’re looking for a mattress for lighter individual
or a child, again, I don’t really think that there’s much support to this mattress, it’s
really soft. If you are just looking for something for
one of your kids or something like that, they’re probably going to only interact with the memory
foam or the transitional way below that it should be OK for lighter individuals. Another reason I would say is if you’re just
looking for a cheap mattress in a hurry, Amazon is known for their quick delivery. Also, with a queen size version coming in
at $230, it’s a really good price for a mattress. The third reason I might recommend it is if
you need something for like a temporary stay or a guest room, you just need to fill something
with…You just need a less expensive mattress in there for people to stay for a short amount
of time. Some of the complaints I have about the AmazonBasics
mattress is the overall lack of support. I felt I was pretty much thinking straight
through it. If you are a heavier individual, I don’t think
this is a good choice for you. If you are a strict stomach sleeper, I definitely
think your hips are going to sink and you’re going to wake up with some aches and pains
in your lower back. Another reason is the lack of edge support. I’ve found pretty disappointing. If you do sleep with a partner, you’re going
to not really be able to sleep all the way to the end of the bed, but that’s going to
feel a little bit smaller for you. Those are some really general recommendations
and complaints. If you are looking for a personal recommendation,
please feel free to leave a note in the comments section below with some information about
yourself and some your sleep references. I’ll be sure to get back to you. Also, please subscribe to the Sleepopolis
YouTube channel. We’re going to keep putting out more content
that’s going to help you get a better night’s sleep. If you haven’t already, please follow us on
Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss any of our announcements for new reviews, sleep
news, or any of our giveaway announcements. That’s it for the review today. I hope it was helpful. Have
a nice day. [music]

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  1. I am just looking for a foam type mattress that doesn't create a hump in the middle when 2 people are sleeping in it.

  2. Thanks for this review. I generally consider the AmazonBasics line of products for a modest level of quality at a budget price, and I appreciate being able to get some impressions and visuals of a mattress in action when I can't pre-screen it myself.

    I did notice that they seem to have a similar model with gel infused foam rather than standard memory foam topping the convoluted layer, and I'd be interested to see a review on that one if you happen to get your hands on it, especially given your comments on the cooling. I'd certainly prefer any cooling methods I can get since I tend to run hot, but I am concerned that this x factor could end up increasing the firmness of the mattress significantly.

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