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4 Dessert Hacks You Need to Know

4 Dessert Hacks You Need to Know

– Is this like a Dole Whip?
Oh, no you did not! – Oh wow, look at that,
can we get a marshmallow pull cam? Oh baby! ♪ (accordion intro) ♪ – (FBE) Chef Brandon, thank you
so much for being here today. – No, thank you for allowing me
to come and grace you guys with another thing out of my cookbook.
Microwavy Recipes. Macro Recipes For Your Micro Needs! – (FBE) But how do you
feel about dessert? – Who doesn’t like dessert? I’m much more of a savory
than a sweet, but since Valentine’s Day, I’ve pretty much been having
dessert every single day! – (FBE) So we’ve compiled
some viral dessert hacks that we’re gonna have you try out. The internet loves these
sweet tips and tricks, but will you deem them worthy? And as always, we just want to
remind our audience, that the best way to keep up
with all of our need to know hacks is to subscribe to the REACT Channel.
– Subscribe guys! Where’s the thing? (laughs) – (FBE) Alright, you ready
to get into this? – Let’s do it! – (FBE) First up, we’re gonna
have you make a Pop-Tart ice cream sandwich. – Hoo, hoo, hoo, wait,
I’m supposed to do this by myself? Like no assistance? – Ah! (laughs) Oh my God, it’s a Pop-Tart
ice cream sandwich? – Pop-Tarts ice cream sandwich,
that’s not a bad idea. – Place a generous spoonful
of ice cream on the unfrosted side
of a Pop-Tart. – This is like food you make
like at 2 AM, and you don’t wanna
wake your parents up. Like, this is what you do. – When was the last time
you had a Pop-Tart guys? – It’s been a long time
since I’ve had a Pop-Tart. Wow, being an adult. – This is one that old Grandma Brandon
taught me long ago. So what you’re gonna do
is take ice cream, very pretty. – (woman) They ask you how you are,
and you just have to say that you’re fine,
but you’re not really fine, and you just can’t…
(Brandon sighs) – Go.
Meh! That was not supposed to happen. – So you wanna get it all the way
out to the edges, because if you’re gonna get
your sprinkles on there, then the ice cream
needs to be out to the edges. – Top with an additional pastry
and light press together. Where did I put my [bleep]? – Roll edges of each side
of the sandwich in sprinkles. So what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna take our sprinkles. – A lot of sprinkles
are about to fall out if I’m not… Yeah, okay, I wasn’t as careful
as I should have been, and this is already going everywhere. – Gotta get the corners.
Ta-dah! – That’s it?
That was easy, dude! This is definitely stoner food. – Delicioso!
Look at that plating. – Not my favorite. (laughs) – So much sugar. – Damn, that’s sweet. – Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
Mmm, mm-hmm! Cotton Candy ice cream’s delicious.
I like it better than cotton candy. – I feel like you eat these
in a dream, you know what I mean? Like, when you’re dreaming, and then you’re eating food, this is what it would look like.
Look how colorful it is. This is definitely
a heart attack sandwich though, this is way too much sugar. – (FBE) So, need to know,
or don’t need to know? – Um, I did not need to know this one.
(buzzer rings) – Needed to know, no.
(buzzer rings) Glad I know, yes.
(bell rings) – This could be a good one.
I’m gonna say yes. – This is definitely not a hack
you need to know. It’s really sweet, ah!
And messy. (bell rings)
– Yep, absolutely. Easiest ice cream sandwich
I ever made, it’s delicious. – Did I tell you that I have
a brand new, I have a brand new cookbook,
it’s actually a dessert book. It’s called Damn, That’s Sweet! It’s a cookbook with a bunch
of delicious pastries and pastry-like things
that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.
Pre-order today! Here it is! Pre-order today, and if you buy
my other book, Microwavy, my Macro Recipes
For Your Micro Needs, along with Damn, That’s Sweet,
you get a discount on it! And I’ll sign both copies. – (FBE) Here’s number two!
– Thank you. Reese’s smores!
I like smores! – Layer graham crackers
with Reese’s peanut butter cup and marshmallows, oh, you know,
I think I’m gonna like that one. – Try not to break it
so it crumbles, right? It’s gotta be perfect. – We’re gonna layer
half a graham cracker with Reese’s peanut butter cup,
and a marshmallow. – I’m excited, ’cause I really
like peanut butter. I get extra peanut butter
in everything. – (Ethan) Bam! – We’re gonna take just
one big boy. – You know, honestly,
I don’t even like marshmallows when they’re like this,
I only like them melted. – That’s it, just one and one?
Damn, okay, okay. – Next, we’re gonna microwave
for five to 10 seconds. – 13, ope, that’s one minute.
It goes right to one. I got it, I can count,
so we’re gonna be alright. – 15 seconds did not seem long enough. – That’s right.
Your marshmallow’s huge. That’s why I said
just one was enough. – The ratio of marshmallow
to Reese’s is a little bit off, but that’s fine. – Michael, look how cute that is!
Look at it, aw! It’s so cute. (yells)
[Bleep], I got burned. – You loose out on the little
campfire toastiness when you microwave it,
but we’re not too mad at it. (gasps) Oh, look at that
melty goodness. – (squelches) Just like that. Make sure you make the sound effects
when you do it. – Okay, now you can see
some of the chocolate seeping out. A little bit on the sides. – Oh wow, look at that,
can we get a marshmallow pull cam? Oh baby!
– I’m going in. (s’more crunches)
Mmm, mm-hmm. – It’s pretty good.
It is good. This is a hack
I would like to use. (s’more crunches)
– Holy [bleep]! (mumbles and laughs) – That’s actually not bad. – (FBE) So what do you think,
is this a hack you need to know? (buzzer rings)
– No, I don’t like that my food
assaulted me right now. (bell rings)
– Good idea. Let’s keep this one. – I did need to know this one.
I appreciate this one. – This is definitely one
you need to know. It’s a little messy,
but getting messy is fun. – I will definitely use
a Reese’s peanut butter cup in place of a typical
Hershey’s square, which is what I would normally use
in the future, going forward. – You can find this in my cookbook.
Damn, That’s Sweet. – (FBE) So next we have
a Disney staple that you can DIY at home.
– What? Is this like a Dole Whip?
Oh no, you did not! Dole Whips are the best! It’s the only line I’ll really wait in
at Disneyland is the Dole Whip line. – When you go to Disney,
the first stop usually of the day is get a mother [bleep]
Dole Whip. Those [bleep] are delicious,
they’re great. But hey, sometimes you don’t, you can’t afford
paying a Disneyland ticket to go get a Dole Whip,
so how about we make Dole Whips
without the Disney. – Watch me like not
put the lid on correctly, and just pfft, just everywhere.
Two cups frozen pineapple. I really love the way
pineapple smells. It’s just so like natural
and just smells so good. – I’m gonna throw the whole thing in,
we’ll see how it goes. We’re gonna take
a fourth little cup of coconut milk,
boom, boom, boom! – Then 1/16th of a teaspoon of salt. – That is not the right side to use. – You know what,
it’s just a 16th, so we’re just gonna,
that’s it, that’s all, eh, one more, one more,
just a little bit more, okay. And then one tablespoon
of lemon juice. Usually I like to use
actual lemons, but for today’s sake,
we’re just gonna use lemon juice. – That was not intentional. – Two tablespoons of sugar! We’re just gonna guess. – I’m like vibrating,
I’m so excited to try this. This is like not happening
fast enough for my liking. – We want it a little bit sugary.
We’re trying to get a sugar high boys! Woo, alright, here we go.
That’s it! That was easy! (blender whirs)
– Ah! – (laughs) Don’t do that
at home, kids! – (sniffs) Oh, it’s smelling so good!
It’s smelling so good. If only you guys were here
to smell it. That’s what every chef says. – It looks like it, oh my God!
– Come on! Tell me that isn’t great,
look at that! – I mean it just tastes
like blended pineapple. – Whoa, (laughs) whoa!
I missed out on some ingredient. Okay guys, make sure you
follow the recipe, ’cause I definitely
screwed that one up. – (sighs) Yeah. – Oh, it’s so good.
It’s like spot on, it’s spot on. – Mmm! (laughs)
This is so freakin’ good! Would also be good
with some vodka. – (FBE) So is this a hack
you needed to know? (buzzer rings)
– No. ‘Cause this is literally
like a basic smoothie. (laughs) (bell rings)
– This would be like a cool alternative to just like
basic ice cream in the summer. Definitely wanna know this one. (bell rings)
– Yeah, this is a win. I’m not waiting in line
at Disneyland anymore, that’s for [bleep] sure. – This is definitely a hack
you need to know, and also, if you like chunks,
this is like the best hack, ’cause you can make it chunky.
I like ’em thick. (laughs) I like ’em chunky. (laughs) – (FBE) Alright Brandon,
we’ve got one more hack for you today. – (sighs) You guys are
blessing me with great ones. – No bake, egg-free
chocolate chip cookie dough. Sounds like a math formula. Microwave six tablespoons
of flour for 30 seconds to one minute. See, I don’t understand why
they give you the option. Why would they give you the option
of 30 seconds to a minute, so there’s that room for error?
– Alright. Six tablespoons, ope,
there I go, making a mess again. (laughs) Hey! You can’t bake a cake
without breaking a few eggs. Am I right? (laughs)
And spilling flour. – Is this a tablespoon,
or is this more than a tablespoon? Should a tablespoon be like,
this is a tablespoon? Ah shoot, so I’ve done
like three already. Four, question mark? Six, I went from four to six,
three and a half, whatever. This is basically gonna be
how not to make it. – 30 seconds. I’ve actually never microwaved
dry ingredients before, so that’s interesting.
– Alright. (clears throat) Here we go, 45 minutes,
oh the bowl is hot as [bleep]. Alright, here we are.
(sniffs) Hot flour smells weird. – Two tablespoons
unsalted butter, softened. – (FBE) (laughs) No, no Alberto. – (laughs) I was gonna say,
how are you supposed to like, tablespoon butter?
I almost literally tried to freakin’ grab two tablespoons.
(microwave beeps) So I was just informed
that there’s marks on ’em, so let’s see.
Oh, okay, okay, so I can cut it, I don’t actually
have to scoop it with a spoon. – Gotta mark that.
Straight down. There we go, nice fat slab of butter. – And then two tablespoons of
brown sugar. – Brown sugar is my favorite
kind of sugar. It’s the best sugar. – One tablespoon
of regular sugar. – Alright.
– Then we gotta mix those. ‘Bout to mush, ugh! – Hey, did you hear
that I have a new baking book coming out soon,
and this is gonna be on there. Wow, that’s a great consistency, yeah?
Just sugar and butter. Do you think people just eat
sugar and butter? – I think we are all creamed together. – We’re gonna add a fourth
of a teaspoon of vanilla. We’re adding it to this? – (FBE) Mm-hmm.
– Okay. Boo boo boo boo, oop! I like vanilla, remember?
I said that last time. Wow whoa, you know what?
I like vanilla. – One tablespoon of milk.
Oh boy! I feel like I’m making science here. – Now, I’m lactose intolerant,
but that’s not gonna stop me. Let me tell ya. – Fun fact, if you add in
a little bit of mint extract and some green food coloring,
it makes mint chocolate chip cookies, and they’re really good. Eighth of a teaspoon of salt,
and the flour and mix. – We’re gonna now add
the flour! Flour that’s been sitting there warm. Oh, it’s warm and it got stuck
in the bowl a little bit. She is not a non-stick bowl! – This looks like I’m making drugs. This doesn’t even look like
I’m making food. I don’t know if food’s
supposed to look like that. – I keep mixing. It smells good,
it smells like cookie dough. – Mmm, this is smelling really good. I’m super into the way
chocolate chip cookies smell. It’s like the best smell in the world. Add in a quarter cup
of milk chocolate chips and stir them into the cookie dough. – Quarter cup, chocolate chips, oh wow, that seems way lower
than I thought it was. Now add in our chocolate chips. – Add a generous amount. – Come on,
there’s still one chip left! (chip clatters) That was not your destination. – Yum, yum, yum.
Ope! (laughs) (slowed laughing) – Push, push, push! – (laughs) This one might be
the most successful one so far. – It looks really good.
What do you guys think? Looks pretty delicious. – (laughs) How does that even?
How, why? It’s like I wasn’t meant to cook! – Not bad. – (laughs) This is very, very good! – Tastes like a cookie.
– (FBE) Is this a… – That’s cookie dough.
Dry, just dry cookie dough. – Success!
This one’s it. – (FBE) So what do you think
about this recipe? Is this a hack you needed to know? (bell rings)
– Yeah, but I feel like you should not eat this
without anything to drink, ’cause it’s kinda thick. – I don’t know, I kinda like the risk
of just eating cookie dough. This kinda seems like a lot of work. (bell rings)
– I needed to know it, but I’m not happy that I know it. It’d be easier
just to make cookies. (bell rings)
– This one is very, very delicious. I am a big fan. – Okay [bleep], I kinda like it.
(laughs) The more I eat it,
the more I like it! There’s no eggs, no salmonella.
You’re good, this is great! This is a great hack. – (FBE) Alright Chef Brandon.
– Yes! – (FBE) You just tried four
viral dessert hacks. Which one did you most need to know? – The Dole Whip.
‘Cause let me tell ya, Dole Whips end up being
the most expensive. Ticket to Disneyland, like 200 bucks.
If you’re an annual pass holder, that’s like 200 bucks a month. And the Dole Whips are like
what, six, seven dollars, right? Just the Dole Whip,
so what are you paying? You’re paying $207 for Dole Whips. You can make ’em at thome. – The Dole Whip, for sure.
So like on point. It might not be as smooth,
but it’s just fantastic. – The egg-free
chocolate chip cookie dough, ’cause whenever we’ve had
or made cookie dough, I would get in trouble
for eating the cookie dough. (as mom) “There’s eggs in it,
you’ll get sick!” – Absolutely 100%, the Dole Whip. I had no idea that something
I have spent my life waiting in line for several times
is this easy to make at home. – Make sure you pick up
my new baked goods book, Damn, That’s Sweet, Delicious
Desserts for Diamonds Like You. And get thumbs up for me. – Thanks for watching
Dessert Hacks You Need To Know on the REACT Channel. – If you liked this episode,
hit that like button. – Subscribe for new shows
every single week. – Would you buy my cookbooks?
Let me know in the comments. – Bye! – Hey guys, React Chef Mary here. Thank you so much for watching
You Need To Know Dessert Hacks right here on the REACT Channel. If you liked this episode,
be sure to subscribe so that you never miss
any food content. Bye!

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