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5 BEST Side Hustles To Make Money From Home 💸

5 BEST Side Hustles To Make Money From Home 💸

This video is for you if you are looking for
a path out of the 9-5! I’m sharing 5 side hustles you can start
from home that can take you from part-time freelancer to full blown entrepreneur status. (Sorry, guys! My regular intro music is missing. Pretend it’s awesome. Audio coming back soon…) What’s up guys! It’s Alex! And I am so glad you clicked over to this
video. Because it is one that I have wanted to create
for awhile, and after reading many of your comments and questions lately, I decided that
now was the perfect time… So today I’m taking it back a few years
to talk about how I started my entrepreneurial journey, plus share some ideas on how you
too can start making money on your own from home. But first, tell me if this has ever happened
to you. You’re at work, and you head out to a nearby
cafe on your lunch break and you see people everywhere on their laptops, working away
with their headphones in and a fresh tea steeping… And you’re like – what do these people
even do!? Don’t they have a job. I know that latte is $4! I know when I first quit my job at Mindvalley,
one of the world’s leading publishers of personal growth programs online, and decided to move
back to Canada, that was my goal. I had just started my copywriting and consulting
business and all I wanted was to be ONE OF THOSE JOBLESS PEOPLE who could work from anywhere. I would pack up my backpack every morning,
and trot on down to the local cafe to set up for the day. I didn’t have many clients at the time,
but would spend HOURS sitting there writing and studying the science and psychology of
copywriting, fueled by endless caffeine, of course… And it was pure bliss. I could go home early for the holidays and
work in front of the fireplace. I could travel the world and sip on an Aperol
Spritz in a piazza in Italy while tapping away on my keyboard. Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t a breeze,
in fact building your own business is tough work, as many of you might know. But I enjoyed it every single day because
I had freedom. Fast forward and today, and I have an amazing
home office and studio with a team of incredible writers and freelancers working for me. I get to travel all over the world first class,
for both business and pleasure, I speak at high-level business masterminds and events… And guys it all started with me sitting in
that corner of that cafe, jamming on a side hustle that I absolutely loved and one that
I felt aligned with my skills, personality and passion. So, whether you’ve got a full time 9-5 that
leaves you lifeless at the end of the day, or you’re a new parent who wants to make
money AND stay at home with your child, or you’re a creative soul who is bursting at
the seams to build something of your own, even if it means spending your weekends learning
and investing in yourself, you are in the right place. There are plenty of freelancing side hustles
out there that you can start with nothing more than a laptop, to give you the freedom,
variety and money you’re craving… And it’s become easier and easier to do
so as businesses around the world go digital. The best part is, you do not need to be a
social media influencer or have celebrity status to make this a reality. Seriously though, mad props to those of you
who have crushed the Instagram game but this isn’t about that. I have built my businesses outside of social
networks, and while I do use them as part of my business, they aren’t what make my
business. Even my YouTube channel that you’re watching
right now I think of as a medium to connect with my audience and fuel my business, rather
than rely solely on it. And the truth is, there are literally hundreds
of part-time gigs you can find online through sites like Upwork, Fiverr and Hubstaff, but
in this video, I’ve narrowed down my picks down to the top five. These five side hustles are for the creatives,
the strategic thinkers, and the operational-geniuses of you who are looking to make some money
at home learn AND learn valuable skills that every single entrepreneur needs to be successful
in the long run. Ok, so starting off with my favorite, number
one is… Copywriting Now, disclaimer here… I am 100000% biased because this is how I
got started. And I truly think that copywriting is the
best freelancing business in the world… For those of you who aren’t familiar with
copywriting, just think of it as words written for the purpose of business or making sales. So Facebook ads, social media posts, emails,
promotional campaigns, website copy, and sales pages are all considered copywriting and is
needed by every single business on the planet – in every single language on the planet. Copywriting, really, is the most important
aspect of marketing for any business, and with the right fit of client and brand, it
can be a flexible, creative, and fun pursuit… I learned all about copywriting at my time
at Mindvalley and it was there I realized what a highly sought-after skillset it was. Heads up though, copywriting is not for everybody
or something that you can just pick up overnight. It’s one of those hustles that requires
time to develop your technique. But guys that isn’t always bad news. It’s what makes this the highest-paying
side hustle on this entire list! And it’s why I always say, the right phrase
pays! So, as long as you have a passion for writing
and marketing, empathy, and a flair for words, copywriting is a learnable skill that you
can build with experience and training… You simply start with creative writing, and
then you layer on all the tactics, and the strategies, and the conversion principles,
and the psychological triggers, and all the other secrets that turn written sentences
into sales. And that is what I’m here for. You happen to be on a channel dedicated to
teaching the foundational concepts of good copywriting. So if you’re looking to start or scale your
business with copywriting hit subscribe so you don’t miss any more videos from me. And hit that little bell icon to be notified
when my next video goes live. Alright, moving right along to the second
side hustle you may want to consider… Project Management Project Management is such an important role
in every single business. Project managers are the left-brain organizational
geniuses that are responsible for ensuring that projects are completed on time and on-budget. They are the ones in charge of coordinating
teams of writers, designers and developers, delegating tasks, managing a project’s workflow,
and monitoring and tracking deadlines and deliverables. This side hustle is a great fit for someone
who likes working with systems and processes, is great with interpersonal communication,
and has an eye for seeing the details without missing the big picture. And thanks to apps like Asana and Slack, it’s
becoming even easier to manage teams and projects from anywhere in the world! I have a project manager from the Philippines
who is currently traveling around Europe. The last time we chatted I think she was in
Georgia! And I just hired another project manager who
is Canadian but happens to live in Bali. Like copywriting though, it does take experience
to really rock this role, but if you’re organized and productive, this may be the
side hustle for you. Plenty of companies are looking for trainable
project managers who fit these qualities. And, as long as you stay on track and on time,
you can do it from anywhere. And, if you’re just starting out as a copywriter,
taking on the role of a project manager in an organization can be an excellent way to
get your foot in the door and add value while learning copywriting on the side. Project management is also a great value-added
service to include in your copy projects. And I did this a lot with my clients when
I was just getting started. Ok, moving right along to number 3 on the
list.. Affiliate Marketing If you’re not familiar with affiliate marketing,
it’s the concept of promoting other people’s products or services in exchange for a commission
for every sale or successful referral you make. This could range anywhere from memberships
and subscriptions to softwares and online programs to physical products and goods. So, If you have access to a large list or
network or you’re interested in learning how to drive traffic or master paid advertising,
affiliate marketing has the potential to earn you some great cash. Especially if you find the right product to
promote to the right audience. Affiliate marketing is it also a great way
to test your copywriting skills and get immediate feedback and data before approaching new potential
clients. Now the amount of money you make, of course,
depends on how many products you’re able to sell, and what your commission is. For example, Shopify will pay you $2,000 for
every merchant you refer! That’s pretty sweet. Clickbank is another great marketplace to
search for products you can sell on behalf of vendors around the world. You simply sign up for an affiliate link and
start promoting to earn commissions. Ok, moving right along to… Number four on my list of side hustles to
make money from home… Virtual Assistant Now there’s a growing demand for virtual
assistants or VAs from business owners around the world who need help on various projects,
and to grow and maintain their brands. Being a VA is a great place to start earning
money from home and enables you to specialize and grow in countless areas, depending on
the client you’re working with. It can involve tasks such as calendar and
inbox management, bookkeeping, transcription, compiling meeting notes, research, proofreading
and other administrative tasks. Most VAs charge by the hour, so it’s a pretty
easy gig to do on the side of a regular J.O.B. If you’re unable to be on standby and jump
on immediate requests, though, be sure to communicate this with the client so that you
can focus on scheduled tasks and weekly to-do’s. Okay the final side hustle on my list is… Community Management If you’re a great communicator and a natural
people person, community management might just be the perfect side hustle for you to
start earning moolah from home! Community management can range anywhere from
customer service, like managing customer requests via email, phone, live chat and inside customer
membership areas. But it can also involve social media management
and engaging with audiences via social commenting, DMs on FB and IG and responding to questions
and feedback on blog posts . Now while it might seem simple, businesses
around the world are heavily investing in customer service and community management
as audiences take to multiple channels to interact with the brands they follow! As Omni-channel, multi-touch marketing is
on the rise, more and more companies will be looking for personable team members to
represent their brands across-the-board. And guys, for the record, this is EXACTLY
how I got started. My very first role at Mindvalley was Customer
Service, answering customer emails for a new program they had just launched. Now although I didn’t stay in that role long,
because over the 3.5 years I was at the company I very quickly worked my way up to Creative
Director. However, starting in customer service was
the perfect way to get my foot in the door and learn the ropes! And look at me now, mom!! The most important thing I want you to take
away from this video is that none of these things are magic money buttons. They require dedication and commitment, and
you have to PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE to get clients. Always remember to be honest about where you’re
at, share your passion for growth and lead with value! So to get started, you can check out my video
on my 4 ways to get clients. You can watch that right here. And guys, thank you for watching and subscribing. Tune in next week for my next video. Until then, I’m Alex, Ciao for now!

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