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  1. What the hell does his cars and party house and 5 bathrooms have anything to do with the 4 household items to sell online? Like where the heck did that come from? I think he forgot about what we were actually supposed to be talking about lol.

  2. Just tell us where to buy the stuff at a low enough price to be able to resell them. And yeah we can all blow up once we find that out. Give us the damn website to buy wholesale from.

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  5. How did he obtain the things that he sells? How does he price the items? Does he store and ship himself? I don’t care about how much he has made, or what he’s bought.

  6. If it sounds too good to be true probably is to good to be true. Selling tortillas on the internet really! I can just go buy them at the store. Hahaha nice try don’t convince me that easy.

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  8. Love how this dude's rich beyond belief and it's on videos like this, which seem to me more like a 2 minute google search of a topic spread out over 8 minutes of video….

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  12. Something is wrong here… I dont know about USA but here in Scandinavia we have the technology to just plug in any video to the software and without effort we can see if the person is lying or not.

  13. Your straight to the point thanks I’ll be checking out your post thanks and I hope to be successful as you

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  16. He finished the video on "Hopes and dreams are killed by procrastination.". can anyone tell me where i can find the follow-up to this D:

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  31. People like dissing on TL and how he shows off his homes, but this dude did it! AND he was doing it long before others who are copying him…

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