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After Christmas Sales!

After Christmas Sales!

[music] Hey everyone, it’s Larissa from Frugalicious,
and this is the Deal of the Day! I hope everyone had a nice holiday this weekend,
and today I’m talking about after christmas sales. It’s been a
tough year so far with everyone tightening their belts, and retailers are
offering bigger and better sales in the hopes of enticing more buyers. And
the after christmas sales are no exception. There’s many sales to be had this year,
with some retailers even leaking their sales early. From my research it seems
that the biggest discounts can be found on electronics. For instance CompUSA
has a 46” LED TV for only $899 – that’s $600 off! JCPenny is also having a blowout sale – focusing
mostly on home goods – they’ve got some great prices on sheets
and towels, curtains and even bathmats! They’ve also introduced a program
called JCPCASH, it automatically gets you $10 off orders totaling
$25 or more. If you don’t feel like going to the stores, it’s good
online as well. My personal advice is that this is the best
week to use those gift cards you may have gotten for christmas. Let’s
face it, if you don’t use them right away chances are you’re going to forget
about them, and the next thing you know you’re going to be hit with
monthly service fee deductions, expirations, or worse yet you’ll forget
about them all together. And a gift card sitting at the bottom of your sock drawer
is not a very frugalicious gift card. Happy Shopping and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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