Hambone Blues Jam

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  1. The last Susan requires a rotating spice rack and a wood board…ummm so enlarging pre-made lazy Susan to make a lazy Susan essentially? Why not just the wood slap and the rotating bracket shown in the spinning book storage?

  2. Can you guys please do an actual diy for all of these items. Listing this stuff is ok but a waste if you aren't supplying the necessary steps and tutorials to making them

  3. While I like the ideas of DIY, what I find funny is that you need space to create some of these things and tools…which you'll then need to store. 🤔

  4. Just ideas, picked or copied from here or there, nothing original. At no time a "how to" is given ..What a useless video.

  5. oh dear. Terrible. DIY from someone else's actual how to video. Most of these ideas are NOT space savers nor engender neatness which is needed in a small space. Circular storage in a small space, such as the lazy susan in a cabinet or fridge does NOT save space! Stuff made out of plywood looks terrible… so much is spent making it look good that you could have bought something similar already made! The ideas given for storing stuff on the X table… would make so much clutter! Same with those stacking bins. Seriously, this is sad.

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