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7 Fashion Mistakes | Mature Women Style Tips over 50

Hey awesome ones Heather here and today
I’m going to talk about seven fashion mistakes. And I am guilty of making all
of these myself but I have reformed I’ve got a lot better and I thought I would share
them with you it all starts in just a few seconds. Now before I get into this video I just
want to stress that this is just my opinion. I’m always saying to be
authentically you but I found that I got into really a fashion rut and I want to
show you some of the things that happened to me and maybe you’ll get the
lightbulb moment like I did and just kind of notice that things had to change.
So without further ado let’s start with number one. So for number one do you have
your most favorite pair of shoes? You know those ones that are just so
comfortable maybe you paid a lot of money for them and they’re kind of an
orthotic or whatever. Well say hello to my favorite pair of shoes. I have had
these shoes…let me just show you a little close up here…for about ten years
and you can see they’re worn on the inside they’re worn at the bottoms also
the last time I wore them they actually ripped right….I don’t know if you can
see this Bill…they ripped right up the side here and I still kept
them. You know my mom always taught me that people look at your shoes but
they’re just I don’t know if you can see this they’re just so worn in beautifully.
Well right after this video I am absolutely tossing them out. They’re
going in the garbage. Don’t wear old worn-out shoes no matter how comfy they
are. So enter my new boots shoes that I don’t know…Bill can you see these okay?
All right and they have…their Skechers …and on the inside they have air-cooled
memory foam they are also really really flexible really comfortable and also I
found some other pairs of shoes too that are really really comfortable. Let’s see
if I can sort of set it all up here. Check out these animal print shoes
and again they’re called flex so they’re super comfortable they’re really really
padded on the inside and then one more pair of shoes even a pump a beautiful
pump like this you can see that this is sort of got a comfort kind of padding
here. There’s also a padding in the front as well and super super comfortable so
we don’t have to wear old worn-out shoes that we bought like 10 years ago. We
think that’s the only pair of shoes we can wear. They’ve got all kinds of
orthotic shoes there’s a lot of specialty stores out there right now and
you can get a little pep in your step. So the second one is going crazy for animal
prints. I must admit I bought the scarf. I bought the jacket. I bought the
shoes. I bought the skirt. And you know a lot of times I would think oh I gotta
wear the shoes with the jacket and oh I might as well put a scarf err I was just
wearing too much animal print and well actually I wasn’t wearing animal print I
was BEING an animal print. So with this look you could see that you
just really especially with something like an animal print, you just want a
touch of it and here it is just in the pencil skirt and it looks quite
attractive with just that. Too much of a too much of a good thing is just a
little too much. So for number three as most of you know I was a model and when
I started getting you know that tummy spread thing, oh my gosh like I just
wanted to hide. So what I did was I decided to hide behind oversized clothes
and I would actually shop in the plus-size stores. A lot of the women
would say hey you’re in the wrong store. I would go no I’m not
and I would gleefully wear clothes that were probably four or five sizes too big
for me. So hiding behind oversized clothes it doesn’t do anything for you.
It actually makes you look heavier and the one thing that
I noticed when I was hiding behind you know especially all the black clothing
the oversized clothing I have no incentive to kind of keep exercising or
stay in shape and so those old pounds they started to really really creep up
on me. So now I wear clothes that actually fit me
and with my pants fitting me properly as well I feel like going on more walks and
staying in shape and doing those 10,000 steps. So talking about pants I have
quite a few pairs of skinny jeans and tight yoga pants but I gotta tell you
you know they just for me they just don’t look right in there if those tops
are not covering your butt. Like I really think you gotta cover your butt. Now
yeah if you’re going to a yoga class or a workout or to the gym yeah anything
goes. Go ahead you can wear a crop top if you want but for every day I’m gonna say
cover up that butt. So I think it’s much better to wear a longer top like this
and you know you’re covering up the front these are the same pants that I
just was wearing and also for in the back again a lot of these tops are even
longer in the back so it’s covering up your tush and I think that’s a really
good thing. So for number five it’s too much bling bling. I know we have our
favorite pieces of jewelry, but just sometimes it’s just too much and I’m
also showing you this little cuff bracelet that I have with this and it
just does not go with the outfit at all. It’s just…there’s just too much
overpowering…everything is trying to be a statement piece. So I’m much better off
removing this bracelet and also you know maybe I can put a couple of little
rhinestones or little bangles, blue bangles maybe, but not much here on my
wrist. Also these earrings they could be worn by themselves but in this
particular case they have to go and let’s just let one statement piece
really really reflect the look. And if I did want to wear some kind of earrings
it would probably just be a little stud earring. And there you go.
Let your accent piece do all the talkin. So number six. Bulges and tightness and
overflow! Oh my! What am I talking about? Well what I’m talking about is the wrong
fitted bra and I gotta tell you the wrong fitted bra is so last year. And you
really should check and get a new fitting every year but it makes such a
huge difference in the way that I wear my tops of my dresses. So this is one of
my new bras and it has the right kind of circumference that’s what goes around
your chest part and that’s where you have like a 34 36 38 plus. Also the cup
size is the right size for me and that’s going to be maybe at an A, B, C or D+ and
the cup size is right but what I love about this bra also is the fact that it
has the side panels to help with that dreaded role. You know the underarm roll.
And I mean in the summertime I wouldn’t even want to wear like a short sleeve
top because of that roll. Well now it’s really looked after and I just love
having these new bras. Now I actually got this fitted bra at
Victoria’s Secret. There’s a lot of different boutiques
out there in cities that have stores that are just fitting for bras the right
size bra. So check them out because I gotta tell you with a properly fitted
bra I feel better and I look better and I say bye-bye to 34b and now I actually
have something that’s comfy and it fits me. So I didn’t want to make this video
too long but for number seven because I know there’s other fashion mistakes, but
for my number seven I really wanted to talk about how you can get in a fashion
rut. Now I talked about my comfy shoes and those shoes were a
rut. Like I’d even wear them with dresses. I just……
they were so comfy I just wanted to wear them with everything and the same thing
went with the oversized clothes. But another thing I knew that black clothing
was making me look slim. And you see this …I see this even with a lot of
celebrities. They just wear black all the time and that was me too, hiding behind
just all black clothing and you know it is a fashion rut. Hey your go-to outfit
might be jeans and a t-shirt that you wear all the time or maybe you have an
office kind of a uniform where you’ve got that lawyer look and you have a
black blazer and you have a crisp white blouse and you have a black pencil
skirt. Well that’s kind of a right too because you’re wearing the same old
thing to work all of the time and I’m just suggesting that you kind of get out
there. Break the mold a little bit. I also wouldn’t shop my wardrobe before I went
to the mall and I would buy another pair of black stove Pat…eerr stovepipe. It’s stove
pipe pants. Yeah that’s hard to say a few times. I would I would buy the same old
black tops. I mean right now I have three black turtlenecks. I mean who needs three
black turtlenecks. So now I look at Pinterest and Instagram a lot and hey
did you know that I have a Pinterest page for awesome over 50 and also an
Instagram at awesome over 50, but I get so inspired looking at all these, you
know different people just like me wearing different kinds of clothes and
that’s why not too long ago I bought my very first animal print skirt. And you’d
say hey she was a model what you’re talking about, but you know what I just
couldn’t bring myself to wearing an animal print and now I absolutely love
it. I’ve also gotten into some of those you know…Wow…kind of retro geometric
designs for dresses and I’m having a lot of fun with fashion. So I really hope I
kind of opened your eyes to changing things up a
little bit whether it’s finding a new bra or maybe throwing out those old
ratty little shoes that you still are holding on to like I was. You know there
is a new you and you could be a new evolving awesome you. You just have to
give it a chance. And talking about someone awesome it’s time for the cuteness
factor. My little Yorkie Hurricane. And when Hurricane comes on the scene he
reminds me to talk about videos and new videos coming up. And hey talking about
online shopping I did a video lately of unboxing a lot of just Amazo. I don’t
know if you saw it but it was just amazon fashion and i’d loved everything
that I got. So make sure you check that out in the back videos. So what I’ll
do too is I’ll put that video in the end screen for you so if you didn’t miss it
you can take a look at it. And over at our other channel our second channel
which is youtube.com/AwesomeOver50inspiration I talk about…and my
husband too…we talk about tips and tricks for online shopping. You know
we’re doing…aren’t we Bill?…we’re doing a lot of online shopping theses days and
everything is returnable if you don’t like it and we thought why not do a
little video on tips and tricks of online shopping. And that is coming up
very shortly as well. There’s also a lot more on that channel,
we’ve traveled to Europe, so we’re sharing that there, also some healthy
cooking and fun and all kinds of things for the holiday season. Here on our
beauty and fashion channel my 64 year old skin I am really starting to notice
a lot of wrinkles starting up and I don’t know where they’re coming from.
I think a lot of you know that I moisturize every night and I really have
to step it up a notch. I’ve got to start using a stronger eye cream and also
those nasty lip lines that are starting to happen above my lips.
I’ve been trying out for weeks and weeks now some new products and they’re doing
okay. I am really happy with the results. I want to share those with you and of
course more fashion and more makeup for you the awesome ones. So until next time
get out of the rut and get into the groove. Maybe try some colorful or retro
animal print fashion. Also get rid of those old shoes. Like I said get some new
ones and put a little bit of pep in your step and remember to keep it awesome.

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