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A True Find- KRAMA Traditional Cambodian Scarf

A True Find- KRAMA Traditional Cambodian Scarf

When you got off the airplane in
Cambodia, you’re just overwhelmed by the incredible smell of the scent, actually of the Cardamom trees. And the humid air, the tropical air and the very very very sweet Buddhist people who are the Cambodian people. And you can hardly believe the brutality
of the Khmer Rouge war that was just not that long ago. And most people tend to be
very moved by the whole experience of being in Cambodia. And one of the things that, for me,
came to symbolize a lot of the recovery there is the weaving of these Krama scarves, which are actually the symbol of Cambodia. And they come in many, many, many, many different colors. And they’re cotton, 100 percent cotton, and
they’re woven by women in fair trade conditions. And I found that I would see the native
people wearing these in every possible way. I saw them
carrying their babies, I saw men always wearing them to wipe the sweat off of
their brows. And the heat people would use
them for sun protection. Any possible way you could use a scarf, people use these.
And they’re just such a colorful array, in the
street you see them in every different possible direction. I couldn’t buy enough, when I brought one home
for each one of my family members.
And everybody loves them to this day, so I’m really proud to sell these Krama scarves on A True Find,
and we sell them through The Pepper Project, which is an organization that helps the
people of Cambodia and we give a hundred percent of our proceeds
directly through to The Pepper Project. And they’re really wonderful, if you have a color you’d like, just
put it in your order and they’ll do their best to match that.

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