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13 IKEA Planter Hacks for the Ultimate Outdoor Patio Garden

13 IKEA Planter Hacks for the Ultimate Outdoor Patio Garden

What’s better than a fabulous planter to
put your new plants in? An affordable planter you hacked from IKEA, of course. Whether you’re
carefully babying an indoor herb garden or are looking for a way to D.I.Y. a vertical
garden on the patio of your apartment. Take a look at these 13 IKEA Planter Hacks for
the Ultimate Outdoor Patio Garden. number 1. Metallic Accents.
Hop on the copper trend and put the Honefoss mirror behind your hanging plants. It will
reflect light and show off all the angles of your mad macrame skills. number 2. Cover an Ugly Wall.
These outdoor panels cover up a not-so-pretty brick wall that was a major eyesore in this
backyard. The best part about this hack is that you can fill it up to your heart’s content.
With wooden panels from IKEA and some hanging pots, you can start growing your garden ASAP. number 3. Turn Succulents Into Wall Art.
The chain hanger on this repurposed IKEA’s LACK tabletop means you can hang it outside
and then tote it inside when the cold weather sits in and showcase it in any room in your
house. number 4. Window Garden.
Use the hanging Grundtal wall storage to put plants right above your kitchen sink. Think
how good a few herbs would smell while you’re doing dishes. number 5. Pegboard Planter.
Pegboards are the best thing to happen to craft rooms, and we love the idea of incorporating
a basket or two of plants into the mix of tools and art supplies. number 6. Rug Planter.
Use an inexpensive little rug as a liner for a planter to bring in some fun texture and
color. The rug also adds a certain element of country charm that we love. number 7. Plant Pot Shelves.
Is it just us, or is there something infinitely cooler about setting your potted plants in
the shelf rather than on them? number 8. Staggered Plant Stand.
The IKEA PS plant stand is cool, but if you agree that the white stands are a little “meh,”
try swapping them out with wooden trays for a much more stylish display option. number 9. Mini Greenhouse.
This is just IKEA being awesome. Seriously though, how adorable (and useful!) is this
little windowsill greenhouse? number 10. Hang a Tiny Garden.
This adorable planter and lantern combo doesn’t offer any literal light, but will keep your
walkway or patio happy and vibrant. number 11. Use a Shower Caddy.
Transform the surrounding walls into your garden, instead of taking up valuable ground
space. That way, you’ll have just as much greenery, plus way more walking area. number 12. Upgrade Your Railings.
When two of IKEA’s MOLGER floating shelves are combined together, you get this classic
plant stand that’s basically made for anyone with a tiny balcony. number 13. Make it a Double.
Prepare yourself for the easiest .D.IY. planter ever. If you want to add some height to your
pots, just glue two of ’em together for a stylish silhouette. That’s all for now. Don’t forget to like,
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