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6 DIY Teenager ROOM DECOR Ideas.. | #WallDecor #WallArt #Anaysa #DIYQueen

6 DIY Teenager ROOM DECOR Ideas.. | #WallDecor #WallArt #Anaysa #DIYQueen

Wow Anantya’s room is looking so beautiful and walls of these foreign youtubers is looking so awesome Mumma May I help you today ok lets i’ll massage your legs what you want now Mummy look that boring wall of my room plz let it decor like this so do one thing.. Score 100 out of 100 then become graduate then get a good job then will decorate your wall when you get your first salary what Mummy… joking..:-)) who started first? ok don’t be sad that girl Priyanka.. yes.. will learn from her I’ll tell you after learning till then hit 70,000 Likes this time so di what will you make first We make this Hexagon first but its too difficult to make it no its easy I’ll making a video call so you can learn watching it So lets start making this 3D hexagon For this you need Cut paper in Square shape fold as shown in the video open it and again fold it from opposite side inward fold the paper again through this line now do as shown in the video likewise make more colourful pyramids cut Thermocol design as you like here I made a hexagon you can also make rectangle, triangle etc… now paste these pyramids one by one using fevicol now remove the extra edges and its done what we’ll make from Thermocol now lets do some Alphabet Decor here I’ve chose DQ yes its DIY Queen draw alphabet on thermocol and then cut cover it with white sheet now cover the outer and inner part of the alphabet with glitter or shinning sheet now lets make these flower to decorate it more cut a small square shape and make folds like this now draw U shape on it and cut likewise make some more open it and cut its one petal likewise cut two n three petals from the remaining flower and fold that separated petal and paste like this now paste the petals in descending order one by one likewise make some more flowers now just paste these flowers on Alphabet if you don’t know how to make unicorn ears and horns then watch this video now lets make this Paper Pin Wheel we need fold this paper in Zig Zag pattern fold it and staple it from the centre and then paste it from one side likewise make one more and paste both sides together like this now let me tell you how to make designer pin wheel repeat the same as we did earlier then draw any of your favourite design and cut got bored of wearing this simple and boring hat so thought to use it in diy home decor paste this black ribbon all around the hat edges and make a bow using net fabric and paste it too and then paste that artificial flower now lets try this 3D Rose for this you need only chart paper cut these designs make sure one design is small and one is big likewise cut more designs and paste all these petals fold like this to make it more beautiful now apply fevicol at the corner and keep pasting like this

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  3. You wont believe that I am fond of doing diys and I am a hardworking student I am an artist in my class,I am in grade 7 since I was in grade 4 I fondof these

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