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– Hey loves, how’s it going? It’s Ann, welcome to my channel. I want to go over 10 tips
for the journaling beginner. I noticed that a lot in my journaling videos that, so many people want to try journaling but they think that they need to achieve a certain level of skill in
order to start journaling or you have to like be
at a professional level. That is not the case at all. There are so many amazing
artworks out there, there are so many amazing journalers that really turn their journals
into a creative masterpiece, and it can get super intimidating. To be honest with you, when I started, I didn’t do it for awhile just because I felt like I wasn’t good enough and the more I thought about it, I thought it was just really
silly because journaling should be a personal, just
a personal thing, you know? A personal development and
when it comes to development you start from somewhere and
you watch yourself evolve. So with that being said, I
want to get into number one, and number one is to be able to accept that you are going to mess up. And so, if you want to
begin to be a journaler, you need to accept the fact
that you’re going to mess up, your handwriting is not going
to be on a straight line, you’re going to need to
cross out certain things, wipe it out or just leave it as is and I think that’s all the best part about journaling is that you go back and you look at your
mistake and you see how much you change and how much you evolve. It’s better to start
somewhere than nowhere at all. So, be okay with messing up. So number two is to fill excited about organizing, setting goals. You don’t necessarily have
to have an end goal just yet. I mean, it’s normal to not
have it all figured out. You know how when you
were in grade school, people are always like,
“What do you wanna be “when you grow up?” Like as if you should know already and as if whatever you
set for yourself is going to be your end goal for the
rest of your life (laughing). That’s not the case, that’s
like an old way of thinking, that’s an old mindset to, you know, just to live and base upon. Our lives are always changing,
we’re always evolving, perspective change. and so it’s normal. It’s okay to always change your goals, and, you know, to always look for something
that you resonate with. So, it’s okay not to have
anything at the moment, but it’s good to feel
excited about wanting to and feeling exciting, looking
forward to being there, because that is a great start
and when you start that way, that’s when other things
flow into your life. So, with that right mentality, with that excitement, you
know, you’re ready for it. You’re setting your life
to be ready for goals and, you know, big, new
possibilities, ideas. So, with that, you know,
things will flow into your life and it would be more harmonious. So, instead of like
starting somewhere stuck, you’re starting somewhere
excited and hopeful, you know? Number three, let go of
judgment, especially on yourself. We are always our worst critic. I know that I’m my worst critic and you’re never going to be exactly where you want to be. You know, the result is not
going to be how you imagine it because our prospective
change all the time. So, let go of judging yourself because you are the only person that’s going to look at your
journal, write in your journal, unless you share it to
the world like I am. But, you know, I was able
to let go of judgment. And there are some things
I’m not like completely happy with some some of my
spread, I’m just like, ew, that kinda looks weird, I’m just gonna put it out there anyways. Like I’m able to like just let go and it feels so much more freeing. You know, it’s like a big old weight, a big old bag of rice off
of my shoulders (laughing). So, this is not going to
happen like overnight, none of these. Like, being okay with messing up and feeling okay with getting excited about, you know, setting goals
and all that kind of stuff. And then judging yourself,
like letting go of judgment, that is not going to go
away all in one night. This is a work in progress and journaling is a great way to start
this kind of mentality. You are training yourself,
you are rewiring your brain, the neuroplasticity in your mind. So it’s a great way for you to start and just like rewire yourself to a new
updated version of you. Speaking of that, number
four is being able to be vulnerable in your journal. So, journaling is a very personal process and I highly recommend for
you to exercise vulnerability. It is such a powerful exercise, I know that when I allow
myself to be vulnerable, allow myself to share all my insecurities, all my worries, everything,
in my journal, two people, I was able to become more confident. It’s like taking that
extra step in just finding your strength and becoming more confident, because you put it out
there and you’re like there! That is who I am, I’m not perfect, I’m accepting myself for
where I am in my life and that’s just me, take it or leave it. And from there you just like whoosh, like this whole new gush
of confidence come in you and it makes you feel more strong. So practice vulnerability and a great way, a great place to start
practicing vulnerability is in your journal. Number five, experiment with,
why did I have to do 10? (laughing) Number five, experiment
with different journals. You are not going to have
one favorite journal, maybe you will? But I know that I have two main journals, I have a few journals, but I have two main journals that I use. I have a smaller one that
I put in my bag with me and I carry it everywhere I go. So whenever like an idea, a new inspiration, just
pops up in my mind, or when I’m reading something
and I wanna take notes, I just like jot it all down,
do a whole mind spill on there and then, you know, later in the day, or some other day, I would take my time to go through all the messy notes and I would organize it in
my Creative Minds Journal, which is coming up December. Yeah, so, you know, you wanna experiment
with different journals, you might wanna try different brands, different sizes, different paper quality and you’re gonna find something
that you personally like. Something that will resonate
with you and hopefully it will be the Creative
Minds Journal soon. Just putting it out there. But it’s okay to have
more than one, you know? You don’t have to have one, like, oh my God, a perfect journal. Okay, so number six, speaking of journals, you’re going to need a few good pens. I personally love gel pens, but you may love other kind of pens and you want to feel excited
while you’re writing. Like, oh my God, this
feels so good writing. So, I notice when I have a good pen, I’m just like I love writing because like my writing just
looks so much better on paper, and, just the flow, the feel
of holding a pen onto the paper and just the process of
like all the idea wishing through your head and like
coming out through your arms and into the pen and onto paper is just like a amazing, magical feeling. So you want to have that feeling of excitement when you’re writing and you want to get excited to write and to doodle and to jot
things down in your journal. So, find yourself a few good pens. My favorite pen right now is the Tul, I think that’s how you say it, T U L pens, they’re like the gel ink pens. And I’m trying to find a
really good refillable pen because I don’t want to keep
buying and disposing pens. They’re plastic and they’re
bad for the environment, so hopefully I’ll find a really
good pen that I can reuse and just switch out the ink. So if you any good recommendation for me, you know, put it in the comment
section below this video. Number seven is mix your
pages with different layouts. Like, so, basically, play
around with different layouts. So if you have like a blank
journal, try different layouts. I share different layouts all
the time in my monthly video, so you could look there for inspiration, or you could go on Pinterest,
you could go on Instagram. There’s so many different
layouts out there for you to use. You could free flow
it, I love to free flow and then I like to make a list, create a list, those are some basic ones. Categorize things, and then you’ll find
your style eventually. You’ll find things that you, like different styles that you like using. Like for me, for instance,
I like to plan by the week, that’s what I learned about myself, instead of planning by the day, which looks really
overwhelming in my journal, like a bunch of like notes
and all that kind of stuff. I like to just narrow down like all the, like the important stuff,
on a weekly planner. Number eight, play around
with different mediums, like, different markers, different pens, different color pencils, paint. I played around with a whole
bunch of different mediums and what I like is water color. And the way I use my water
color is completely different then how you use water
color on water color paper. So I have to do a lot of improvising and just experimental work. So, throughout my whole
process of journaling, you know, doing my journal
series for you all, I’ve learned a lot about
how to water paint, I mean, use water color
on journaling paper. Find the medium that you like
and then you may wanna stick around with it or you
may want to mix it up, whatever works for you will
work for you (giggling). Number nine is to have an
essential beginner’s kit and I’m gonna go over what I like to use. So, for my beginner’s kit, I
have like one or two journals, that’s what I recommend for
you to start off with first. It doesn’t have to be
the one, the journal, just have any journal for you
to start experimenting on. Have a few mechanical pencils,
I love mechanica pencils, but of course you can use like
different kind of pencils, a ruler, an eraser, and you want some pens,
I like gel ink pens, and then the medium of your choice. Or you could play around
with different markers, colored pencils. I bought a whole bunch of
those just to play around with and I ended up just using my
water color palette the most. Which, by the way, a
lot of you guys asked me what color palette I have been using, it’s something that I’ve been
testing out for my journal because my journal’s
gonna come with a palette. So, yeah, I just been testing
it out just to make sure that the quality’s good and
ready for people to use. So number ten is just to find your inspiration online, anywhere you go. If you don’t know where to start, like, you’re like, “Oh
my god, I’m not creative, “I can’t journal, but I really want to.” I mean, you know, wanting
to is a really good reason why you should you start, but, because you don’t know what to do, that’s not a good reason to not start. So, find inspiration online. There’s so many inspirations out there that you could find on
Pinterest, Instagram and these are healthy ways
on how to use social media, is to find inspiration. So, you know, go through
#abulletjournal layouts, you know, set ups, and
all that kind of stuff and you’ll find like a wide array of like different layouts,
setups that you can use and it’s always good to
start with an inspiration. And then from there, then you start to develop
your own personal skill. So, these are all basic, you know, simple tips for the journaling beginner and this will definitely help you. You know, start with that right mindset, the right intention, and then you just ease your way into journaling by experimenting
with different materials, different journals, different
mediums and then slowly, once you do that, you
just like take inspiration from different sources. From there you will start to
develop your own personal skill and you would just bloom
into a beautiful butterfly with your own artwork and
you’ll become a journaler, or whatever, well, you are
already a journaler, okay? (laughing) So you’ll just become a
newer version of yourself, a newer, improved version of yourself. Because journaling is all about
jotting down your evolution and seeing how much you
change and being proud of it. So, with that being said, I
hope you enjoy today’s video. Make sure to like it, share
it and other then that, I will see you soon, love
you (smacking), ciao! – [Announcer] Press and create. (twinkling music) – [Ann] Starting with a little
recap of November’s theme, I.

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  1. Planning/ journaling is personal. You just have to do your best and that is always changing. You have only to please yourself. It just has to work for you.

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  3. You probably get this question a million times… what journal do you use? I decided to watercolor in mine and it pills pretty bad and eventually goes through the paper (not just ghosting).

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  5. Write something every day, it can be creative writing or day to day. Write or draw something a day until a routine builds for you, that's what I did and I just said goodbye to my six month journal.

  6. I've had a blank journal for awhile; I used to write in one years ago, but recently I've been wanting to journal again, these tips are super helpful for me!

  7. This video is an excellent one for journaling beginners!
    Here is my summary, and I wish it would help people who feel suffer for this longer video to have rough understand:

    1. Accept your journal will be mess up.

    2. Don’t compel yourself to write down your goals because you need to write it on your journal. Stay hungry, stay foolish about your possible goals.

    3. Don’t put too much judgment on yourself, this is your journal and your life, not others.

    4. Accept and enjoy your vulnerable, and journaling it is a good way to practice.

    5. Try different kinds of journals and find you personally like, and you can have more than one journal, not just for one perfect journal.

    6. You’re going to need a few good pens, they will make you feel excited to write your journal(s).
    7. Mix your pages with different layouts.

    8. Play around with different medium to stick on to it or mix it up.

    9. Have an essential beginner journaling kit.

    10. If you don’t know where to start, find inspirations for you to write your journal(s).

  8. I love to journal, but at the heart of it, it should always be fun and I feel there should be some form of self discovery. In fact I have just done a video about 15 ways to journal that include things from guided journaling, happiness and gratitude journaling to photo journaling which can be a great deal of fun. I have also just started a series of Sunday journal questions so the second one will be up later today.

  9. Also, if you worry about messing up, get a white Posca paint marker. Also, there are so many creative ways on youtube, of how to cover your mistakes!

  10. I’ve been consistently journaling for two years now! I’ve discovered I only like brown vegan leather journals with cream colored pages (apparently I really dislike white paper) and the only pen I like to use is the sharpie pen – but now I want to find a nice refillable one. Journaling is such a big part of my life, I’m always wanting to write things down. The other night I woke up out of a half sleep at two am to write down a piece of dream poetry. It’s such a beautiful way to immortalize your being.

  11. If you're looking for a good refillable pen I'd HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting a fountain pen. They write amazing and can be filled with whatever color of inks you like. If you're interested I'd check out the Goulet Pen Company. They're my go to.

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    useless comment, but i just thought i’d put it out there

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  14. I've been journaling since I was 9. My journal was my best friend and confidant, but now that I have a boyfriend I stopped drastically, because the things I used to tell to my journal, now I'm telling my boyfriend. I guess that means I trust my boyfriend a lot, but I miss journaling. I wish I could find the time to do it again.

  15. as you said : " your handwriting will be a mess and your writing not going to be in straight line " 😂😂😂 so true for me😂😂😂

  16. 1. Be ready to mess up.
    2. Feel excited about organizing and goals.
    3. Let go of judgement especially on yourself.
    4. Being able to be vulnerable in your journal.
    5. Experiment with different journals (notebooks).
    6. A few good pens.
    7. Play around with different layout.
    8. Play around with different mediums (pens, markers, watercolours and so on).
    9. Have an essential beginners' kit.
    10. Find inspiration.

  17. Why do you say you need to be a professional to journal or do art in your journal? You dont need to be at a professional level to write out your deepest feelings over something thats bothering you or to write about grief or anxiety or depression

  18. I just subscribed .. i really enjoyed way you explained . So many key takeaway. I just started journaling taking baby step to get better each day . Thank you so much for sharing with us .

  19. Thanks for the video! Awesome summary of the benefits of this practice.

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    Different than other journaling apps, you may use it for free with all the basic features. And if you want to dive seriously in it, pay less than $3/month for a membership. Just a cup of coffee that will light up your whole month.

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