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all right it is time to share a winter slash Christmas decor huh [Music] [Applause] [Music] hey guys welcome back to my channel and welcome if you are new my name is Amanda and I share all kinds of lifestyle videos tons of cleaning organization makeovers decorating anything in the falls into that category you can definitely find it here on my channel but today I am sharing a winter a-slash Christmas decor hell this is kind of some things that I’ve gotten from different places and I’m just kind of going to put it all into one video and share it with you guys and then my next video I am going to be doing a clean and decorate and I will be decorating and kind of like a winter wonderland the core style I guess and then I will also be doing a Christmas decorate with me where I will start incorporating some more Christmas colors and like Santa and things like that so I wanted to take a quick minute and let you know that I will be giving back to you guys during this video I actually shared in one of my recent decor hauls with you guys kind of like a little bit about my story in the past this time of year used to be a little bit tough for me during that time we could not afford like anything and so during this time I’ve really been trying to do a bunch of giveaways and just give back to you guys and make sure that I can do as much as I can to help you guys have an amazing year and just kind of finish off the year on a happy note so I am going to be giving away a $50 gift card to your choice you can pick whatever store you want it to and that will hopefully help out with either some personal items or gifts for your kids or your family or if you want you can also use it for decor it’s just up to you but I will have all the information for that down in this your sandbox so be sure to go check that out and make sure you are entered to win and without further ado let’s get into it alright so the first thing that I want to show you guys is something that I didn’t even know I needed and I saw it at Hobby Lobby when I was there and it’s gorgeous it’s like it’s so big I can’t even probably show it to you guys in this frame but it is a picture of the red truck that you guys know I love and it also just has like all the trees and they are all dusted with snow and then on this side it says winter wonderland and this is going to be going on our mantle and I feel like this is perfect because as my as I love the red truck I feel like it doesn’t totally match my theme and I think this completely brings my two loves for Christmas and winter together so I was super super excited for that that one actually I got that entire big huge thing it was seventeen fifty because everything is half off there so I was super excited for that deal but that’s kind of going to be like my main focal point for our living room in our mantel and then I will kind of decorate around that the next thing I got is just these two little pillow covers it’s kind of like a white with a little cream snowflakes and these were actually on Amazon they come in different colors I believe these are eighteen by eighteen but they will just go on my existing pillow forms and they don’t have to store anything except for pillow covers which are super super easy to store I felt like this will be perfect because I can end up adding in like some pops of red or whatever for that I want to do for Christmas time but it also works for winter so you’re not really stepping on like Thanksgiving but you’re already getting into winter because at least where we live here in Utah it’s winter we’ve had snow where over fall now all right the next things I got were actually some little dish towels that were from the target dollar spot these were I believe $3 oh these were $5 each but they come in a two-pack so this one has like the made with love mrs. Claus cookie company on the back it has little gingerbread men and I just thought these are super cute so what I usually do with these is I will actually put these on my oven because they are like really really thin ones they’re not super useful they’re more just for decor I feel but I will actually take like this back piece and lay it out flat and then have this one kind of folded and a little bit probably a little less in this you can still see all the words and I haven’t fold it over like a two layer health also got this one it’s the same kind of thing it has this super cute little design on here with other Christmas trees and houses and everything and then on the back it has this little polka dot one with these little tassels and then the last one I got was little towel and it just says North Pole milk and cookies and I thought this was gorgeous I don’t even know if I might end up using this in like a little hot cocoa bar I think I’m done of doing that this year you guys have already been requesting need to do another hot cocoa bar video this year so I’m thinking that I probably will but I thought this would be so adorable like the red and like candy cane stripes super super adorable the next things I got are these two little Christmas trees these were just from the target dollar spot they were one dollar each they are actually little ornaments but you could so easily just pull this off and they have a little stand on the bottom so you could just set these and they would just be like really cute little fillers to kind of fill in your decor here and there and if not then they’re really cute ornaments as well well is my hair doing the next things I got are these pine cones these were on sale for $5 each and these were from Hobby Lobby this totally goes with my theme it’s just kind of like a winter wonderland like kind of rustic farmhouse winter wonderland feel they have little glitter on them I hope you guys can see how pretty these are but they have little bits of glitter and then it just has a brown showing through and I thought these were super cute as like little fillers here and there too so I got two of those and I also got this one this one is from Walmart and this was 698 so about seven dollars for this and this I actually thought would be really cute to put up in the area where I decorate for the kids I’m hoping to find some of the cute little gingerbread houses from the target dollar spot and I thought that would look really cute in front of these that’s why I end up getting this but honestly Walmart has some amazing decor pieces this year and really really good prices so if you have not checked them out don’t write them off they are awesome this year I’m sorry if I say cute a lot I will try to refrain myself even next two items I got were these little trees I thought these were super adorable they have kind of like some glitter on the branches and then also on the base count I went on a date night he followed me over on Instagram you probably saw that but we went on a date night and we went to Hobby Lobby for one of the things like just for a minute and he saw these and he really liked them so when your then or your boyfriend or whoever says they’d like some decor you pick it up because that does not happen all the time but he really liked these so this one was a bit pricier it was 15 and this one was 10 but I thought these were really cute and they are like solid wood so these are going to last me for years and years and years and I do love investing in pieces that I really love and that also are going to withstand being packed away and everything and so how adorable I’m getting so excited you guys I have to bring some winter in because I’m just excited I’m getting excited I feel like December goes so I spy so quickly but I’m not quite ready to decorate for Christmas so I’m kind of doing it in-between thing this year next thing I got is this sign that says oh holy night the stars are brightly shining and it kind of has that thing on it I thought this was a gorgeous maybe to go by like my nativity set and this one it doesn’t have a price I know this one was from Walmart I want to say this one was like six or seven dollars though and it has this galvanized tin and it has the natural rustic looking wood behind it and I thought this was so pretty and I really do like mixing in Nativity items with our decor just because that really is the whole reason for the season and sometimes that gets kind of overlooked and so I just kind of hike to have things like this for a little reminder ok these next items were from the target dollar spot they were five dollars each and they are just these little trees you can kind of like bend the branches down how you want but they had regular ones just all green and then they had these frosted ones and I loved the look of the frost of the ones I thought they were just so pretty and they also come with this little box so I ended up picking up two of them let me know if your guys’s dollar spots are having decor already only one of the targets around me has anything and every time I’ve gone I’ve gotten like a few things but they they just don’t have much it’s always really picked over and I don’t even think they put everything out yet but I’m seeing everybody else like share their stuff over on Instagram and even here on YouTube like their target dollar spot hauls and I’m like those are so cute in ours has none of it so I was kind of trying to hold out for a lot of things but honestly a lot of luck this year so I’m just grabbing what I can and we’ll go from there the next thing I got is this adorable little present and it has kind of like my same theme it actually has fur on the outside and this one is from Hobby Lobby but I also know that Walmart has similar things I think you can probably find these all over the place and honestly if you’re super crafty or you have the time I’m sure you can make this pretty easily as well but I just thought this one was so gorgeous and then I also got this little guy which kind of matches but it has a different color and so these will end up going underneath my tree because as you know we have three young boys and while everyone else is like decorating and putting all their presents under their tree like all during the month of December if I did that I would have no presents underneath our tree at the end of December because my boys would unwrap it or especially no like tear into it and so I want some presents underneath my tree so it’s not bare like the entire month other than a few hours from when they go to bed Christmas Eve to when they wake up bright and early or dark and early Christmas morning the next thing I got was actually from the target dollar spot it was one of the items that I was able to find there but it just says good old-fashioned candy cane Factory and I thought this was so adorable I thought this would be actually perfect maybe to put in like near a hot cocoa stand or something and it was only three dollars they have some super super cute things at the target dollar spot this year if you can get your hands on some items I would definitely recommend it checking them out the next thing I grabbed is this tiny little sign from Hobby Lobby it was only four dollars and it just says it’s the most wonderful time of the year and I got completely agree with that I feel like during fall I’m like I don’t know maybe fall is my favorite and then as soon as we get to Christmas or like winter I’m like nope this decor is my favorite oh I just love it and I love the magic that kind of surrounds Christmas so I felt like this really kind of resonated with me and I love getting these little cute signs because I usually like to keep them on my bed or just like kind of as little fillers here and there and I thought this was so pretty and it also has some really cute little details on the sides and I love things like that that just give like a little bit more texture a little bit more interest those pieces always get me the next items I got were these snow dusted pine cones and these were $5 from Walmart and I felt like this was such a good deal honestly if you didn’t end up using them in your decor they do have little strands on them so you could easily put these on your tree for decor I will leave our tree actually has some little pinecones if everyone bring it right but either way this is something that’s really nice just to put like kind of sprinkled throughout your decor here and there and just add as little fillers and I thought this was a super good deal there’s like probably twelve at least maybe fifteen and they were only five dollars so I ended up getting two of these I might not end up using all of them and then I can return one I’ll just keep on where’s my receipts but I wanted to make sure I grab them now and then we’ll see okay so this is the cute little gingerbread house that I was talking about that I wanted to put behind these trees up by the boys playroom I only found one but I think this is just the cutest thing if you look I’ll show you like some up closest of it but it just has so much detail and lots of little sparkles in the little chimney like just everything about it is so cute and so whimsical and I think this would be perfect for up by the boys room so I’m hoping I think they have three different ones so I’m hoping to get the longer one and then the tall one as well but but we will see fingers across so this one was from Hobby Lobby and it was only 350 you can definitely find some really really good deals because like all their Christmas stuff right now is 50% off and so when you get those deals if they just become so affordable especially when you consider target dollar spot has things for like five dollars a lot these are even cheaper than that a lot of times so anyway this was only 350 and on the side it has that gorgeous Buffalo check that I love and then on the front it has a little snowman or not snowman snowflake and it says warm winter wishes which is exactly what I want I just want a warm winter with the snow that is not cold another thing I grabbed is this cute little Bell you could probably hang this on your tree but I’m kind of planning to use it as decor and I felt like this kind of was another whimsical item that I could maybe add by the and it it does make noise but this one was from the target dollar spot and I believe they had some other colors but I just really wanted that one that was kind of like the mint color that was definitely my favorite the next thing I got is this little pillow this is another one from the target dollar spot these are five dollars and it just has this little Christmas tree so I won’t be putting this out until after Thanksgiving but I thought this might be really cute by our front door on our little like bench that all the boys she’s going and then on the back side it also has those really cute little polka dots I just think those colors are so cute and whimsical so I thought this is adorable and I just wanted to pick it up and I feel like it’s really hard to get the pillows from the target dollar spot I got I think two one or two from the fall line and then I found this one and I feel like other than that I have never really found pillows from the target dollar spot they’re always sold out so when I saw this I just grabbed it up and I’m excited okay we are getting to the end and I’m actually saving one of my very favorite pieces for the very end but this one was something I got from the target dollar spot it’s just one of those thin wooden boards and this is only three dollars and again I thought this would be really cute to put like upstairs by the boys room again it’s just like that really whimsical tree and stuff so I thought for Christmas time when we have our tree out this would be a cute one I also got this little music box this is something I ended up getting because when we were at Walmart the other day the boys were just super excited about like all these musical things I’ll show you what it sounds like [Music] and then the train actually goes around Santa and I thought this would be another really cute one just kind of like add to create like that whimsical effect for the boys and honestly I really got this because growing up we had this little Santa with like these little reindeer that would like I don’t like the reindeer would move and just pull the sleigh and it was my favorite favorite Christmas item ever and it just made me so happy I was actually really sad because I was hoping I always asked my mom like when I grow up can I please take that and ended up breaking and so now nobody has it but it was just something that made me really happy and like as soon as I saw that or on Christmas time I was like it’s Christmas now and so I thought this was kind of it kind of reminded me of that and so I just wanted to bring something like that in because as pretty as all of these things are these are not going to make the boys as happy and so I think just kind of having like a few little things like that that they can really get their hands on they can play with and they can touch just will make them enjoy the season a little bit more and so I’m really excited to have this one now and I’m hoping that I can kind of create that same feeling for them that I had with the item that I had growing up next thing I picked up were these two little picks from Hobby Lobby these are the same ones but they just have some little pine right here and then little like berries and leaves and then also a little bit of the pinecones and they are also that frosted looks I feel like it kind of matches all the decor really well and these were two dollars they were half off I felt like this is a little bit pricey for picks but these are something that I can use year after year and I can definitely use this because it has the red but it also has the frosted look I can use this for like winter and Christmas and so I’m excited to kind of put these in as fillers here and there alright these next two items are ones that I got from the target dollar spot these were five dollars each I think they had another size as well but I’m actually thinking I’m going to be able to use these all year round so I actually got a bookshelf that I’m going to be putting in the office and you guys will see that in Monday’s video but I’m thinking that I can on the top shelf I can even like stick some of my camera’s in here like some of my camera cards and stuff and even like if you just take this little top off it’s just the cutest prettiest colored box so I thought these were kind of a practical thing but then also fun for Christmas so I’m excited for these and I also picked up this little mug from the target dollar spot this was three dollars and this I’m planning to put on my hot cocoa stand I just thought this is so so pretty and adorable okay so we are down to the very last item I am so excited for this I saw this last year and I ended up not getting it and when I saw this year I was like if I get one thing it has to be this item because I just love it so it is this little deer I just I don’t even know what it is it’s made out of like little sticks basically and it has a little sparkles on it it has this cute little like neck bow with the pinecones and the berry and the greenery and then it has like his little antlers and I just thought this little reindeer was so pretty and so gorgeous so this one was definitely a bigger spend this one was $17 so I felt like that was kind of pricey for it but I’m just going to take such good care of this guy and he is going to be in my decor for years because every time I see him at the store I just love him and so that’s really what I want to fill up my decor with is just items that I really really love so I’m really excited for this guy I cannot wait I’m not even sure where to put him I forgot my Mantello or what he’s gonna go but it was just make me smile every time I see him so anyway so that is everything that I got for our winter and Christmas decor this year I am so excited to share this with you guys they hope that you enjoyed watching do not forget to subscribe down below if you are not already and also make sure that your bells are ringing and turn to all other wise YouTube pretty much does not notify anybody and so a lot of you guys have been saying you’re subscribed and missing out on those notifications so you have to make sure that the Bell is clicked and then just go in and change that to all so that you make sure that you’re getting all those notifications and also make sure that you enter that giveaway I am still thankful to be able to give back to you guys once again and I also have a really big giveaway going over on Instagram so make sure that you guys go check that out as well I will link that down in the description box I hope you guys are having an amazing day and I will see you in my next one bye guys but today I’m going to be sharing a not fall the next thing I got is the sign it’s just oh holy it’s manufactured in the North Pole and taking Christmas sweaters since 1954 I’m sure you guys can hear my kids they are playing out right now I don’t think they’re getting along so I won’t be putting this out until December or until like right after Christmas I can’t even think my holidays so I won’t even putting this yeah so I won’t even be putting this out until after Thanksgiving but then I thought this is really being like oh my gosh I cannot talk [Music]

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  51. We are currently in the fall mode but can’t wait for Christmas time we usually decorate right on thanksgiving or the following day. I were to win I would like a gift card for tj max or Marshall’s love those stores!

  52. I am a new subscriber and I am loving your channel. I’m full on Christmas mode! But I really like how you said you’re decorating for winter and not Christmas, because my husband keeps telling me thanksgiving hasn’t had it’s day yet. I would like a gift card to hobby lobby!

  53. Hi from France, I really like watching your videos, you're so motivating. I am still in fall mood here but I've started to look at Christmas décoration and we're going to go to it at the end of november 🎄

  54. Still in fall mode here but getting prepped and shopping for Christmas. My husband is deployed and will be home before Christmas so will probably wait to decorate until he comes back. I would love a hobby lobby gift card! Also I absolutely love your channel and love that you have a vlog channel now!

  55. Fall, love decorating for each season/holiday and I put up decorations so they can blend into each other. Fall colors with hay, pumpkins, scarecrows, then spooky decor for Halloween, that comes down and turkeys, cornucopias go up for Thanksgiving. After that it's winter and Christmas. And i LOVE shopping at the Christmas Tree Store they have the best stuff.

  56. I’m in full blown Christmas mode & has been since November 1st when I took all my Halloween decor down😁 can’t wait to see your house fully decorated!

    I’d pick a hobby Lobby gift card.

  57. We are in Christmas mode, our outdoor lights are up, now onto decorating inside. I would definitely use this gift card at Target!

  58. Sadly in fall, expecting a baby Nov. 20 so Christmas decorations are coming "late" this year.
    I would want a gift card for target

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