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2018 SAP Concur Innovation Awards

2018 SAP Concur Innovation Awards

At Campbell’s our purpose is real food that matters for life’s moments. Our values are “do right, be real, own it like a founder, seek the power of different, and dare to disrupt.” Those are foundational to driving our culture of innovation, enabling us to do things that really delight our consumers. After careful assessment Campbell’s Soup decided to move on to the Concur platform. Clearly there was enhanced efficiencies, there was greater transparency, greater audit capability, and more importantly, the users had a much better end-user experience. The mission here at EDSI is that we’re putting people in front of a better mirror. These are people that are struggling with their economic opportunities. We’re helping to put them in front of better opportunities so that they can feel better about themselves, their lives, and their future. With SAP Concur, the ease and efficiency to which I can do my expenses can also approve expense reports for the managers. It’s been really impactful for my work and the time that I get to spend doing what I love and what energizes me. Sustainability is really important here at Promat. A lot of people like to work here because it’s a sense of purpose on making the world a better place. Since implementing Concur we have a better picture of our company as a whole, and of our travel and our expenses and how we fit into that mission. My role here at Cardinal Health is to try to find ways to make things better, faster, innovation is very important to me. I love the fact that I am helping people. It doesn’t seem like it when you think “she does finance.” But I’ve personally seen what we do impacting our end-users and our patients. Concur is helping our sales team by giving time back to them, but creating a system that’s very very easy to use and gets them going, and out into the field where they belong. Innovation is doing something that matters. It’s doing something new. But it’s also taking things you might not have thought to put together before and putting together in a new way that winds up making the world a better place. When I think of SAP Concur, it’s just a great piece of technology. It helps to make our people’s lives better smarter faster. SAP Concur has reinvented itself with things like the expressway release, are things that show you know that they’re growing and becoming adaptable to whatever the market is changing to.

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