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Alix’s Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Cream Puffs • Tasty

Alix’s Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Cream Puffs • Tasty

hi I’m Alex and this is my recipe for chocolate strawberry cream puffs I love a good cream puff so this is a recipe I actually made around Valentine’s Day because it’s kind of like sexy so we have done a couple of different variations of cream puffs so I decided to do just another variation of a cream puff and I thought it was really cute to do a strawberries and cream puff but then take it step further with a chocolate strawberries and cream puff a lot of plays on words here so cream puffs can be a little bit tricky to make but you break it down it’s really not too difficult just takes some time but it’s Valentine’s Day but like but Valentine’s Day which is what this recipe was intended for then you should be willing to put in a little extra time right so I started by making this filling because it’s gonna need time to kind of cool so this is like a basic cream puff like a custardy filling so as custard filling is egg yolks heavy cream sugar and cornstarch so once the custard starts to thicken up we’re gonna add in those chopped up strawberries and then we’re gonna transfer that into a bowl to cool I really wanted to use like a strawberries because I love fresh strawberries I just wanted it to be like as close to like chocolate-covered strawberry would be just in kind of a new way but if strawberries are out of season or you just don’t want to use fresh strawberries you could also replace that with strawberry jam and incorporate strawberry into the filling top way so now we’re gonna move on to the choux pastry which I’ve done a lot of times here and it’s always a workout so prepare yourself but again you get your final workout in before you go meet your date for Valentine’s Day you just gotta get the method right you’re gonna start the heat melting down your butter and your water and once that’s all liquefied you’re gonna add in your flour and start to mix so you’re gonna keep mixing this on the heat until it’s like a homogenized dough and then we’re gonna turn throw that off and in vanilla and one egg at a time so you wanted on in the egg slowly off the heat because you don’t want the eggs to cook while you’re incorporating them into the dough it’s gonna take some muscle power because you want to make sure every time you’re incorporating an egg that the dough it’s like fully mixed so don’t move too fast here just make sure you’re taking your time make sure you’re really incorporating the dough and getting it as smooth as possible and there you have it so I’m gonna transfer that into a piping bag I actually did it in a ziplock bag and didn’t even use a tip because it was a little more user-friendly cuz not everybody has access to a piping bag and piping tips so you’re gonna pipe that dough onto your parchment lined baking sheet into kind of a cool round thing if you want to you can take a finger and get it a little wet and dab down the tips of what you just piped and that will help you get like a really round perfectly shaped cream and then we make so once you put these in the oven magic will happen they should puff up into these cute little round balls of love just in time for Valentine’s Day seriously though you don’t have to make this on Valentine’s Day you can make this whatever you want note that I like ever do anything for Valentine’s Day bitter or anything if you want to take me out for Valentine’s Day subscribe to our youtube channel and now the fun part we’re gonna fill these little cream puff puffs with our delicious strawberry custard filling you’re gonna want to make sure your custard is completely cooled down before you pipe it so first you’re just gonna poke a little bit of a hole in the bottom of the cream puff shell and then we’re gonna take this even further and dip the tops of these cream puffs in some melted chocolate so that they get their chocolate strawberry I’m the Puff Daddy of creampuff I’m the puff mama like Puff Daddy but like puff mama I’m puff mommy okay who wants to take me on a date [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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  1. I’ll take you out for Valentine’s Day Alix .. I’ll take you out for a date any day you are super gorgeous..

  2. Tasty: Alix you are gonna make your amazing cream puffs you made for valentine's day
    silent alix : after this video I'm gonna quit my job at tasty to start a podcast.. lmao

  3. Made these today for my mom's birthday, but instead of strawberries, I used cinnamon. I also used semi-sweet chocolate, trying to go for a more bitter and savory dish, with some sweetness. They tasted great! However, maybe I made them too small, or didn't pipe them properly, but I had used less than half of the cream I made. Which was a bit wasteful, sadly.

  4. Alix has been WORKING OUT i Can see her abs and biceps showing 😍😍😍
    We love a fit Alix 💕💕💕

  5. I didn't realize Cream puffs take so long to make that, in order to have them for Valentine's Day, you'd need to start in August.

  6. i hatte Alix she is so conceited she is fat but thinks she is thicc nah girl you are def no Princess so stop Acting like a spoiled brat

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