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Amazing DIY Fairy House Lamp for Room Decor for Christmas !!!

Amazing DIY Fairy House Lamp for Room Decor for Christmas !!!

Welcome back guys, thank you for joining me here today abstract random things Today we are making this amazing DIY fairy house lamp using plastic bottles. so let’s start by cutting these bottles on the bottom and then stick them with hot glue. Get aluminium foil and Crush it into a roll and wrap it around the bottle according to you design like windows doors, roof, trees use the hot glue to stick now start sticking clay on the bottles blend the clay with water as needed Carve out the clay from the windows. so light will come through give some details to design, like wood roof After finishing our work with clay, set it to dry When the clay dries out, start coloring your fairy house lamp. Use the water color for painting Give the appropriate textures using colors put the lights inside the bottles to complete our lamp. So here is our cute little DIY Fairy House is ready for room décor. Thank you for watching this video If you like it, hit the like button. Be sure to subscribe to my channel Share it with your friends. I am doing my next video on Tuesday. So see you on Tuesday, stay tuned! Bye!

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  1. Hi. I'm just wondering if you sell the stuff that you make & what is the website called to if you do? Thanks for sharing your work ☺

  2. Looks like you have swiped Creatve Moms Ideas and made them your own? Only Creative Mom on Youtube,
    has a little more talent!!

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