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– Hey loves, how’s it going? Welcome to my channel. If you have not been following my journey, I just want to share with you my process in simplifying and minimizing my life, so that way, I can live a more meaningful and just a more clear, healthy lifestyle. So with that being said,
I want to share with you 11 things that no longer serves me and things that I learned
how to live without. So number one, I want to
start with duplicate items. I kind of lived like a
doomsday prepper, you can say. Every time I go out, I have
that mentality of restocking and it just became a habit
of needing to restock or thinking that I need more
backups as a convenience. And that just became a habit
whenever I go out shopping. So now on when I go
shopping, I just think about do I really want to stock up
and take up space in my home? Although it can be a convenience, just focus on the items
that you use the most and if you want to have a
backup whenever you’re ready, then just focus on those essential items. Number two are paper towels. I learned how to live without
paper towel last year. I made the conscience
decision to just make my own reusable napkins by
cutting up old bed sheets. I use them to clean the floors. I use them to clean around the house. I also have some in
different sizes for napkins. After looking at how much
paper towels I use in the past, I just, I felt so bad, and so that’s why I made the
conscious decision last year. Which I am so happy I did because I really do prefer
using reusable napkins than actual paper towels. Number three may seem
like an obvious to you, but I stopped buying clothing that I am not 100% in love with. I used go shopping just to
find things that are relevant, that are trendy, you know, that would keep my closet fresh. That will keep my style, like, up to date. And I noticed that the older I get, I really don’t need the
extra validation from others. I am more confident than I was before. And so, what I wear now is really what I’m interested in wearing and how I want to portray
myself and what I love. So when I go out to buy things, I’m more conscious of
what it is that serves me, what it is that I really want to wear. And I would just focus on that instead of buying what’s
trending at the moment. My number four would be cutting out any chemical household products. From laundry detergent
to countertop sprays. So everything that is in my household now are mostly non-toxic and biodegradable. I love the fact that most non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning
products are available now than they used to be. I also like to make my own cleaners with some vinegar, baking soda. There’s so many variations
that you can do. I actually made a video on that last year. I’ll link that in the
bottom of this video too if you want to start creating your own. But most of the products, well all of the products now are replaced with some biodegradable and non-toxic products in my household. Number five, I stopped
buying handbags and purses. I used to collect designer handbags. And I still have my designer handbags, but I do not have the urge to go out, get the latest styles. I don’t wear any of my handbags anymore or any small purses, any of that. I actually have a wallet phone case and that is all I need. I would just carry my
lip gloss in my pocket. But when I travel or when
I step out the house, I am very minimal. It’s just convenient for me and it’s just something
that I adapted to last year. I used to be that woman that
would carry my house around with me in my handbag. And my bag would get so, so heavy. But now, I really don’t need it to carry anything but my wallet and a lip gloss. And that’s pretty much it. It just makes life so much more simple. Number six, I stopped
wearing fashion jewelry. After my last move, I kind of got tired of storing them and finding
a way to pack them, finding a way to organize them. And knowing that I barely,
rarely wear my fashion accessory and jewelry anymore, I just thought, why not
just keep things simple and stick to what I
always gravitate toward and that is my stud earrings
and my hoop earring. Number eight, notebooks. I have a tendency to just want to buy every single notebook I see. And nowadays, there are
so many cute artworks for notebooks and journals and so I would just grab
them when I see them. And they’re so inexpensive. But now, I promised
myself that I will finish and complete a whole
journal, a whole notebook before I open a new one
and before I buy a new one. So I want to make sure
that I’m going to use all the journals and
notebooks in my home first before I spend any extra money or bring anything else into my space. Number nine, any home decoration knickknacks, you know, things
that aren’t functional, things that aren’t practical, things that are just pretty to the eyes, I stopped buying. I used to have a tendency
to just want to buy anything cute I see. And so now when I go to the store, I’m just like, mm, do I
really have the space for it? Do I really love this? Do I really need this? And this will be fun to move? Number 10, any crazy sales,
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, you know, anything that seems
like it’s a huge, great deal, a huge saving, I used to just want to buy things
because I think that I am benefiting from the sale. And I think that is all a psychology thing that they do in marketing too, to get people to buy and stock up. So I’m more aware and I’m more conscious when things like that go on. I stay away from sales. I mean really, at the end of the day, anything that are sale, I don’t want and I don’t need in my house. So it doesn’t phase me anymore and I don’t have the urge to want to get anything that is, ooh,
a good price, a good deal. I learned how to just ignore any of those crazy marketings and just focus on what
I want, what I need and save on what I really wanna do. Number 11, this is the last one. I used to think I need the
latest technology in electronics. Like the latest new phone, or a new computer every so
and so years and whatnot. So I’m learning how to
just use what I have until I can’t use it anymore, until it’s not practical for me anymore. I would only invest into something new if it’s going to benefit
my business, my lifestyle, and if it’s going to
reinvest into what I’m doing. But other than that, I don’t
need the latest, greatest, newest thing. I just need it to function and need it to do what I want it to do. So those are 11 items that I
learned how to live without. I hoped that this video
somewhat inspires you to live a more meaningful lifestyle, to help you become more
aware and more conscious of your efforts in making
life more enriching. Thank you so much for
spending this time with me. I love you, I appreciate you, and I will talk to you next week. Ciao. (gentle music)

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  1. I already do most of the things you stopped buying. I'll have to work on the cleaning products. Thanks Ann! Have a great weekend!

  2. I definitely need to work on the fashion jewelry. I also find myself wearing the same handful of things without getting rid of those thing I don't use.

  3. Thank you for your tips. I need to probably work on my addiction with stationary and notebooks. I keep reminding myself not to buy anymore due to the limited storage space at home. So hopefully, I will try to forget to buy new things and use what I have at home.

  4. This video made me realise I am already a minimalist by circumstance. I dont have any money, so I've never done any of these things, I don't buy new clothes or own jewlery/purses, my only electronic is my laptop and phone, my shelves are mostly empty. Because of this i always find myself feeling more uncomfortable in slightly more hoarded environments. This video is definitely gonna help a lot of people! <3

  5. “ The older I get I realize I don’t need the extra validation from others “ this is so true!

  6. I hoard make up and I don’t even know how to wear it. So this year, i made a decision to stop buying it. I realized I don’t need it and its so expensive. Next is Starbucks. Not sure i can give it up. LOL

  7. I love it! I am in that exact same mood. Maybe it’s the age… 🙏🏼❤️ thank you for sharing your tips

  8. When I grow up I want to be as wise as You Ann <3 Thank you for this video, you're opening people's eyes. Greetings from Poland ;*

  9. May I ask you which fabric U used for the napkins? I saw you use them for your swiffer as well 🙂 I'd like one that doesnt fuzz (?) around ^^

  10. Such a great video. Such a simple and joyful life you are living Ann. I’m so proud of you. If you haven’t read the book “Attachments” I highly recommended.

  11. I love this! I live a minimal lifestyle too. Right now I’m transitioning to cloth gift wraps. It’s another great way to reuse old bed sheets which you can cut into desired sizes.
    I had given away half my clothes. I have the same mentality as you when it comes to buying things. I always think to myself how funny it is if someone I meet/know thinks I’m weird for wearing the same things over and over again. Lol. Like hey, if I washed it, I can wear it the next day.

  12. I still have the urge of buying but i tried hard not to. What i'm doing now is putting all the stuff in the cart, then delete it :p Trying very hard in self controlling here… and yes, mostly is on the re-stocking, at the times where i have too much stock.

  13. It's so refreshing to view this video as a detox for my mind and gradually become a lifestyle. Most of the things in our home we noticed are from friends or family which we would never buy ourself or end up giving away. I want to die knowing I challenged myself in life, trying new things, living my life. knowing I can take that experience with me forever and share with the next generation so they can learn to live life to the fullest without FOMO if they had the latest trend or gadget. It's a life skill of self control we all face in a world of temptations. What is really important in life.

  14. I just moved 5 times in a year and a half and it's making me more and more want to become a minimalist. I agree with soo many of your ideas.

  15. In france we don't use paper towel as much as in other countries, we love our good old checkered tissue towel😂

  16. How do you collect your garbages. I don't use plastic bag for groceries anymore, but i find out i can't collect my garbages. Most time I use paper bags but I need a plastic bag for wet stuffs. I was looking for a compostable garbage bag, but I didn't find a good brand on amazon.

  17. This year, I sold all my luxury bags & wallets, they're very bulky, & heavy. I didnt used them and it just sit in my dark closet. I only kept 2 small crossbody bags that I've been carry a lot, plus a slim rose gold rfid stainless steel hard credit card holder. Any big wallet is out of style, they're not safe to carry bc I got hack someone who scan their smartphone. Love your idea bed sheet into napkins!

  18. Wow, hello guys I have a YouTube channel too kindly visit check it out and support me by subbing
    God bless you

  19. Girl.. this is like confirmation for me lol I’m in the process, I have a tendency to just buy pretty things and collect way too many diff. Items. Thanks for this inspiration, God bless you girl!

  20. few years ago stopped buying nail polish and perfume both chemical and harmful for our body and environment .

  21. I think with society these days being bombarded with soooo much stuff. Advertising, TV, social media, fast fashion etc. People are gravitating toward what they need and what they want to focus on. The rise of Marie kondo and minimalism is to help calm our minds, in this crazy, fast world.

  22. The older I get I realize that almost all my clothes are pratically the same in a different fabric, color or pattern🤦…. Really!!

  23. Curious , I too would like to decrease or eliminate the use of paper towels and I too make my own cleaners and have washable rags but I still can’t get over the idea of cleaning the bathroom ( toilet) with a reusable rag so any suggestions ?

  24. Saw this video as recommendation, watched for few minutes and immediately subscribed. Love your views of life as they are very similar to mine. Def some things I can learn from you.

  25. You can use water to wash yourself when using the toilet and then dry with the towels. That’s just so much cleaner and healthier 💛 and what’s purer than water ?!
    Thanks for the beautiful content Ann ❤️

  26. Love this video Ann! I can totally relate as I'm in the process of doing the same. It feels great not buying unnecessary things. I need to get on making reusable napkins/towels for daily cleaning.

  27. I have almost my adult life been a zen person. I don't splash on buying stuff although I can afford it. I m very conscious about how I spend my money, especially if it's not essential.
    Having a zen space to live also makes it easy to clean as there's less dust collection. there's more space to breath n chi to flow😊

  28. Love it 🥰. Excellent advice . I’m on a simpler, clearer , lighter journey . The one of oooh yep Sales! sales! Lol sure why buy more and more?? And buying out of necessity… 💓💓✌🏻👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  29. I love how you included snippets of your old self in this video. I’m a long time subscriber, back when you are doing diys and I love how you are now and where this channel is going

  30. Hi Ann Le! Glad I found your channel 🙂
    Some quick questions:
    1) What did you do to your designer handbags, purses and fashion jewellery that you no longer use/carry etc?
    2) Without carrying a bag out when you are on the move, how do u bring your water bottle, tissue, and your keys around…?

  31. Never thought of making hankies out of old bed sheets. Interesting.

    Sorry, but I absolutely need a purse. It doesn't help that I have eye problems and need to carry around a few types of eye drops, cotton swabs, micellar water, contact lens solution, and a mirror.

  32. It baffles me when ppl use paper towels for cleaning especially when cleaning mirrors. Using it for getting up a sticky stain that will be hard to get out from a washable microfiber cloth sure but otherwise it is such a inefficient waste.

  33. This was so me. Wear what you know you're going to wear and if you need it. Don't buy it because it looks cute or because of others.

  34. I’ve used cloth napkins and tablecloths all my life. I still have sets from my Grandmother and Mother. On purses, I buy the best quality I can afford in neutral colors. I have 30+ year old purses. My daughter and daughter-in-law just picked out several Chanel bags. I can’t give up my jewelry. I can’t give up books. I’m probably the only woman who dislikes shopping. I DO keep a pantry fully stocked with food, cleaning supplies and toilet paper. I bought the best quality furniture and my living room set, patio furniture and dining room furniture are decades old and still look new. Biggest pet peeve of useless things, magazines! I don’t know when my dog learned to type, but he gets 24 different magazines each month.

  35. I use towels alot of the time, instead of paper towels. I agree with handbags, but still mangae for work to carry a big backpack and my purse inssde. I need to downsize this. I do less jewelry and i work at home some dont need all of those clothes and it helps to see what you have before you buy new.

  36. Newsflash: I am in my early 50's. EVERY SINGLE WOMAN I HAVE EVER KNOWN OVER THE AGE OF 37 DOES THESE THINGS NATURALLY. Ditto all the friends of my friends. I am glad you are announcing it if it makes you feel good but this is nothing new, Sweetie. This is not a "journey". This is a normal process.
    It is called maturity.

  37. That’s all true all u said. Most young person including me when I was young I do the same buying n buying now I don’t just like what u said too.

  38. Great video! I have a question, what camera do you use? I'm looking to buy one and I ask people around any time I see a great quality of a video!

  39. 1. duplicate items – only backup essential items when you're ready
    2. disposable items like paper towels – cut up old bed sheets to make reusable napkins
    3. clothing you're not totally comfortable with – don't need new trendy clothes
    4. chemical household products like detergents and surface cleaners sprays – make DIY cleaners or natural nontoxic products
    5. handbags and purses
    6. fashion accessories/jewelry – just wear basic/classic pieces
    8. journals – complete all notebooks at home before buying new ones
    9. home decorations/ knick-knacks/cute nonfunctional items
    10. black friday/cyber monday "sales" – learn to ignore marketing and focus on what you want/need
    11. latest tech – use what you have until it's unusable or impractical to use any longer

  40. So relatable! I used to buy a lot of handbags and notebooks too but now as I'm growing older – you're right, we don't need the validation of others. Saves me more money, too! Subscribed! Support from the Philippines! 👍❤️✔️🙋‍♀️😍🇵🇭

  41. Hi, you're so right about these simple things. Saving money, saving time, saving space and saving a lot of headaches and stress. My daughter is 18 yrs old now. Should I let her buy all these extras, not always needed things you and I also experienced in our younger years or should I share her your video so she can learn how to make her life much easier? Recently she has a parttime job next to her study and found out that she can buy a lot of fun things with it. Anyway, thanx for reminding us life could be simple and happy without spending much money. Greetings from Holland

  42. Wonderful video. It's good to step back every once in awhile and assess what we really need and don't need.

  43. I totally get where you're at. I've made similar changes with age/experience. Refreshing! Thanks for sharing!

  44. I live this way every day, since I work off a very tight budget. You have to find ways to spend less but enjoy yourself at the same time. Great tips for the newly broke or minimalist 🤗💖🤗

  45. I have been watching your channel for a few years now. I can see your growth, maturity and confidence in this video especially. You even look and sound different! You sound, look and feel more relaxed, sure, confident and wiser. You look very much at peace. It is beautiful blessing to see. Thank you for this video. I look forward to more like these! <3

  46. I did enjoy the video and might have to give the homemade towels a try ( although I feel like I would be constantly washing them and using water all the time). I personally think the minimalist life is very personal. I enjoy getting new handbags and clothes. My rule is 1 for 1; when I buy something new I donate something.

  47. I love your tips Ms. Ann. Most especially the paper towel thing and its actually helpful to our environment😍 . I'm a newbie in your channel from Philippines

  48. @Ann Lee you have become a better person since I started following you 💕 I love the new you, and i loved you before too, but you have change for better 🙂

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