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5 IKEA Hacks using Alcohol Ink

5 IKEA Hacks using Alcohol Ink

This episode is
brought to you by CuriosityStream,
more on them later. Are you ever out
Christmas shopping and you just have the urge to
douse everything in alcohol and set it on fire? Yes! Us too! Hey guys, we’re
Evan and Katelyn. And today, we’re gonna be doing
Ikea hacks, Alcohol edition. Alcohol ink, specifically,
which, you guys have probably seen us use in
some of our resin projects. It’s like very concentrated
alcohol based colorant but there’s a lot of very
interesting, non-resin things you can do, or at
least attempt to do, with alcohol ink as well. Such as, setting in on fire. Katelyn wasn’t joking earlier
when she was talking about– That’s an actual technique.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, I’m looking for something
that’s heat resistant like a pane of glass or
anything glath-thru– glath– (both laugh) Anything made out of glass. I want to do something on wood, because, we briefly tested
alcohol inks on wood, for an upcoming project,
and it gave me some ideas. And hopefully, we find something
that’s not wood or glass. Because, we need at
least three, three just– We need a third thing.
It just sounds better. So hopefully, we find some
other material, like wax, or– Wax, like candles? Or just a ball of wax? Fabric, or something else
that just, speaks to us. So also, this is a no
tools build Katelyn. Whoa!
Yeah, no tools! And, just one material.
Yeah! A one material no tool
Ikea hack challenge. Alright so, step
one, head to Ikea. (upbeat music) Okay so, we’re on
the way to Ikea and, we posted on Patreon, to see
if people had some suggestions for other stuff we want to get. And, we got some pretty
good suggestions. Lights, mirror,
the wooden hand… Ooh! Which I think would
be really cool. EVAN: I’ve always wanted an
excuse to get one of those. I know. And, also meatballs. So, thank you guys, great
suggestions. (both laugh) (upbeat music) Oh Hello!
Hello! Oh you’re vlogging. Ooh.
Ooh. (upbeat music) EVAN: Different
glass containers. Ooh tiny baskets. (upbeat music) Okay so, we’re realizing that, this might not be a
three-part Ikea hack project. We’re five minutes
into being here. We might have to expand, because there’s too many
things we’re excited about. Maybe five, how
much is too much? BOTH: Ooh. What about a big mirror? (laughs) I like how we’re
both filming (laughs) I’m gonna have so much footage. (upbeat music) Ottoman, with cat storage. EVAN: Should totally
hop in there. (upbeat music) (background conversations) (Evan laughs) Don’t film me. (Evan laughs) Alright, we made
it past stage one, now is when the real fun begins. (Evan laughs) Alright so, we’re in the
lights area, where is it? She hath found it. You are mine. KATELYN: Don’t drop it, nope, that’s glass. EVAN: Alright Katelyn, have
you chosen your pillow yet? I think something with stripes
would be more interesting than just like a blank white. EVAN: Are you sure you
don’t want to sleep on it? Because you’ve already
changed your mind once. (laughs maniacally) Okay, I’m done. I see the people, but
where are the hands? (Evan laughs) This is gonna be fun. EVAN: Where is the
biggest ones they got? Yes!
Ooh! Ooh, chonky boi!
Oh my gosh! Should we get like a
few different sizes? Yeah, yeah, yeah. EVAN: Stop! Oh, there’s a stop sign,
alright, we’re done now. (both laugh) So, I think we did pretty good. We got glass, like we wanted to but, it’s gonna me more
interesting than just like, I was thinking a picture
frame, but I like this more ’cause I think it’s gonna
be more interesting. KATELYN: We got some fabric,
we got wood, we got wax, as Evan put it, candles. And we also got a fake plant,
but that’s just for us, that’s not for the project.
Yeah. (classical music) Alrighty so, we’re back home, we have our bounty of
Ikea products to hack, and I think I
would like to start with the pinkie,
the fanciest one. (Evan laughs) I mean, the wood hand, the
fanciest, gosh darn it, I messed up, I was
thinking about pinkies, ’cause I was like, I’m
gonna raise the pinkie up. (claps) Okay so, I gotta hand it to you Katelyn, I think that this is going
to be a wonderful idea. (applause) Alright but how, actually,
are you gonna do it? Are you gonna do like standing
up and is it gonna drip down? What’s, what’s your vision? So, then I can judge, if you accomplish it
or not later. (laughs) So, what I’m thinking is, I’m gonna paint each
finger individually, starting with red at the
fingertips, and then orange, and then going through the
spectrum of rainbow colors. Each one is gonna
have a rainbow? Yeah. When I was thinking
how I’m gonna do it, I was gonna do one per finger. Yeah, no, lame. (sad music) This is why I’m doin’ the hand. (spraying) It’s gonna smell great in here, oh my gosh, I didn’t
even think about that. We’re using so much alcohol.
Well we’ll open up the doors (garage door opening) It’s not gonna hit
anything, is it? EVAN: (laughs), not that
that’s every happened. KATELYN: Okay,
it’s very diluted. Ooh, I’m painting the
nails. (Evan laughs) Give me some Holo Taco! (laughs) “What’s on my wooden
hand?” (both laugh) Well, so far, it just
looks like a murder hand. (horror music)
(Evan laughs) EVAN: It looks great. Maybe you could have
started with purple, and gone in the
opposite direction. But, that would be next hand. (laughs) Yeah, the next
hand. (Evan Laughs) (jazz music) EVAN: Now that you have a few, what’re ya thinkin’ now? I feel like it’s
starting to look better. It’s less murder-y, more
jolly. (Evan laughs) More like candy corn.
It’s supposed to be a, oh my gosh, it’s candy
corn. (Evan laughs) But, I love candy corn. I mean, not really.
Yeah, I don’t think I– EVAN: I like the look of
it, tastes gross. (laughs) Alright Katelyn,
by the end of it, you seem to be developing
a little, little habit, any tips you can give us? Layer, don’t let drips
happen, do your best. (Evan laughs) EVAN: This is
working pretty fast. It’s like, the fast-drying
nature of the alcohol, seems to be working
in your favor. KATELYN: It really works
with something that’s an odd shape that I have to
turn around a lot. (Evan laughs) EVAN: You’re just staring at it. With a disappointed
look in your face. KATELYN: It doesn’t look
as good when it’s dry. It’s a lot.
It looks like a shipwreck. It looks like rougher,
(Katelyn laughs) no, no, no, no, no it looks
great, it looks really great. But, it looks like,
like more rustic. Yeah
Right? KATELYN: Yeah, and I mean, I
could try adding more layers to kinda fill in some
of the patchier parts, but I’m not sure how
much that will do. Because, part of it is,
different areas of the wood soaked in different amounts. EVAN: Oh like, it’s end grain. KATELYN: Yeah. One thing that you could do, that would probably smooth it
out and give it that wet look like it had before, is if
you added butcher block oil. Like mineral oil.
Oh. And beeswax. So you have to be sure that
this is exactly how you want it ’cause, my guess
is, once it’s oiled, if you add–
It won’t take it anymore It won’t take it anymore. (both make grunting noise) I might just go for it.
You might just go for it? Yeah.
I don’t know. (high-fives) (laughs) Yeah, yeah
you know what I want. (claps)
(laughs) (upbeat music) (Evan laughs) KATELYN: Need some lotion. EVAN: You have really dry hands. KATELYN: Probably cause we
covered them in alcohol. (Evan laughs) Oh, I think it is returning
to some of that like, better,
It is a little bit. EVAN: Better color, you know. KATELYN: Yeah. (upbeat music) Okay, so, I think I’ll
reserve judgment on the hand, I’ll show you guys at the end. For now, let’s move
on to your project. Move onto the wax! To the wax! So, I think that my
biggest concern with this, is whatever we use to
apply the colorant to this, I think that going to leave
some sort of a texture. I don’t think we’re
going to be able to get a nice, smooth blend. I think you just have
to embrace the texture. I think so too. But, what texture should we use? Should we have bristles?
Hmm. Foam?
Hmm. Drips?
Hmm. Just let it naturally
drip this way. Should I just rub
it in with my hands? I don’t know.
I don’t know. I’m leaning towards this. I’ma start simple, I’ma
start with just one color. (upbeat piano music)
(spraying) Alright, it’s working,
is it working? KATELYN: There ya go, that’s
what I’m talking about. Ooh, that’s nice. It’s actually sticking though. It’s interesting,
I guess though, is the wax like porous at all? I don’t know.
I don’t know. Not science adjacent with
Evan and Katelyn, no. (both laugh) Yeah but, I really
think it’s working, and it’s easier to
fade than I thought. (spraying) See, I worry that’s
just gonna like, wipe it all off, Oh my gosh!
and make it worse, yeah. EVAN: That destroyed it. KATELYN: Yeah. EVAN: What! Well, that’s interesting,
we have an eraser. (laughs) Oh, yeah. Ooh, I like that. Ooh, ooh, ooh. It’s almost like a ikat. do you know what
I’m talking about? I’ll overlay it. (Evan laughs) I like this, general, trend. But, I think, the
irregularities would look better if there were more
irregularities. (laughs) So, what are you suggesting? I’m gonna add another color. Oh yeah!
Ooh! Pretty! Hmm! EVAN: Wipe on, wipe
off. (Katelyn laughs) (upbeat piano music) KATELYN: I see that
you’ve gone much bolder, and I really like
it. (Evan laughs) What’re you thinking? Oh, it’s been a
learning le– (yells) (slow motion yelling) Uh-oh, did you get
alcohol ink on your pants? No. (both laugh) I just had a crazy
idea, crazy idea time. KATELYN: Okay. (liquid sloshing) Does that… (banging) Gold!
Oh gosh! EVAN: Gold! Gold! I just wanna see if this is
a good idea, or a bad idea. (upbeat disco music) Ooh.
Ooh. Yes!
Ooh! That’s a good idea.
It’s a good idea. KATELYN: Oh, man,
Love, that might that might finish it up.
That might finish it up. But like… KATELYN: That’s
cool, that’s so cool. EVAN: Okay, I think that I
am finishing up my second, or my first one. (both laugh) But I think that this
is taking a long time. Why don’t you grab
the medium one. Yeah. I’ll start going. You can get experimenting too. I’m excited to do one. Ooh, Yeah! EVAN: Oh, my gosh,
you’re going bold, right at the beginning. KATELYN: Yeah, oh my
god! (Evan laughs) See, I think like, just
that looks cool also. EVAN: Alright so,
things I’m learning as I’m doing my second and
Katelyn is doing her first, and I see what she’s doing. You kind of have to get the
color you want, in one go. In a way.
Yeah, I tried adding more, and it’s
not as great. (Evan laughs) Not as great. And, I think I just finished. (triumphant music) I really liked mine,
until I was like, aw man, I should really
make it match your set. It’s tough because, when
you add more alcohol, it dissolves the
color you had there. And, it just changes
it completely. Yeah. Yeah, I don’t know how to
do an in between, I’m like, all bold, or nothing there. EVAN: You’ve only driven
at 60 miles-an-hour and two miles-an-hour.
(Katelyn laughs) Okay, Yay! Sweet! Put these aside, we’ll show
the full set at the end. (upbeat music) So, for our next
project, we have… (swooshing sound effect) fabric.
Ooh. And, I’ve been thinking about a couple different
ways to do this. One, I thought, is
I could try to like, tie-dye it a little bit. And to tie it in rubber bands
Oh no. Don’t, don’t laugh at my ideas. I thought it was a good…
Yay, I love. I love tie-dye. I thought it was a good idea. I wasn’t going to do
like rainbow tie-dye, I was gonna do like a navy
tie-dye. (Evan laughs) But, it would just be a less
good tie-dye, most likely, because, we’re not using fabric dye.
Tie-dye yeah, yeah. So, I’m gonna try
something else, instead. We have– I’m sorry, I’m not
filming, go for it. A spray bottle, full of alcohol. We have, alcohol ink. EVAN: Are you gonna
do, are you gonna? Are you gonna?
Yes! Ooh! Ima spray it. EVAN: That’s so interesting! I don’t know how this will look. Now, I’m gonna start
pretty diluted, ’cause I have no idea if this
is gonna look good or not. And I still kinda wanna do
like, a little bit of a fade. Ooh, this is exciting. I know.
This could be like, an incredibly fast
and easy craft. Or, it could turn out horribly. Should I test on something? Okay, maybe I need to be
at like more of an angle? Oh yeah! EVAN: I mean, that’s working. KATELYN: It’s kinda cool right? EVAN: It’s kinda cool. KATELYN: Okay, I feel
confident enough to go for it. EVAN: Woo! Hoo!
Woo! Hoo, okay. Probably should
have ironed this. EVAN: You know. KATELYN: But, I iron
nothing in my life. (laughs) (spraying) Ha ha. EVAN: It’s, it’s working. KATELYN: It’s working. I just have to make
sure I don’t go too like, upside down.
I’m tryna like, I’m tryna like, show
it, but it’s hard. KATELYN: It’s very subtle. EVAN: ‘Cause it’s very subtle. You wanna show ’em
on this camera? EVAN: Yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah KATELYN: I kinda want
it to have that like, navy, indigo dye look. You know, the like, high-end,
navy, indigo, like ink. (Evan laughs) Okay, I’ll do another overlay. I feel so unfashionable. You’re very fashionable.
Oh, thank you. Yeah. (spraying) EVAN: This is really cool. I mean, this is
obviously quite easy too. KATELYN: Literally,
five minutes. Aww, this is fun. Oh, this is so satisfying. KATELYN: You might want to
gray it out a little bit. I know right. So, I think we’ll just
hang this, let it dry, and then, we’ll show you guys
how it looks on the pillow once it’s dry, but for
now, the final project. Fire!
Finally the flames! Aw man, wouldn’t that
have been so cool if we both yelled
fire at the same time? (quietly) Three, two, one. [Both] Fire! I’ll edit it. (Evan laughs) (claps) (wind) Hoo!
Hoo! [Both] it’s so breezy. So, I will be
staining this glass, which is a cover
to a little lamp. But, I think we should
do a test first. Well, how are we gonna test it? You don’t have extra glass. No, no, watch this. I’m just gonna do– Oh. Alcohol.
Just clear alcohol? EVAN: And then, I’m
gonna light it on fire. (lighter clicks) (upbeat music) KATELYN: Did it light? (lighter clicks) It might have just
already evaporated. (lighter clicks) It definitely
burns, it gets hot. But, then it self-extinguishes, ’cause there’s
not enough oxygen. Maybe if I roll it
all the way around. (lighter clicks) (chuckles) I thought that this
was more flammable. (lighter clicks repeatedly) “Warning, flammable.” (upbeat music) You know what, this may not
be as exciting as we thought. This may take a little bit
longer than we thought. But let’s give it a try. I’m just curious to
see what happens. I’m just gonna try to, like,
apply what I want to apply, KATELYN: Oh, I love the drips. EVAN: And then, I’m
just gonna squirt some alcohol in there, and just
try to set it on fire. And, of course, you know
what I had to include. Gold. (laughs) Gold. I love gold! (upbeat piano music) So, I’m just gonna
keep on doing this, until I feel good,
and then I’m gonna set it on fire.
Attempt to set it on fire. And, potentially
ruin the whole thing. KATELYN: Okay, give me
a little a before spin, just in case we mess it up,
we’ll know what it looked like. EVAN: Whoa, look at that! Ooh!
That’s so cool. That’s so cool, I’m so
glad you added the gold. Oh. (yells) Oh!
(yells) Oh! (yells) Oh!
(yells) Oh! I just looked at it, oh! Alright, are you ready for
what’s probably gonna be a whole bunch of nothing? KATELYN: Yeah. (lighter clicks) (glass clinks) I can see the fire in there. Wow! (both laugh) Well. KATELYN: Is it catching at all? Do you wanna set something else
glass on fire, just for fun? Do we have anything? KATELYN: I mean, it
won’t be from Ikea, but, we have, I’m sure
we have something. (upbeat piano music) We’ll finish this one up first, ’cause this, this does
look super, super cool. EVAN: I think this is done,
I think this looks great. Look at that! KATELYN: Yeah, I think
it looks awesome. EVAN: I think this is it. KATELYN: I mean, it’s basically
what we just showed, but. (laughs) We did all this setup,
got our high-heat silicone, took things outside, we
got a fire extinguisher. (high-fives) I mean,
we’ll use it anyway, let’s go find something
else to set on fire. I really want to.
This did work great though. KATELYN: It did work great,
it looks freaking beautiful. I love it.
Freaking beautiful. Good job!
Yeah, thanks! KATELYN: Okay, well we’ll
let it finish drying before we put it
together at the end. But, let’s go find
something to set on fire. (flames crackling) (laughs) There’s a higher
probability that this will work. KATELYN: It’s just some glass
pulled from a picture frame which is something
we’ve seen people do. It should work. EVAN: I’m just doing a nice,
thin layer of alcohol first. (upbeat jazz music) Oh, this is fun though. Yes! (upbeat jazz music) Okay, you ready? One last splish. And then flames. (lighter clicks) KATELYN: Okay, this is literally how everyone does
this technique. (lighter clicks) It is on fire! It is on fire! Well, yeah. Should we get a
bigger flame thrower? (upbeat jazz music) (propane torch clicks) EVAN: I’m just gonna
do this area over here. (propane torch
clicks repeatedly) (upbeat jazz music) KATELYN: It’s catching, I
think it just, oh it’s on fire! Oh, it’s on fire! It totally caught on fire.
It’s still on fire! It’s still on fi–
okay, it’s stopped. Let’s do this one.
Douse it! EVAN: Last, time. KATELYN: Yes! BOTH: Yay! It’s on fire!
Yay! KATELYN: This is all we wanted! That’s all we wanted! Yes!
Yes! (both laugh) We got fire! (high-fives) Okay, I think we should process
and dry all these pieces we’ve made, review
them, and evaluate our various techniques. (propane torch clicks) Yeah!
Yeah! Yeah! (upbeat piano music) (upbeat music) Behold! What we have meh- wrought. Wrought? Wrought, I think that’s
a thing you say, anyways. So, we’re gonna be rating our
creations on two criteria, the quality. What was the other one?
No, no, no, the ease, and the, like how good it was. We’re gonna be rating them.
You wrote it down. (laughs) I forgot already. We’re gonna be rating
them for two criteria, how easy it was and
how good it turned out. Yeah. So, number one.
Let’s start with our first. (upbeat music) Ease? This took–
What is our rating? Is it like one out of five? One out of five. Five is the easiest. Ease was like a four. I think this is like
a two and a half. Really? It took a long time. It didn’t take that long. EVAN: Alright. KATELYN: Okay, three.
Three. We agreeing with three? Quality. Two.
Uh, (laughs) one and a half. (dings) You know– Wait until next week,
we’re gonna have a longer, more exhaustive video
on staining wood. Yeah. That’s all we’re gonna say. Yeah. Okay, we’ll I guess I can’t
say anything else then. (both laugh) It’s okay. Candles. KATELYN: I think those were
probably the most difficult. EVAN: Really, I thought
they were really easy, I’d recommend that. Well, I had trouble with it. (both laugh) Not as great. After one, you really
can pick it up. I thought, like this one,
well this one was really hard, but this one, really fast. And that one’s the best. That one’s the best. Oh, thank you. (laughs) So, I’ll say.
What’s your rating, ease-wise? EVAN: Ease. Four, after a little
bit of practice. Quality. Four and a half. (dings) Yeah, four and a half.
Four and a half. Yeah. Okay, ease. Five. Six. Off the charts.
So easy! So easy!
That fastest, and easiest by far. High quality, now, the only
thing that we have to test, long-term, how does it hold up? Obviously, we can’t.
Well, but that applies to everything. Yeah, we can’t really
test that here, but I’m really happy
with how this turned out. In terms of the
quality, I’m gonna give it a four, I feel
like I can’t give it a five because we didn’t
fully take advantage of what alcohol inks can do like we did with the candles
Yeah. for example, but I think it’s
a nice easy way to upgrade a simple piece.
Yeah. KATELYN: Ease? Oh wait, first, we
haven’t turned it on yet. Okay, you wanna turn it on? Yeah, ready?
I tried to do it earlier, and Evan was like “No!”
No! Okay. Alright (clicks) Oh my gosh, ooh!
That looks cool! It looks retro, it looks really retro.
It does look retro. You can see more of the
light than I expected. EVAN: You can tell where
there’s multiple layers, Where it’s thicker
and it’s thinner. A lot of detail comes out. Oh, wait, wait, wait. Let’s turns some off.
Oh. EVAN: That looks amazing! Wow! KATELYN: Ooh, look how it like projects light onto the pillow. EVAN: Oh, wow! KATELYN: It projects
a colorful light. Oh, that’s pretty. EVAN: That’s pretty! Higher ranks in
terms of quality. KATELYN: Well here,
come back over here, let’s keep going. EVAN: Okay. Okay, so ease? Ease was actually really high, it went really fast,
it was really easy, you drop drops on the
inside of this and roll down while you rotate it.
It kinda felt like, there was no way to mess it up. ‘Cause you were just
like, “Just gonna see.” EVAN: Yeah, so I’ll give
it a four, four and a half. KATELYN: Yeah, I’d give
that one, like a… EVAN: Five.
Five, for ease.
Yeah, okay, really high ease.
And end result, I’d say it’s like a
four and a half or five. Yeah, I’d say its
right up there, straight fives.
Straight fives. (claps) Even though, in the moment,
it was one of our most frustrating ones, cause it
wouldn’t freaking set on fire. But then, bonus project. EVAN: I’ll give this, full
fives, pretty much too. You don’t even need
to set it on fire. I mean, before we set it on
fire, it also looked just fine. Just drop alcohol on glass. Okay, behind the scenes,
this was like, the original idea for like, this whole
project, we were like, “Well, that seem really
easy and doable.” Let’s go get some frames from
Ikea, and then we were like, “What if we do like five,
or six, or eight, or ten?” What if we make it more complex? But, I really like that,
I think, so, the fire. That’s what gave
it the cracklies. EVAN: That’s what
gave it the cracklies. They’re like little islands. It does have a more
crackly texture. So, if you were going to
rank a lowest and a highest, overall, (losing tone) Lowest. Lowest. (laughs) Now, which one get
the highest ranking? I would say. I was torn between these two. Which is why I think
this gets the thumbs up, because it’s the
most universally
appealing, is my guess. People may or may
not like this lamp. So, for me, I’m not gonna
rank on universally appealing. I’m gonna rank on
Katelyn appealing. And, I’m still gonna
choose the candles, I still like them best.
Yay! (high-fives) (bang) (bang) (bang) Well, that kinda wraps thing up, and I’m really tired. You know, I’m kinda
mentally exhausted, and I just wanna watch
some cat videos right now. EVAN: Oh, ho ho, movie time. Movie time
CAT: Release me. EVAN: Luckily, this
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doing (clears throat). Hey guys, we’re
Evan and Katelyn, and today it’s time for ah! (laughs) Ah! (laughs) Ah! (laughs)

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    This is why I love you guys XD #RelationshipGoals [I'd also love to think your neighbors are just sitting outside listening to you both yell "It's on fire! Yay!" lmao]

    I'm legitimately surprised the inks stuck to the glass! I might have to seriously invest in some of these for crafts…
    Also, wouldn't adding the alcohol inks to the candles add a potential fire hazard? I'm not familiar with alcohol inks, but assuming they have alcohol in them, I'm curious if the candles would have to be just for looks.

  5. I think you guys had two problems with the fire, one was that you used 70% alcohol where water is diluting it and making it hard to light and also the flame that alcohol produces is almost invisible.

  6. So since this is a community of makers. I'm driving into the project of dice making from scratch like virtual space to masters to molds to resin pours and wierd art techniques people have? I was thinking of mixing mica powder with alcohol ink to see what happens in the pour or try to mimic the look of sea glass on dice

  7. That lamp is sooo cute, I may have to make one. Do you think any kind of ink would work? I only have calligraphy inks.

  8. You are an adorable couple.
    This is very educational for me, only thing I know to do with alcohol inks is use salt on them.
    The Orange fingertips alone look like henna.

  9. I think the hand would have been better if the purple could have been darker and the size of the purple stripe was larger, going further down the hand.

  10. You guys are always so entertaining 👍🏼😃 I noticed you had a naked tumbler in your hand Evan? Perhaps an idea for a future project? 🤞😃

  11. E: I feel so unfashionable.
    K: You're very fashionable.
    Is that because he wears E&K merch?
    Get yours at shopevanandkatelyn.com

  12. I wonder… any chance you were using 70% IPA? I think that's 30% water, which could make it less flammable… The best I can find locally for cleaning my resin prints is 91%, but as far as flammability goes I could be totally off here as I'm also not a scientist.

  13. IKEA COME ON!!! What kind of sociopath designs a lamp that needs a screw bulb?? It's 2019 for god sake. Been bayonet standard for like 40 years!!

  14. The candels look absolutely stunning!! Might try them for christmas present projects 😍
    The lamp looks fantastic as well! 😱 what a win for a video

  15. Great video as usual! Awesome results. Even the hand! I would turn that into my phone charging stand on my bedside table.

  16. There's some kind of wood conditioner that you can apply to pine, etc to make it take stain better and more evenly. For future hand painting, etc, it might be something worth looking in to.

  17. Neighbours: honey the weirdos next door are cheering about setting things on fire again…

    Me: got alcohol, got alcohol inks, 20-30 mins from IKEA… Tempted? Hells yeah!

  18. I don’t even want to know how long it took to do the stop-motion thing from 19:11 to 19:26. And I see that fishing line. You two aren’t fooling anyone.

  19. You two are adorable! One question and one suggestion. Do those inks have any binders or would they wipe off the glass with water? I love the frame. It would be perfect with "Words are Hard" in bold black vinyl on top of the glass. Good job you two!

  20. Speaking of candy corn.. (I'm at 6:05 rn) when I got out of school yesterday (it's December 7th, 2019) and was walking to my dad's car with my friends I've known since kindergarten, there was ONE CANDY CORN On the sidewalk and I walked around it. I was so confused 😂

  21. ref: 2:35
    Det name of the basket is put together of the words "Gamle"= old and "Hult" = hollow. 🙂
    So the cat can sleep in an old hole, I think they like that.

  22. 4:35 Katelyn puts hand in the position she wants it to be in, Evan grabs it and put its in a different position while asking how she wants to do it.

  23. As the person who wanted you to iron the silver cloth…I felt like you were talking directly to me when discussing Not ironing the pillow cover. Thanks for the chuckles!😆 Fun projects. Love the lamp!!😍

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