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8 Steampunk home decor ideas

8 Steampunk home decor ideas

Steampunk Home Décor Tips to Add Industrial
Feeling in Design There are less people who interested to use
steampunk home décor as it is not really popular today. However, for you who really use this design,
you might find it really interesting since it will make your house atmosphere feel unique. The use of Victorian era design with addition
of industrial items will make the perfect steampunk style you want. Here are some items which you can use to make
the perfect steampunk style inside your home. 8. Refurbish style furniture
For the furniture, you actually do not need to use new furniture at all and just refurbish
your old furniture to get the perfect look. However if you does not have old furniture
to refurbish then there are some new furniture with refurbish finishing to get the old look. Of course if you really want to buy new furniture,
then Victorian style furniture should also be added in your steampunk home décor. 7. Black and white Picture
As other people surely everyone love to have their picture on the wall, and in the old
Victorian era they use black and white picture as at that time they does not have colored
picture. That is why you can also try to use old picture
as your steampunk home décor wall accessory or if you want to use your own family picture
then you can try to print it in sepia filter. 6. Framed herbariums.
If you enjoy making DIY steampunk home décor then this is the project you can take. Use any of your local plantations to make
the specimen. But if you feel lazy then you can easily take
pages from herbarium book to frame. 5. Old steamer trunk.
If you have an old steamer trunk on your warehouse, then why not use it as a table in your living
room. You can also use any of your old suitcases
if you want. 4. Old sewing table.
Another industrial item which popular in Victorian era is the sewing table. That is why you must have it as your steampunk
home décor item. Try to dig it from your grandmother house
or you can also get one from your local antique store. 3. Classic old hats.
We all know that steampunk design is used long time ago when people still use top hats
as well as bowler. To add the classic feeling in that era you
can also try to put it in your room even though you are not really using it for real. Just hang them on a hook in the wall or on
the coat hanger to capture the feeling. 2. Brick wall.
Another signature for this style is the use of brick wall inside the room, so you can
try to have it if you can. But if your home structure is mostly made
from wood then you can easily apply wallpapers on it. 1. Old industrial map and terrestrial globe Conclusion on Designing Your Home with Steampunk
Style Gear is the key item on steampunk style that
you must use on the items you use as home décor no matter what if you really want to
capture the feeling. Most common item that has gear on the design
is wall clock but actually there are other items which has gear on the design if you
look long enough. Using leather as your steampunk home décor
material is essential. Not only it looked beautiful but it will also
add luxury feeling inside your house. For this you can use leather sofa as the most
common leather furniture which you can easily get anywhere as well, surely it will add some
comfort in your room. Then to create some contrast with the other
material that you use and add lace along with your leather material. Lace often used by the ladies in the Victorian
era not only in their clothing but also in their home. So you can add lace detail on your home items
whenever necessary. Another steampunk home décor that you must
apply is the Victorian pattern, as it is able to really capture both of the Victorian and
steampunk feeling. Use it on your wallpaper or anywhere you want. For the colors the one that you should use
is neutral color in muted tone. Colors such as dark green, brown, cream, sepia,
dark red and black are the one suitable for this style. Of course for the industrial items you can
use old metal colors such as chrome.

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