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A week in my life as an architecture student

A week in my life as an architecture student

(alarm sound) Good morning, it is Saturday and today is the first day in a week of my life that I’m going to show you. My room is a bit messy so I think I’ll have to do a little clean of that, so that it doesn’t get too out of control I’ve got to make myself a cup of tea and then we’re good to go. This is the design I have to build, so I’m just going to take the measurements. So I’ve made this wire structure and I’m gonna cover it in some plaster wrap or maybe some paper mache Okay, the whole thing has been wrapped in duct tape excluding where I need there to be holes so now I’m going to wrap it in plaster wrap and I’m making a second smaller one in exactly the same method. I’ll do a sketch beforehand so that I have all the measurements at hand to be able to reference when I need them So I need to do a load of laundry And get that hanging up on the line and then I can come back to this and do the plaster Okay So the plaster is drying at the moment next I’m taking some polymer clay and I’m gonna be making some little sculptural pieces for the inside of the model. Some of this clay is really old but I heard on the internet that you can use mineral oil – aka baby oil – to soften the clay. That’s the plan! Look how cute!!! And the tools I’m using are just things I have around my house: a razor blade the end of a paintbrush and the clay So I just went to a three-year-olds birthday party Now I’m coming back to continue to work on my little sculpting projects. I’ve got these little mushrooms that I’ve made and then I’ve also got these ones which I’ve made and Some little colorful fungi that are in the oven at the moment. Tomorrow, I’m going into the city to work with my friend Jeremy We’re going to work together on our models So … I won’t make it too late tonight Okay, so I’ve been packing all my stuff to bring to uni – most of it I put together last night – and I’m bringing some tea sachets and a thermos full of hot water so that I can make myself a tea throughout the day. It is 8:30am, so I’m gonna go leave for the train and get to uni! My stock is falling down in my shoe!!! Ok, so I’m on the train and I’m gonna be doing some photo editing and then some video editing for YouTube, just because it’s the most useful way to spend my time. I’m the only one here….. This is Jeremy (my uni husband) Me: What are you working on? Jeremy: So I am building some floating stairs. Me: Beautiful! Very nice!
Jeremy: And then I’ve got these these will be a spiral staircase eventually too. Me: and they interlock in that little hole down there?
Jeremy: Yeah Me: And this is Audrey!
Audrey: Hello
Me: What you up to Audrey? making a little tired? Audrey: making a little tiled pool
Me: oh cool! Audrey: we’ll see how it turns out.
Me: (whispering) are the to scale? Audrey: …. i think so Looks good! And I’m covering this with clay, which is taking a really heckin’ long time So I just realized that… the clay is not gonna work. It’s cracking and it doesn’t hold its shape. So I need to peel the whole thing off and replace it with paper mache. So I just have wasted in five hours. But I’m going to make myself another tea and we’ll just keep going See that gap there? Funny story – not really funny actually – I once dropped a whole bunch of model-making supplies right down the drop of the elevator shaft and it was the worst day of my life. Okay, so I’ve gotta rush to Basement Books to get some tissue paper, so that we can do some paper mache and then I can continue All right, got my tissue paper, and we’ve got two hours before I have dinner plans this afternoon so I’ve gotta get started! Me: Bye guys!
Bye friend! I’m about to meet my friend Laura for dinner! (Talking to my camera) Hello, let me focus. Thats what my teacher said to me in highschool Thats gonna be in the vlog! Hello everybody, my name’s Laura, I’m here with Tash and we are having amazing food! That is the truffle pizza – whoa whoa whoa food p0rn food p0rn! And pesto gnocchi with broccoli, and chili oil. We are vegetarian and fantastic! Mmmmm! Delicious! (I’m not sure what’s going on here) So Laura has very kindly driven me home! (Sigh) as much as I want to go to bed I need to get the base of this completely made tonight So the time is 8 o’clock, I’m off to work now I won’t be able to film inside, of course, because I’ve got work to do and I’m starting a bit earlier today so I can take a longer lunch break to go to the shops and get some fabric and some foam core for my model. So that’s the plan! I’ll see you again on my lunch break! It’s 12 o’clock. I’m on my lunch break Also three of my colleagues just informed me that the back of my head – like my hair –
is turning green! So, that’s great, I guess that’s what I deserve for using a box dye to do my hair So, I’ve got it up in a bun – it’s traumatic to think about. I think to get enough to get it fixed professionally. Okay, now I’m off to office works to get some foam core and then I think I’ll be ready to go back to work We’re here! That should do.. Okay, it’s 5 o’clock I’ve just finished work and now I have to go home and really quickly make my model box out of the foam core and then I’m going to visit my dad’s house. See my siblings, have dinner with them, then paint the model tonight. That’s the plan! So I just got to my dad’s house. He lives about an hour away from me. So I’ve driven here tonight to have dinner and stay over, and just spend some time with my family. And usually on a Monday night, I’ll come here and do painting in the evening. But tonight I’m actually gonna work on my assignment. Whoa!! What??? And there she goes! Hey, beautiful The paper maché work is done and I’ve painted it – the outside is grey, the inside is blue. And the inside of this one is like a… coral color. It’s 10:41. I think I’m gonna hit the hay! I will see you tomorrow! Peanut butter and banana toast is like my favorite breakfast ever! It’s 10:30 so I’m gonna head off to uni. Gonna go catch the train. I’m rockin’ the Steve Jobs look today, which is basically, my go-to outfit when I just don’t know what to wear. I love a black turtleneck with blue jeans Oh I’ve gotta turn the air-con off before I go! Let’s go to school So I’m meeting my friend Emily on the Alumni Green. Wow a style icon!

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  1. Hey, I'm also studying architecture, but in Switzerland. So it's really interesting to see what projects other students are working on 🙂 Keep up the good work!

  2. I watched this entirely at random: but thought it was very nice!!

    Didn't know that architects had to make that many models! 😉

  3. Very creative and busy! Please, do more vlogs with Laura. I didn't know you two were that close, you're so fun together.

  4. I thought Laura Gilbert would cameo in this vid of yours, Tash (and coincidentl, I had just watched the latest clip that she had uploaded, she did a photo shoot for that). Also great 90's hair by the by way, it looked good on you 😍🔥💋

  5. Hi Natasha! My name is Natasha Rose too and I’m also vegan 7 years now! I always wondered what you were studying in college.. it obviously suites you and the things you like going. Thanks for sharing a part of your life with us!

  6. Hmmm I don’t remember dressing this way in early 2000 or late 1990’s though? I was in my late 20’s at the time and pregnant with my daughter so maybe that’s why I missed all of this! 🤷‍♀️

  7. the one thing I hope for is for this to happen to me. be in college, have a job, have friends…can't wait

  8. Hi! I'm an architecture student too. May I ask what brand of laptop are u using? Any recommendations? Thank you much and congratulations to ur last year!🤗

  9. Hi, I'm enrolling into my first year in architecture next month. May I know where you're currently studying? 🙂

  10. I LOVED this!!! you're so positive even when going through difficult moments and your friends all seem like great people to be around :') i could learn a thing or two from you. wishing you the best of luck & peace at uni <3

  11. I am going to study Architecture year 1 in September, do you have any advice on what material do I need to prepare for making models and stuff like that?

  12. You have lots of creativity! Apparently they give you a lot of freedom with your models. That is a very nice privilege lol, best of wishes!

  13. Hey! I am also studying architecture in Nepal and i just had my 3rd year exams. Best wishes for your last year. Great work!!

  14. Hello everyone, I am also an architecture student and i was so inspired by others that i opened an architecture channel myself. I would really appriciate if you can take a look at my channel.

  15. Is it interesting to use an ipad pro for architecture studies or a mac is better ?? (Sorry for my english im French 🤷🏻‍♀️)

  16. How can you do organic design, using Rhino and dealing with the construction side; do modular system and so many that we didn't see in your first year? I think I will go to college again after I'm done with my mine lmao

  17. I'm in my last year as well but here in Brazil, it's so crazy how different it is, but the struggle is always the same.
    May I ask what's the program you use? We mainly use AutoCad and Revit an I'm very curious about the one you guys use.

  18. i’m currently in community college and i’m studying architecture and have plans to transfer to a four year. I’m so afraid that i won’t be able to get to the school i want to get into because transferring is so much harder than coming straight out of high school. Is there any pointers?

  19. Loved your video, could you make one in which we can see the whole process of a project. (Like from the sketches to the models you have to make)

  20. this might be random but I stumbled through your youtube channel and saw that you're studying at UTS architecture? UTS is one of the universities I am applying to, may I know why you chose UTS and the program?

  21. I can totally relate to this lifestyle but men your time management skills tho <3 ! and your uni looks so amazing! love your content

  22. I love your video and you motivate me so much as my dream is to study architecture which is next year 🙂 just wondering, do they actually use calculus/maths or any physics ??

  23. I was curious to see what your room looks like. I have a 90min one way commute to school and have trouble working at home, so I'm one of those students that just spends all their time in studio. Needless to say my rooms clean and I'm never there.

  24. Hello from Poland! Im on my 3rd year and Im so tired. There is a lot of meme’s on internet like „student before and after studying architecture” and its 100% truuuuueee😂 But there is also a lot of fun studying it. Oh and power naps… I know something about it.

  25. I’m in 9th grade and on track to graduate high school with an associates degree. I’m planning to go into architecture so would graduating with an associates degree be a good idea? I think so but I’m young so I don’t really know

  26. Graduated from architecture last year and I feel like I'm getting PTSD flashbacks from all the stressful subjects and deadlines while watching this video 😂

  27. Im in high school and when i go to college i might be doing level 3 foundation as that is said to be an alternative and easier way of getting into university to study architecture than doing A level. So im wondering what did you do to get into university and study architecture?

  28. So many Architecture students here. Can any of you guys tell me how much physics is needed?
    (Im interested in studying artchitecture i am just a bit afraid of physics i guess, not my favourite subject)

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