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Accessory Staging – Aired 10/1/17 – NBC #12News

Accessory Staging – Aired 10/1/17 – NBC #12News

In this morning’s real estate homes
selling tip our expert Holly Henbest gets down to the details of effective
selling. The devil might be in the details, but Holly says the right
accessories in your home might just bring the buyers back for a second look….
here’s how. Oftentimes when sellers think about staging a home they think about
bringing in furniture to a vacant house, but there’s great value in accessories
staging. So even if your home is already occupied – you can be able to “pop”with
some accessories. Pillows, blankets and books oh my! All of these home
accessories can transform your listing and your photos. Here’s some tips how.
When buyers are looking at your home online or when they’re touring your home
the rooms they pay the most attention to are the kitchen, living room, dining room,
the backyard, and of course the master suite. So those are the rooms where you
really want to accessorize the best. And when it comes to your master suite we
recommend that you focus on “white.” Home stagers say that’s the best color to
invite people into an airy clean and bright room. We’ve talked before about
home staging how it can you explain the space to buyers, but now with accessories staging you can explain special features to buyers. For instance, somebody may
see this big flat piece of metal and wonder what that’s for – but add
vegetables and voila now your buyer will know that you have a special Evo grill.
Have a pipe sticking out of your wall? Let’s explain it to the buyer and let
them know it’s a pot filler. This may look like a regular drawer, but it’s a
bread warmer – let’s explain that to buyers too. The fireplace may just be a
fireplace, but when you add a s’more setup to it – you can add that drama and
that flare, to again, help people picture themselves in the home. Maybe having a
fun family night or a party? Today we hired a home staging company to help us
with decorating this home to prepare for photos, but there’s other ways you can do
it too. You can do it yourself or consult with your photographer, your realtor, or a
home decorator. Either way you want to make sure you pay attention to those
accessories and again, give your home of that little “pop” to make sure that buyers
are falling in love.

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