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100 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

100 Last-Minute DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

hey guys its Cloe someone decided they needed to be really extra and do 100 halloween costumes 100 oh my gosh if you like it please give your girl a thumbs up and you know what else you can do you can check out my new clothing line! theres a bunch of clothes this is one of the shirts youtube is greater than social life check it out here we go ! (music) pokemon trainer costume ends costume (music) pikachu disappears than sia comes (music) (music) (music) jellyfish costume (music) (music) the little mermaid appears (music) thank you if you turned on the subtitles were made by me im not gonna do anymore cis it takes to long youtube :park jimin is my life thnx ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok; pk ;v; ;v; ;v; ;v; ;v; ;v; ;v; ;v; ;v; ok ok ok ok ok ok okk ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok ok okk oko ko k oo okokoko oko okokooooookokokoo oko okok o o o ok ok o k o k k k kook okok o oo ok ok ok

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  1. Or you could just be a banana. 7:50. I’ll do that and if someone says I’m a ghost, I’ll say I’m a blanket. (Not hating, just joking 😉)

  2. Does anyone know where she got the skirt from the lion at the time code is 5:51 and I need it for my spongebob costume this year or

  3. all the short shorts and skirts wont work out because apparently where i live…


    So your outfit is covered

  4. My name is Karen ;my hair is shiny ;my teeth are perfect ;my skirt is tiny ; it barely covers my perky hiney;my name is Karen ;that all

    Who remembers that from mean girls

  5. Turn on de subtitles and go back to the little mermaid btw army WERE U AT SHR LITERALLY SAID PARK JIMIN MEH LIFE OMO

  6. Hi all. Our home made halloween costume. Easy to make, cost friendly, fun and great to get kids and parents together in a wee project.

    Please enjoy, visit the YouTube video, like, comment, share and subscribe 🙂

    Give us any ideas for new videos on our Channel 🙂 🙂


  7. Thank you Chloe now me and my two little sisters and my big brother now we're going to be pirates thank you so much for posting videos

  8. Me and my friends discussing what we are being for Halloween:(Friends)We're being Nemo and Dory! I'm being Mini Mouse
    (Me)I'm being a demon

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  10. Thank you for adding subtitles on your videos!!! I watch these when I'm in the bus and they hate me having my earbuds

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