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3D Modeling: Desk Lamp – – Maya 2014 (Part 1)

3D Modeling: Desk Lamp – – Maya 2014 (Part 1)

Alright, welcome to another modeling session here in Maya 2014. As you can see right here, I made this
lamp. Very basic, nothing extremely complicated. I didn’t even attach this, I just made it really quick. Anyway, so, if you want to learn how to have a faster, more convenient flow of working with three-dimensional
assets In Maya, you’re certainly going to wanna
continuously practice at it and I’ve taken my time. I’ve had some long hiatuses from this program. So I’ve had to reach-teach
myself a few things, but I figure that with a new model and new structure flow you
could easily get back in the rhythm of things. So let’s
go ahead and just hide this for now signs Fattal deal as we will create else dislike they’ll create a new layer call this sample 1 and with sample wine would go ahead and just hide
those for now animals school hasn’t started yet cell all I did wise make a basic plain NameID spear tracked it whole shipped going to our front view and
we’re going to use for do that I’ve campers don’t see those there’s and that all I did was basically two lead half last year and then added the air elitists a lattice tool which you can find in
your animation tab create the former’s last tool cell this plan to the last load sort without selecting the put out
without selecting the mesh I went over and selected the lattice box that’s around it and then I just last point and then fees come up tell it
sort of seems like you’ve selected the vertices up the up the object real your slide to
the box what this will allow for you to do is it
will let you transform the mesh with out reconstruction ring the entire model om appoint a ver si by for to see your edge by age allows you
to do it hi unilaterally cell worse when heading drag this over and brought it up a
little bit same with this first going to squeeze in a little bit and first-year same thing give it a little bit more around the
edge and if you want you can track this down a little bit and that’s it that’s all you have to do
so there you go now you have yourself I’ll pretty much a lamp shade if any and then you just go
ahead and lead history Rd box now I’ve noticed
there when you do use the last till it
sometimes will def she deformity shape a bit so I was gonna go back into
my friend said idea front said few in go back to the
settings just try to play around all more if i
cant us we set up a bit stood universally more I don’t want it to be. I don’t want to
be too big my have to scale it down still great Scott headin player hospital more Springs down a bit on we could what we could do is we can
head edge weekend the history apps talks like model history and then added another one and
steadily and added six divisions help on area we can do. us skillet this way too so we can have a
lien nice heard shape out to I’ll area that looks somewhat good just fix this on area here area I think excite okay so you have yourself a lamp shade or whatever it is you wanna
call my central pillar that it so I can see
them a little gizmo here and then I’m going to sort of sizes down a bit so it’s not to and then what we’re gonna lie do is
we’re going to see if we can an atty and a om spy sold out week connect this match with another soul deal it will take to the spaces 3 he writes like them am going to
extrude into an offset now one 0.1 if you want a little smaller you
can knows 0.2 by join me in the Middle East news
0.15 group 15 150 that seems like an appropriate size
now here’s the trick with how I tried making a circle around here mind you it’s not the most conventional ways but it for what I’ve been able to
experience and test myself it’s worked so I’m gonna
go ahead and grab the vertices I’m going to shame
for vertex now it may give you a lot of
unnecessary verse in triangles but don’t worry that’s going to be taking care later so I was going to select all the his handily and then I’m gonna try made best here to
use see if I can have urged efforts tried see if I can had a few more edges take some these vertices sometimes a whole won’t allow you to do toledo so just
keep going added does something I don’t want all
these hurts sometimes I’d time 0.2 this is we’re
trying to make circle this without going to crazy all rights and now morning to extrude espy’s I’m not going to use the gizmo
here and I can use any options try to do that at all mess it up morial muzak force I’m just going to go
ahead and scale text read out gizmo here bring this out go into yours scale mode and then you’re gonna press
on holdout J and then bring it back just enough for
its tree ago okay so it’s not perfectly circular that’s okay we can still add
more to it so what we can do. this week hands like the his going to our vertices story at are going to take these edges going to our vertices and average about doesn’t seem like it does it fairly well
sell we can do. at and some more actual I know it seems like you I pretty much counter counter-intuitive
from what I just did for sometimes you have to experiment K cell had an actual around there now eating it ourselves all
of them free-range for circular Jerry okay so now once we have yes we
can go ahead and then start string yes JA scale tool go group missed can knees back Cal area okay so now you have something going here slight all these edges vertices average now try to see if we can bring
seasonal more average now again I’m going back and forth repeatedly it’s because I’m
experimenting and seeing if Matt Hill its any better after I just okay well significant squeezes more aka and then what’s notice that only XT selected looks a little weird rounds edge seems like the meshes and denting soul tape e-zines try us select the edges around here soft up well I guess we’ll have to players there a little later Sol trade at national trend here grab the edges around this and same thing we’re going to use Street
now are its ca now we have the attachment for the spine so now the next part is going to be adding thus om spine to this but we’re not going to extruded
out because I feel that that’s a little bit too much work so what I think we’re gonna do is we’re
going to you make another cylinder and then attach it
from there so let’s go ahead and figure how many we
have we have 12 edges so rainy cylinder with 12 edges case let’s go and history Salam bogged down and then we’re going to do a
quick save always safe because my is known for crashing at random moments have your term 3d
modeling session or whatever you’re doing and to lose all that information
hard-working time is way to a painful okay so let’s go ahead
make a cylinder skip this 12 subdivision Accies gone top you fine this this is drag it to use online if you wanna know how to
Om you want to know how to snap it till I
just hopped out hex and then it snaps to the lines always
perfect Jade in increments K our top you are our right view what’s s yea their perspective my view rotate this ninety-three is easy access K and then work we’re going to do is try size this little bit matches up with our us connector here K pics up the its acts like to hear there stick and have it label means that soul go ahead sorry about that in a few minutes to organize myself back parents all do know is we’re going to delete all
these chasing faces said its coz better ago okay take these edges extrude network
discontinuing offset hot sale struck that works K and international apps more agile she
added the easier it’s gonna band if you don’t know on are if you don’t add and up edge a
little not dead-end in a structured com format because it will look Jaggi and the edges will look of an attack on a look at sMU when you’re making a spine for a lamp that holding you know maintaining it
structured maintaining the are maintaining its
structure and so on and so forth you want to make sure that looks
contract otherwise someone’s gonna look at it later online and say that it looks weird okay cell once you’ve done that right go ahead and add an hour dental high at the shortcut but same thing you
need to find a cure animation tap per go choose its enemy to on that the average create former’s
nonlinear dead surround then s finite Bantwal back find their ego favor and have to rotate I think it sorry wrote it for us bolts
go ahead and make sure I yes elks correct are etzel native 10 for now the low bat owned is going to be and the spine and high bound is gonna be top spy make that
0 so we don’t want that and bar and make
sure that de ce on head had curvature and I put -100 because I wanna get media you know are ninety me effect on
your very obvious affect what it does before I do anything else so once we have thats settled all then
go ahead NC about trying to make this how wisecrack use this om gizmo here going to use then move it fried and this
is going to allow for us to you play around with summer the and numbers and see if it works so right now I have it set at the beginning character basam where
it’s gonna be connected however I don’t want it to be that then I wanted to be that forwards cell deal this sort move s all forward so it’s not ban we wanted to
make sure disconnected okay now mind you this is not going to be exactly how work
its gonna be have had sex act palm structure is going
to be because eventually we’re gonna handle this so
it’s looking like that because normally you know on your when you’re when you
have a lamp you wanna always make sure you have
enough life bennett homages gives it that much more
realism said just being completely fail like
this otherwise it doesn’t seem as if it’s being you Ste just at a
little bit more realism to it okay so I think for what it looks like right now so I make sure this looks trade are apps our side view an alliance he wrong way but that’s fine okay so is our friend this is exactly
what I wanted to look like okay so I’m going to then play around and make sure have it set now mind you I’m going to have this connected inning
side wheaties faces once you feat once you
feel you have it set to your liking delete the history and
then to delete some unease faces as its all
to oxy I’d rather make it too long and too little two smaller allies can it’s hard K morning to you bring this to untangle move this over
here and angle it up ago structure it yeah okay I made on apps cheney side head alright so on she have that’s going to 10 tried it in try to here measured are lined it up with the
original spine SCA so many in here okay this here sure it’s fine its ghettos we are here so all you have to do is central center
pivot goes back to its original position okay looks good now I my need to you resistor right same thing est make sure room for it start adding okay and we’re set now the spine can you know you can alter it
if you want you can make it a little bit bigger few
Ste do so if you choose to do so but I think
I’m gonna leave it at that for now sick expediency so once you’ve done that it’s like both the objects and then
you’re going to combine them this will allow for you to you attach them to the birds sour to our vertices or us search for textile sky go ahead and stirred attaching that’s why it was important before to make sure we
made 12 subdivision axes yes weekend 12 was knockin matchup would not have worked cell stake each one of these up done now for com I before it before you fish and move on to
the next part make sure that you have security I’m
urged all you so slack there’s slightly age reverts and then just merge the birds
had G few times to make sure it worked and there you know so now you have
connected it through one piece cell now doesn’t look as if you’ve just sure it a bunch of parts for now i’m looking at right now it looks it looks a bit of feels like we can make
seems like we can do a little bit more like this what we could do. here’s take all these efforts average amount it
looks a little bit better now since it doesn’t seem as doesn’t seems is raggedy so you can just you 1 I’ll make this a little bit nicer you can had
a more agile apps horse here stairs average now or rely on its creative can soft like them why time just make sure our their Hall Street seems like it a little bit law weaken poised knows ok alright let works disco head source here top you my I might want to use turns around so we’re going to take this history central have it frees transformations for
actually freeze transformations actually held now turn this ninety degrees on K here wireframe pictures centered kept and its sometimes when you’re looking at these models you’re always wondering how
I can make back how you can obviously make it
better now things am noticing said still looks angel so just have to keep continuing to
play around with it until you have it to your exactly I’d coke its missing this parade here months of an
edge showed force even see hours head right here espy’s of cell all you have to deal it’s like the
course tiny edge soft it up same all this softer hedge looks like peace ok arts and I’ll go ahead and make the base
which is K pretty easy all you have to do is mix
cylinder create about that size maybe too big okay walter hatch this
later another I’ll listen going to just delete
this this where 1.3 like the edges extruder crying to offset bring this to you about syrup Warren streak again created level there battled luck bring it down extra can want level more 50 straight at this down like there just its brings stuff head up there we could is your mirror the object having freaky three near poly on lie access area and that looks like a good pace maybe a
little bit better rafters make this one this part a little
bit smaller cell select the faces train its halls like all the vertices smaller is had these your liking a player outlier alright so we have the basic structure
down we obviously can’t make the spine bigger because it looks a little bit too
small or we could go ahead and just make had the lamp shade a little bit smaller
which I might end up doing but I’ll save that for another time so
that’s all I have to show you for lesson 1 will go ahead with less into extract
thank you

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