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Aladdin Lamp How to Light and Use Aladdin Mantle Oil Lamp Lantern

Aladdin Lamp How to Light and Use Aladdin Mantle Oil Lamp Lantern

Aladdin lamp how to light use extinguish aladdin mantle oil lamp best oil lamp off grid prepping emergencies power outage load shedding hi it’s AlaskaGranny prepper if you’re looking
for the best top-quality oil Lantern best lantern for power outage you want to get a Genie by Aladdin mantle oil lamps prepping off grid lighting the
Aladdin lamp lantern gives you the brightest light and it actually gives off heat so
it serves two purposes in an emergency or off-grid living situation there are a
few tricks to lighting the Aladdin lamp how to light the aladdin oil lamp kerosene and I’m going to show you what they are
first you need to remove the carriage from your aladdin lamp which includes the burning unit of the
mantle and the globe you twist it and set it aside now if you look inside
there is a wick that goes all the way around turn up the little knob so that
the wick rises up in the unit of the aladdin lamp now you light the unit and you turn it
down so it’s just flaming you can see the flame goes all the way around on the
wick you now you take your carriage with the
mantle and the globe and you set it back on and twist it back on the aladdin lamp base so that it’s steady
be careful because the mantle is delicate and you don’t want to jostle it
around now you turn it up a little bit just until the top of the mantle begins
to burn and then you need to let it warm up the trick to the Aladdin lamp is
allowing the mantle to warm up for about 10 minutes it’s been ten minutes you can
see it’s beginning to glow and now I’m going to turn it up to get the full
flame onto the mantle get the full amount of incandescent light that’s
provided by the Aladdin lamp the Aladdin lamp is expensive but it’s certainly
worth it when you look at the amount of light and the heat that’s also given out
an Aladdin lamp is a wonderful addition to your emergency gear your off-grid
living or if you’re worried about a power outage load shedding emergency survival prepping this is something you
really want to have on hand how to put out the Aladdin lamp when it’s time to extinguish the Aladdin oil lamp
you don’t want to blow down the chimney you might damage your mantle you want to
hold your hand across the top and blow into your hand
and what it will do is block the air flowing down and put out the lamp we’re
going to turn it down first it still went out but it’s safer to turn it down
and then blow it out learn more at alaskagranny.com please subscribe to the
alaskagranny channel

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  1. Lol . Thank-you .. never heard of a genuine lamp.. I'll remember to turn it down before blowing it out.lol.. many Blessings..

  2. i would be interested in knowing how to fill one. in the movies, they always start fires, so i have only used candles. thanks

  3. I don't have that type, but do have the older version and have had them for years, but purchased the battery operated lights which is much brighter and love them the most. They put out much more light and come in handy during power outages here.

  4. I really want to know how much this cost you.
    How much for wicks and mantels
    Do they sell a kit to upgrade current oil lamps

  5. Just
    purchased my first Aladdin lamp. Completely ruined the mantle and did some
    damage to the wick. Got a new mantle and got a new Β wick but the flame is not symmetrical. In some
    spots there is almost no flame and in others quite a large flame. Lamp runs but
    at low power and I get dark spots on the mantle if I turn it up much at all.
    I’m running kerosene. Your help would be appreciated. Thanks

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