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3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) 26th January 2020

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time (A) 26th January 2020

My dear people of God,
Today we are on the 3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time and our Holy Father Pope Francis invites
us to celebrate this Sunday as the Sunday of the Word of God. Word of God which created
the universe, you and me is alive and active even today. Everything in the world, above
and below is alive in the Word. The Word gives Life and the Word is Life, because the Word
dwells among us and has taken the human form so that we live in the Word and the Word in
us. In correspondence to the call of our holy
father Pope Francis, the liturgy of the day presents to us the beginning of Jesus’ ministry.
Jesus begins his ministry after John had been arrested. He having understood the immediacy
and the urgency of the proclamation of the Word of God to His people, starts his mission
in the region of Galilee. He preached and proclaimed the Word of God as the one having
authority and therefore, people saw in Him a difference, a difference that made many
to follow Him, a difference that caused many to think, a difference that allowed many recognise
Him and a difference that let many to be jealous about Him. As rightly said by the prophet
Isaiah, in the first reading, “The people who walked in darkness have seen a great light;
those who dwelt in a land of deep darkness, on them has light shined. Thou hast multiplied
the nation, thou hast increased its joy”. And this thread of idea Jesus as a light for
nations has been reaffirmed in the Gospel of the day as he begins his ministry.
Jesus through his ministry strived to bring the people out of darkness of sin and shame
so that they can walk in the light of life as children of God. In order to fulfil this
ministry Jesus chose and called his first disciples. He chose them from among their
own people so that they too can break the Word of God in a way that can be understood
by them. He gave them authority to preach and to cure; as in the words of St. Paul in
his letter to 1 Corinthians, “For Christ did not send me to baptise but to preach the
gospel, and not with eloquent wisdom, lest the cross of Christ be emptied of its power”.
Paul having understood the urgency and the need to preach the gospel, carries the Word
of God even to gentiles with the authority to preach and cure with the power of Cross.
Beginning from day one of the birth of the Church, Jesus keeps calling each of us to
proclaim the Word of God. He has called us to live as Children of the Word of God who
walk in light of life. We, who are chosen from among many just like the apostles and
the early disciples, have got a mission to accomplish. In the pursuit of responding to
the call and accomplishing the mission that has been entrusted, our attention gets distorted
to the momentariness of the world. In a family a parent clearly knows what the child is in
need of and act according to the immediacy of the situation. They are clearly able to
distinguish between two contradicting scenario and give primacy over what is important and
long lasting than what is less important and short living. The mission of Jesus and the
call of first disciples today on this Sunday teach us that we need to understand the immediacy
and the urgency of preaching the Good News of repentance, reconciliation, reparation
and healing to all in our family as we are not just baptised to listen to the teaching
but to preach the gospel. We are called and chosen from among our family and given the
mission to preach, teach and live according to the Word of God, so that we do not stumble
in darkness of sin and shame rather hold the rays of light that shine on us. Can we make
the light of life shine on our family by the breaking of the Word of God? As said in Catechism
of the Catholic Church article 103: “For this reason, the Church has always venerated
the Scriptures as she venerates the Lord’s Body. She never ceases to present to the faithful
the bread of life, taken from the one table of God’s Word and Christ’s Body.”
Therefore, on this Word of God Sunday, let us not just read the Word of God instead let
us make it our life and venerate it as we venerate the Cross of Christ.
May God bless you all! Live Jesus!

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