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3 DIY Lava lamp, Oreo, Donut COIN PURSES – Recycle CDs DVDs

3 DIY Lava lamp, Oreo, Donut COIN PURSES – Recycle CDs DVDs

DONUT COIN PURSE old CDs or DVDs brown EVA foam or felt pink EVA foam or felt acetate brown zipper LAVA LAMP COIN PURSE greaseproof paper transparent plastic tablecloth hair iron or iron clothes white EVA foam or felt blue zipper blue EVA foam or felt water blue food coloring baby oil OREO COIN PURSE brown EVA foam school glue black paint white zipper SUBSCRIBE!!

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  1. thank you very poe put subtitles in the PORTUGUESE thank you Videos 'm entered in the channel some time and could never quite understand thank you !!

  2. OBSESSED WITH THESE DIYS!! This is the first video from you and I am DEFINITELY subbing! cant wait to see more from you!<3

  3. tes vidéos sont vraiment cool ! Partager ton savoir au lieu de le garder pour toi c'est trop cool et gentil ♥♥♥ continue comme ca c'est trop cool ♥

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