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7 Tiny budget organization Ideas For Your Home

7 Tiny budget organization Ideas For Your Home

what’s happening today I wanted to go
through seven awesome organization tips that would work in your tiny house or
your normal house or any house for that matter so let’s get started all right
well thanks for joining me today and you know when it comes to organization
nobody knows it better than us we have to organize so many different things in
so many different tight spaces within our tiny houses and we work with so many
people each year helping them downsize and condense the amount of stuff that
they have and also where do they put it and all the different things that come
about with living in a tiny house but that doesn’t have to stop at a tiny
house these tips that I want to share with you today
they can work in anybody situation so let’s get into it
number one this is a really cool concept and what I want you to pay attention to
is the black box that was actually made out of a couple of different pieces of
wood and within there are all different size containers that you can buy at your
local home goods store this way all of your dry goods spices everything that
you use to cook is right out there in the open easy to find and also
everything stays very organized and nothing is allowed to be stacked in
front of each other which keeps things very efficient when it comes to finding
things when it comes time to cook all right on to number two okay this is a
really cool concept this little coffee rack is actually made from recycled
pallets the customer took a pallet sanded everything down and created some
shelves and also added some hooks below to hang some coffee mugs this is a great
way to create something very cool out of some reclaimed materials and speaking of
reclaimed number three is even cooler just like number two number three is a
really cool concept this is actually also a pallet that somebody had turned
into a wine rack but the really cool thing is one of the slats was taken off
and some notches were put into it and then it was renamed onto the bottom so
that all the wine glasses could be stored really nice
on to number four this isn’t a very new concept but I thought I would throw it
in there these are some old crates that somebody decided to hang up on a wall
and create some shelves and kind of shadowbox effect it’s also a very cool
farmhouse look to give it an extra touch I just thought it would be something
cool to throw out there okay I’m the number five number five it has to be one
of my favorites this is actually a really cool concept this is a set of
stairs inside of a tiny house and what you’ll notice is it has a lot of cubby
storage but the really cool thing is this shoe rack that slides out from
underneath one of the landings I like this concept a lot because in in a
stairs situation when you try to create hanging storage in a really low
condensed area it becomes frustrating it’s hard to find the clothes stuff like
that so by sacrificing the hanging storage down low and putting it up top
somewhere it allows for this nice pullout rack for all of your shoes and
it’s a really cool concept for a tiny house because it slides away and it
really keeps the space nice and tight all right I’m number six I really like
this one too number six is a cool concept this is a fold-down bed
otherwise known as a Murphy bed but what I like about this particular design is
the fact that the bed is going sideways instead of up and down it creates for a
much easier way to fold down the bed and this works in a tiny house but this can
also work in your cabin an extra guest bedroom that actually is more of an
office when guests aren’t in town and this is a very simple design very easy
to make and the fact that it’s on its side makes it much not as it makes it
not as heavy I guess is the best way to extra bit when coming to fold it down
and then it folds right up away and I love the storage on the bottom side this
is a great design for both like I said a tiny house or really anybody’s house
alright under step number seven is really cool and I want to apologize up
front for the low resolution picture I found the best picture that I could on
this this is one of my favorite designs I’ve I haven’t done it myself yet and
I’m dying to do this in somebody’s house but the really cool thing about this is
this is a this is really really tall this storage container but then all of
the bottom drawers actually the entire assembly pulls out of it
and creates steps so that you can reach the top and then it all pushes back away
this is by far my favorite design Hey look guys I know this was a short and
sweet video today but please like comment and share this video and if you
have any good design ideas leave them in the comments below and if you haven’t
subscribed to my channel please subscribe and I’ll see you tomorrow

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  1. I saw the piece with the Murphy Bed, I concur that I like that one too!!!! The slide out shoe rack, ingenious!! I am really feeling the last one, but might not be able to go as high. I ha really bad knees and I try to be extra careful!!!!!!!

  2. I love all of those ideas I'm going to do that pull out bed and that see through Tupperware shelf for dry Foods in my tiny on Bug Out trailer 💚💚💚

  3. I would love to know more about the first idea- the black box holding clear containers of dry goods/ food. What containers did they use? Thanks!

  4. Have you seen the shower pan that slides out from under a toilet. Saves the space of the shower until you need it

  5. That wudio noise @ 0:10 very unpleasant! Otherwise good and I appreciate that you're a real human host/narrator and not a robot.

  6. l subscribed, l cannot find your tutorial on the DIY video you said you were making that 1st project, long horizontal black wood box of ingredients?

    btw, are these all your creations, cuz ive seen them on other channels

    also l wish you werent reading cue cards lol

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