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2nd Hand Life

2nd Hand Life

I’m Jim Agan and I’m Charlie Agan and we’re ‘Second Hand Life.’ I worked Industrial Construction my whole life working in hospitals, schools, powerhouses but woodworking was always something I enjoyed, it was a class I took back when I was in junior high and I always loved doing it. Although my wife and I only lived in travel trailers, I was always making things for people. My son’s girlfriend mentioned the
Lakeland Market. We went down and checked it out and thought that would be a good
place to go so Charlie and I started building things. We would build like four of everything to see what would sell and it just took off for us. We’ve always been pet people, we’ve always loved animals so we try to gear our business downtown, towards the pets. Basically, it’s all recycled wood. Wood that people don’t want anymore and they’ll call me up and say “Look, I’ve got all this wood if you want to come and get it, come and get it.” I’m pretty picky with our stains, I like the water base stains with the dog bowls because if you happen to have a dog that likes to chew which we all have, it won’t hurt the dog. He can chew on it all he wants and with the water base, it’s not going to affect them they’re not going to get sick from it and also with the water base it does keep the water off the bowls so all you have to do is wipe
it off. We do a few signs, build corner shelving and those are just things that we take down there and that people can see that’s what I can do. We say it’s a secondhand life because this palate was used outdoors all this time and now I’m giving it a life to where it can actually go inside somebody’s home and spend the rest of its life in somebody’s house. It’s just it’s a passion that I like doing. I spend more time doing this than I did working.

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