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Alix and Rie Unbox a HUGE Surprise

Alix and Rie Unbox a HUGE Surprise

Wow what is this here we go oh hey Gogol with which tasty fake on weights that Google homie need I have one home it won’t all right let’s unbox everything oh my god I’m so excited [Music] yeah Wien looks everything there are so many stuff so much yeah you have a whole set of pants which is awesome because not only would you get matching pants but you get a lot of different kinds of pants yeah and I love the color how many comets does it come sweetie three : hmm I like red you like the road yeah this is a very sexy pot I miss it so we eventually use these pots and pans in the tasty kitchen currently you might have seen them in a few of our videos but they’re so great because not only do they have the heat safe Silvan handles they also have a really great nonstick surface I’ve even made like a really sticky caramel inside here and it slipped right out so you know it works one thing make me very excited if this comic ball the ceramic bowls and really useful you can use these for like microwaving maybe for like a little snack if you’ve ever watched a tasty video you probably recognize these I’m obsessed with them I love using them because I want to measure everything prep it’s very important for cooking and how much is that yeah I’ve always wanted a Google mini and not only is it super cute and cool you can actually cook with it with tasty so it’ll be like you’re right there in the kitchen with me Oh [Music] you stepping stone into thoughtful touching pain yeah I have a cousin foods going to go college thing so I think it’s a Greg GTFO college kid for sure you know to start cooking so where can you buy all this stuff oh that’s awesome because Walmart’s are everywhere they’re all around the country there are so many things we should share without a pasty producer yeah sure no I’m gonna keep going that’s why I own a github one right good job unboxing [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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  1. I got this very set for $59.00 with the Google Mini on November 24th. Brickseek shows some in stock still at $59, which is a steal.

  2. Do NOT buy. Ate it and it tasted awful. Not tasty. The pans tasted *DISGUSTING*!!!!!!!!!!! Flavour was like metal!
    Only 1 star for this horrible tasting product.

  3. Just received mine today , I’m not understanding all the complaining cookware is very sturdy just cooked one pot pasta …..I was sure was going to burn the bottom of pan not at all I feel it’s substantial to utilize for everyday cooking. Ordered and Love 💕 the red!!!

  4. So I’ve had them since Black Friday and the paint is thining and I hand wash with the soft part of the sponges. Then I wipe them down with a dish towel. I just want them to hold up. I also noticed the cookie sheets can’t be broiled so no chicken wings:(

  5. I got one of these boxes on black friday and it's been in storage because I finally moved out so it's been unopened so I was so excited to used it all then realize my Google mini was stolen from the box 😭

  6. Not even gonna lie I bought this pan not even thinking it was a tasty pan and saw the logo on it after, I think it looks really nice and the nonstick works really well everything just slides off 10/10 would recommend

  7. Extraterrestrial Composition 👽 🎶

  8. rie : I have one at home (Google mini)

    alix : well then I can have this

    me : yes you can have it alix!😂😂

  9. 2:27 ;-; where I live New York (Queens) there is no Walmart I've even search it up on Google maps and there were no Walmarts near me -_-

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