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5 Ways To Sharpen A Knife Without A Sharpener

5 Ways To Sharpen A Knife Without A Sharpener

Hey there my friends, John here, and as the
old saying goes, “A sharp knife is a safe knife.” So what to do if you find yourself
with a dull knife and the realization that you don’t have a sharpener with you? Well,
not to worry, because I’m going to show you 5 common items that you can use to put a great
edge back on your blade. If you’re out car camping, or otherwise have immediate access
to your vehicle, the window can actually make an excellent sharpener. Simply place your
knife on the top, un-coated edge of the window, tilt the blade up until it matches the angle
of the grind on your knife. Now make three passes along the full length of the blade.
Flip your knife over and make 3 more passes on the other side. Repeat this process a few
times and soon enough, you’ll have a nice sharp edge on your blade. Another item that
works equally well is a ceramic mug. Take that empty mug, flip it upside down, and place
it on a stable surface. You’ll notice that the underside has a portion that’s un-glazed
and exposes that nice ceramic surface. Now using the same technique that we employed
with the window, use the bottom of that mug to achieve the same result that we did with
the window…A nice sharp edge on your knife. Not near a vehicle or a coffee cup, well,
no problem, because there’s still a few things that you might be able to use to get a great
edge back on your knife. One item that you just might have along with you in your first
aid kit or personal hygiene kit is a small emery board. These can make an excellent improvised
sharpener. Just place that small board on a nice, flat, stable surface and begin sharpening
your knife until you get the results that you’re after. A method that’s incredibly cool
is that you can actually one knife to sharpen another knife. Take the duller of the two
knives and run it along the spine of the other. Repeat this process until you have a nice
workable edge on that previously dull blade. And Finally, If you’re near a water source,
you can use a river rock. They make for an excellent makeshift sharpening stone. Look
for the smoothest one you can find and one that has the flattest surface possible. Utilizing
your basic sharpening technique, use that river rock in the same way that you’d use
your sharpening stone at home, until you achieve a nice sharp edge on your knife. Now that
you’ve got that blade back in shape, you can fine-tune it just a little bit more with a
little stropping. Leather belts are great for this, but the nylon straps on your pack
can work equally well. Simply hold it taut and make a few passes with your blade, removing
all the burs and getting an ultra-sharp edge back on your knife. Well, I hope one or two
of these tips comes in handy for you if the need ever arises. In fact, if you have any
stories to share on ways that you’ve had to improvise using common items for uses other
than they were intended, please share those down there in the comments below. I always
enjoy hearing about that kind of stuff. Not to mention I always like to hear from you
guys as well. And for more outdoor-related content, tips and tricks, I’ve included a
couple links here that you may enjoy. And until next time, I’d just like to say, “Thanks
a bunch for watching, and take the best of care.”

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  1. Well thank you for this video! I hope Intense Angler channel is still up to date. I use my paracord to sharpen my dull swiss army knife when I was at the camp last summer. Like in the video I use a nail file and a rock if I don't have anything available. If I need to make a cutting tool I would get a rock large for polishing work and a flint napping tool plus rock I would be using for knife. I would bring it back to the camp and craft my knife using the narutal material available. If I can have a knowledge to create steel from an environment, I can craft a real knife so durable like a Japanese sword.

  2. Why do youtubers use a coffee mug to dull a knife so that they can show how to use a stone to sharpen it? Does a coffee mug dull or sharpen it?

  3. Only the coffee mug, river stone and window work. The nail file just caon't do anything. Sharpening a knife on another harder knife acts more like a strop then a stone.

  4. This isnt true ie tried all these methods although some are true I wouldnt recommend them, you could just at easily buy a few sheets of sand paper and sharpen that way, please check out outdoors55 for more information on knife sharpening that where I learned to sharpen my knives free hand

  5. There are a lot of videos about sharpening knives that are pure BS. This is not one of them! Good job!

  6. Great video ! No annoying soundtrack noise. Good tips.

    I have used the rock method before when I left my diamond stone at home.

    [ I have to wonder who gave this very good video a "Thumbs down". 🤔 – must be the owner(s) of some high priced sharpening company. ]

  7. Here for sharpening a kitchen knife

    Cause im too young and poor(cause i dont know how to spend wisely) and i dont know where to get a sharpening tool?

    And i like blades

  8. 555ดูภาพแล้วก็ดำเอาเพราะฟังไม่ออก😂😂😂

  9. Okay, I know this comment will be dark, off topic and taboo,but I feel like this NEEDS to be addressed for mental health awareness.

    To the people watching this, if you are using this video to self harm, I want you to know that you matter in this world and you are very loved. As a self harmer I want you to know there is hope.

    Please, do your best to refrain and keep fighting strong. 💚 #endthestigma

  10. Thank you so much for this information. I had a sharpener that I bought at the grocery store and it no longer seems to work. I just realized that as I was about to go and cut up my chicken for some chicken curry tonight. I think I'll try the coffee cup or ceramic method and see if that helps thank you

  11. I know a guy at work who brings the knife edge back on his work knife by using a glass rod. Similar to using a car door window. Thanks, great tips.

  12. I knew about the coffee cup method and the use of a leather belt, but the others, that's good stuff to know. I'll never look at my pack straps or similar the same way again.

  13. 日本にも「茶碗の底で包丁をこする」というタッチアップ方法があるから、世界共通なのかね、瀬戸物、セラミック。ひい爺さんは田んぼの傍らにある平たいその辺の石を拾って、水につけながら鎌を研いでいた。したがって、このUP主の主張は正しいと思う。あくまでも緊急や一時しのぎだけれど。

  14. 0:54 Tickles me how if you pull this one off on a dull steak knife in a steak house;
    You'll be surprised just how catching on it is with the other real men around you.
    1:54 Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.-Prov.27:17 Especially when the desire is to avoid removing any of the blade or person's material.
    1st time viewer. Blessings on your every endeavor to strengthening the things that remain.
    -Former Paratrooper Sgt. 82nd Airborne Inf. '71-'74 8519

  15. I knew about all except for the Emery board. Recently was out and about, picked up a femur bone from a deer and sharpened my Gerber on it, quite nicely. Not shaving sharp but much better than it was.

  16. 🤔 Damn! Well ok then. Lol. I knew about the water stones, but the rest somewhat just blew my mind. Its as they say you learn something new everyday. 😆👍

  17. This dude is just calm no more over 9 billion intros and clickbait on videos that are louder than an airplane but this video is just quiet and calm outro was good but no music

  18. Can you do a follow up video where you find the average dipshit in society and see how bad they would ruin a knife by doing what you have suggested?

  19. 610 dislikes?? Did these people not have a knife to sharpen in the first place? This video was extremely helpful

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