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1997-2019 F150 Smittybilt High Performance Air Compressor – 2.54 CFM/ 72 LPM Review & Install

1997-2019 F150 Smittybilt High Performance Air Compressor – 2.54 CFM/ 72 LPM Review & Install

Justin: The Smittybilt High-Performance Air
Compressor here will be for the truck owners who are looking for a small yet mighty portable
option to air up their tires after wheeling but don’t wanna deal with the hassle or the
price of installing a more in-depth onboard air system. Now, the Smittybilt will move 2.54 CFM or
cubic feet per minute or also 72 liters per minute and will have a duty cycle of 40 minutes
at 40 PSI at 70 degrees ambient temperature. Price point for this option is gonna be right
around 100 bucks making it the most affordable of its kind on the site and the install, if
you can even call it that will get a one of the three wrenches on the difficulty meter
here in a few minutes from start to finish as you’re just essentially hooking this up
to your truck’s battery and that is all. So, this option here I would say is gonna
be a great choice for those casual off-roaders, beachgoers or campers, someone who makes a
handful of trips a year as opposed to someone who’s out there wheeling, hardcore camping
every single weekend. Now, I say that because the Smittybilt option
here is gonna be a very good, very affordable option to air stuff up in a pinch. However, full disclosure, if you are a little
bit more hardcore, I would certainly recommend spending the extra dough grabbing a dedicated
onboard air system instead and something that’s just frankly gonna fill your tires up a little
bit faster. And that’s the big draw of something like
this, right? If you’re looking to air down for off-road
or sand situations, you will need to eventually air back up and the Smittybilt will certainly
help you with that in the absence of any air stations. Now, for reference, this little guy will air
a 35 by 12.5 from roughly 18 to 20 pounds. Basically, most common off-road air pressure
for non-beadlock wheels all the way up to 35 pounds of air in about five to seven minutes
give or take. Now, if you compare that to Smittybilt’s slightly
larger version of the same exact product, which is 5.5 CFM, it essentially cuts that
time in half. So, what I’m trying to say is yes, the Smittybilt
that we have here will do the job, however, there will be slightly more powerful and more
quick options available out in the market. But aside from the tire aspect, this is also
a great thing to have in the family truckster for camping or rafting trips, helping you
inflate things like rafts, of course, air mattresses, footballs, whatever you have around
in a pinch. But going to the numbers guys, little Smittybilt
here will pump out a max airflow of again, 2.5 CFM 72 liters per minute at 13.8 volts
and a 30 amp draw. So, real important here guys, leave your truck
running while this guy is in use because it definitely draws a healthy dose of amperage. Now, as far as what’s included here, well,
the compressor does get its own little handy nylon travel bag for ease of transportation
and storage along with a 10-foot power cord, which is all wrapped up right here and a 24-foot
coiled air hose, which all together should give you more than enough slack to easily
reach all four tires while the compressor is connected to your battery. Now, in addition to that, Smittybilt is also
kicking in a real nice hose complete with a brass inflater and a nice little air gauge
here, which is again pretty sweet for about 100 bucks. But now we wanna show you just how easy it
is to get the Smittybilt up and running in your truck. So, without further ado, here’s my buddy Andrew
to walk you through the process. Andrew: So, here’s the Smittybilt compressor,
it all comes in one nice unit. We’re gonna unbuckle it here and unzip these
two compartments. First big one will house our compressor, our
power cord, and our airline there. And you can see that this has an alligator
type clip that we can just clamp right on to our battery terminal connectors. Just like that. Here’s our air hose and it’s got a quick disconnect
with a built-in gauge. So, let’s get this hooked up to our battery
and start pumping up our tire. So, here we are underneath the hood, our battery
on the passenger side. We’re going to lift this boot back on our
positive side, connect our air compressor to that, and then on the negative side and
go right there to that nut. Now, we can pump up our tire. All right. So, with our air compressor hooked up to our
battery, what we’re gonna do now is remove our valve stem cap, hook up our airline, and
then turn the compressor on. And as you can see, we’re hovering right around
23 PSI. Just turn it on. So, that’s gonna wrap up my install of the
Smittybilt portable air compressor. And for all things F150, keep it here at americantrucks.com.

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