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  1. Great Work!
    The aluminum and chrome elements make the lamp elegant and graceful .
    Leds generate far less heat than regular light bulbs. No reason for concern.

  2. I rate this lamp so much.. Do you see anything of the green leds in the Kelvin/colour? from switching them on and off, or it is way to low to fight with the other bulbs.?

  3. after watching the three videos youve posted thus far, I have to compliment your music selection. your videos are just so relaxing. Not to mention your magnificent craftsmanship.

  4. Dit is echt super mooi!!! vond je het niet "eng" om die schuine kanten er aan te zagen? Ooit hoop ik ook zo iets moois te kunnen maken! Ik ben al aan het oefenen. je maakt echt super mooie projecten! (ik kijk deze als laatst ik heb het project van uw tafel en de enorm vette bus eerst gekeken. :p). Ik hoop nog te genieten en ideeën op te doen van uw volgende projecten!
    Groeten van mij :p

  5. Wow this looks amazing! Could you post more information about the lights you used and how they are powered by the hanging wires?

  6. your a goat (g.o.a.t – greatest of all time) keep up the brilliant work, also love your bus. I am inspired and am going to make one when im older!

  7. Mooi man! Trots op wezen!
    Ik moet zeggen dat ik het niet met je eens ben over je kritiek aan het eind op de 'schoorsteentjes' en het aluminium profiel. De combinatie van hout en metaal maakt het visueel veel boeiender wat mij betreft.

  8. Very nice .. I subscribed.. how did you wire the lights..? I don't see any wires from the ceiling ?


  10. Are the aluminum bits intended to be decorative or to hold the lamp flat? Or both? I've been thinking of doing something like this for some custom shelves with a fairly long span.

  11. lol …try to work this into the RV somewhere like over the bed maybe… get a good laugh every morning… 🙂

  12. Oh! You could use a clear matte topcoat on the shiny light "chimneys" to give them the same brushed metal matte look as the aluminum strips.

  13. Wow! I really enjoyed not only the video, but the music as well. Already subscribed and about to watch the other videos. U bent een kunstenaar.

  14. nice work, you said the steel cables are used to power the lights? So when the lights are on, the steel cables have current on them?

  15. I love the aluminum rails. Adds contrast to the wood and chrome. The faucet chimney pieces was a brilliant touch. Well done

  16. Nice work. We build too such a lamp. We used smart Controllers so you can change the Color, saturation and you can use your smartphone or a remote. Check it out. Your lamp looks really stylish by the way, good work!

  17. I like how the hanging cables also power the lamp. How do you deal with the current passing through the exposed wire though? Are the cables in a sheath?

  18. You mentioned led heat. I wanted to share some experience with waterproof leds, those are meant to be in outdoor open air or submerged to keep internal heat down. I have had waterproof smd 5050 turn the silicone brown because of the heat over time. I only use non waterproof leds for indoor projects now. Great work on the lamp!

  19. What LED's is that? Are they flat or how are they mounted? Or are you using spots? And what is that "grill" on top? It feels like something is missing, but I love the lamp 🙂

  20. Bhootnike , you are saying DIY means do it yourself, and the machines you used will your father bought us ?

  21. Well, I also want to build my own lamp. But I don't have the tools. So that means instead of putting just a slit into the wood I have to make 10 smaller wood plates. And 5 pieces of multicolor adressable led strips. Then I have to Programm the effects.

    So would you suggest using the cheapest wood for the first one, after all I never have build furniture?

    The only good thing is that I can check the electric wiring to German standards on my own.
    (Mostly for insurance reasons)

  22. Just came across the video – yes I am the analogue generation, recently discovered YouTube. I agree with Dave Kimball below. Aluminium strips look great. Can only repeat the great comments below. Superb. Can only inspire people to have a go – me included. Thanks

  23. Onrust this is very inspiring. Wondering how did you manage to hang it from your ceiling. There must be some sort of half a ball or something similar where you put your transformer and where steel wires are attached. Wheredid you get that? Thanks.

  24. GREAT! FAVOLOUS. I would likek now what kind spotlight 2,5 Watt 12 volt G4 LEDs is it and where was bougth. Thank you.

  25. An absolute stunning piece! Would have loved to see the complete process where you fit the lamps and the other fixtures.

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