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15 Aliexpress The Best Products 2019 | Amazing Gadgets. Cool Goods. Gearbest. Banggood

15 Aliexpress The Best Products 2019 | Amazing Gadgets. Cool Goods. Gearbest. Banggood

Hello, dear friends! Now you will see another selection of cool
products from Aliexpress, Gearbest and Banggood sites. All links to the products in the description
below the video. Subscribe on my channel and click on the bell. Let’s go! All links to the products in the description
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from AliExpress, Gearbest and Banggood sites. Links to all goods I
left in the bottom under the video. If you liked at least one of the goods, push
like. And do not forget to leave a comment, which
of the goods you liked the most. If you have not seen these videos, be sure
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in the future there will be a lot of cool products. Bye! Bye!

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  1. ☀️Hello☀️ Thank you all so much for your comments and likes.
    References to the goods:

    1) 0:22 ► Portable Telescopic Seat

    Buy on Aliexpress:

    1 http://ali.ski/PF0UF

    2 http://ali.ski/w4wBIA

    Buy on Gearbest – http://grbe.st/pNKJCD


    2) 1:15 ► Transparent Bird Feeder

    Buy on Aliexpress:

    1 http://ali.ski/SJ109I

    2 http://ali.ski/bA9rH

    Buy on Gearbest – http://grbe.st/7FVZz5

    Buy on Banggood – http://fas.st/Lh3xS


    3) 1:45 ► Sport b0w

    Buy on Aliexpress – http://ali.ski/rdSJ3o


    4) 2:22 ► Hammock For Legs

    Buy on Aliexpress:

    1 http://ali.ski/HBuvuw

    2 http://ali.ski/najM5D


    5) 2:49 ► The Padlock With Fingerprint

    Buy on Aliexpress:

    1 http://ali.ski/jUACl

    2 http://ali.ski/Or1UE

    Buy on Gearbest – http://grbe.st/7OQuVr

    Buy on Banggood – http://fas.st/aMwaog


    6) 3:42 ► Ant Farm

    Buy on Aliexpress:

    1 http://ali.ski/NGEdH

    2 http://ali.ski/N7rZ4

    Buy on Banggood – http://fas.st/W6O7M


    7) 4:16 ► UBTECH Alpha 1s. Programmable Robot

    Buy on eBay – http://got.by/3nqhwx

    Buy on Amazon – https://amzn.to/2OXvbP8

    Buy on Aliexpress – Cheap Analog – http://ali.ski/lXHEbo


    8) 5:19 ► Mini Electric Screwdriver

    Buy on Aliexpress:

    1 http://ali.ski/m9NBMM

    2 http://ali.ski/tWDwf8

    Buy on Gearbest – http://grbe.st/XVBsV

    Buy on Banggood – http://fas.st/2S7EO


    9) 5:50 ► Weight Vest For Training

    Buy on Aliexpress – http://ali.ski/3735h

    Buy on Gearbest – http://grbe.st/k4EQr


    10) 6:29 ► Mini Basketball Game

    Buy on Aliexpress:

    1 http://ali.ski/xndyq

    2 http://ali.ski/0k48QX

    Buy on Gearbest – http://grbe.st/miI88

    Buy on Banggood – http://fas.st/6jNXUB


    11) 6:58 ► Magic Sakura

    Buy on Aliexpress:

    1 http://ali.ski/yACmH

    2 http://ali.ski/PJzj5A

    Buy on Gearbest – http://grbe.st/bWQRi


    12) 7:38 ► Glowing Sticks

    Buy on Aliexpress:

    1 http://ali.ski/yShbNY

    2 http://ali.ski/PIQF2

    Buy on Gearbest – http://grbe.st/GIEeW

    Buy on Banggood – http://fas.st/pj17I6


    13) 8:08 ► Night Light Projector Ocean

    Buy on Aliexpress:

    1 http://ali.ski/bR9HP

    2 http://ali.ski/Hj7LZU

    Buy on Gearbest – http://ali.pub/2we0eu

    Buy on Banggood – http://ali.pub/2we0hk


    14) 8:56 ► Stamp To Hide Text

    Buy on Aliexpress – http://ali.ski/Dt80eI

    Buy on Gearbest – http://ali.pub/2yx2fk

    Buy on Banggood – http://ali.pub/2yx2i3


    15) 9:22 ► Glowing Points

    Buy on Aliexpress – http://ali.ski/zdOWc

    Buy on Gearbest – http://grbe.st/clsLmE

  2. Happy Happy Joy Joy … I am already Happy again … The Angel of the Precious Eyes is out again =) Wow is quite Precious =) Thank you for the Detail.

    Greetings from Veracruz, Mexico.

  3. the sakura is so amazing! it would be great to see a collection of magic stuff like this in your videos.
    you are as cute as ever <3

    thanks for the beautiful video

  4. How can anybody not push like. 😉 ❤️❤️❤️ I like most products, but the mini electric screwdriver is my favourite. Which country are you from? I sure like your accent.

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