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3 DIY Storage Baskets (No cost) | Re-purpose Old Clothes | Easiest method | The Queen Bee Paradise

3 DIY Storage Baskets (No cost) | Re-purpose Old Clothes | Easiest method | The Queen Bee Paradise

hello friends, welcome to queen bee paradise. In my previous video on wardrobe organization
, I had shown these DIY organizers and I had promised to
make a tutorial on these storage baskets. Here is the video.
I have made these organizers using carton boxes and my old night
gown. Let us see how to make them easily at home. BEfore getting started if you have not subscribed
my channel consider subscribing and hit the bell icon
for notifications, Its abosolutely free .Please Follow me on
social media for more updates. To make these organizers,I have taken these
two carton boxes and I have removed the flaps already.These
boxes are rectangular, but you can take square carton
boxes as well. I am reducing the height of the carton box as
I felt it is too tall. I have marked a line at 22cms and cutting
it using a Ruler and cutter.The base is ready. For the wrapping part, u can use any old dress
with a little flare at the bottom like Skirts,Kurthi’s with
no side slit, tshirts or night gown anything will do. I
am using an old night gown. I am marking double the height of the carton
box ie 44 cms from the botton of the night gown and cutting
it out using scissors. We have got a rectangular piece with both
the sides stiched already. Now I am sliding the fabric on to the carton
box and covering the bottom of the box with fabric in the same
method we use to do gift wrapping. I am using hot glue gun to stick the fabric
to the box. If you donot have hot glue gun, alternatively
you can use all fix glue. I have provided the link for the hot glue
gun and all fix glue in the description box for your convenience. Now the bottom portion is done. Flip over
the box and fold the top edges of the fabric inside the box
and stick it neatly. Ensure to Stick the corners firmly. Our basic structure is done. To give it a
neat look, cover the inside of the storage basket with paper. i am Diluting fevicol with little water and
applying it to the inside of the box and pasting the paper
neatly. I am using White paper, you can also use newspaper. Thats it our cute organizer is ready. From the same nighty I am cutting one more
piece of fabric. Using that I could wrap one more storage basket
of slighty smaller size. using the same method, I have wrappd this
basket using tshirts. i have Cut the neck and sleeve part of the tshirt and slided in
a suitable carton box. i am Covering the uneven edges at the bottom neatly.Since the tshirts
are strechable, the final finsh is much neater. You can also cover the box with gift wrappers
and put an additional layer of transparent tape to give
it some strength. This baskets can be used as toy storage as
well. Hope you liked the ideas shared. If you have
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  1. Hello friends.. please watch the most requested video on this diy organizers.. let me know your valuable feedback. 😃

  2. this is a great idea…I used to make these for my pantry using gift wrapping paper…but once the boxes had cockroach eggs inside the bottom flap…we did not see it and the house was infested with lot of roaches…Oh God…we had so much trouble getting rid of them…please take care of that issue…keeping the box in sun for a day or two and dusting thoroughly will make sure the boxes are good to use:) nice project:)

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