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10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About IKEA Food Court

10 Secrets You Didn’t Know About IKEA Food Court

We all know that IKEA is a great place to
find practical furniture for the home, as well as a range of accessories, from kitchen
gear to bedding and beyond. We also know about the Ikea food court and
their famous Swedish meatballs. We’ve got the inside scoop on the food offered
by the mammoth Scandinavian furniture company, plus some other interesting tid-bits. For once when it comes to IKEA there will
be no assembly required as we order up the top 10 secrets you didn’t know about IKEA
food courts. Prices Are Low To Keep Customers In The Store IKEA is a home goods emporium with plenty
of money to play with. This mega-company uses some of it to keep
the menu items at its food courts affordable. The rationale behind the low prices is that
offering affordable food and drinks keeps customers hanging around IKEA stores. And that little break at an IKEA food court
will give the customer a “second wind” that may lead to another stroll through the store. By creating a pleasant hangout with a lot
of reasonably-priced menu items, IKEA makes it so easy for customers to take a break,
enjoy some nourishment and hydration and regroup. While every customer who sits down to enjoy
a snack or meal in an IKEA food court may not decide to buy IKEA merchandise after they
eat, it’s safe to say that many do go back into the stores after their food is finished…and
then plunk down cash for furniture or home accessories. IKEA’s food courts are a clever way of keeping
customers happy…and keeping them right where they are. Without the food courts, IKEA customers might
get tired and leave the huge stores empty-handed, or buy less than they would if they didn’t
have a rest and a bite to eat. Aside from affordable prices, these food courts
offer a bit of Scandinavian charm that may be a bit of a novelty to customers in America. While some menu items, such as hot dogs, do
have an American vibe, other menu items are traditionally Swedish or, at the least, influenced
by Sweden. IKEA’s Swedish Meatballs Did you know that three out of ten people
who visit IKEA locations are coming in just to get their hands on IKEA food? It’s true. One of the most popular dishes on the IKEA
food court menu is Swedish meatballs. These meatballs are quintessential IKEA fare
and they’re fun to eat. The classic Swedish meatballs are known as
KÖTTBULLAR and they are made of salt, pepper, water, egg, onion, bread crumbs, pork and
beef. Provided you’re comfortable with eating meat,
you may find the ingredient list for these meatballs reassuring. It’s filled with ingredients that most people
use in their home kitchens. It isn’t filled with chemicals and additives. The classic KÖTTBULLAR meatballs have been
around since the 80s. They meet the needs of customers, so they’re
still being offered. You can gorge on a dozen meatballs and take
in just under seven hundred calories, which isn’t too bad, especially when compared to
most fast food meals. There was a pretty significant IKEA Swedish
Meatball scandal back in 2013. Horse meat was suspected of being present
in meatballs sold by IKEA, in European IKEA food courts. Canadian and American IKEA food courts weren’t
involved in this scandal. Due to the controversy, IKEA had to remove
meatballs from retail locations all over Europe. Despite the scandal, the meatballs are still
beloved. They are typically served with steamed veggies,
a Lingonberry jam with a sweet taste, a creamy sauce that’s delightfully rich and mashed
potatoes. Since the meatballs aren’t made with meat
that contains hormones, and ingredients for these yummy spheres are sourced out sustainably,
there’s no reason not to indulge. If you’re not a carnivore, don’t worry. This eatery now has some exciting and tasty,
meat-free menu item options, which we’ll talk about a little later on in this list. Lingonberry Jam Isn’t Just For Meatballs Lingonberry jam is available with IKEA food
court Swedish Meatballs meals and it’s also available in jars at IKEA locations, to take
home. If you decide to buy your own jar of Lingonberry
jam, you should know that it’s a versatile condiment. It’s not just for meatballs. You might want to try out your new jam with
potato pancakes, or cabbage rolls, or other traditional savory recipes from Sweden. If you want to buy Lingonberries fresh, you
should know that they aren’t easy to find in countries other than Sweden. Sometimes, it’s possible to purchase them
frozen. These berries grow in the wild in Sweden and
they’re picked just two months out of the year, during August and September. They taste bitter raw, so most people don’t
eat them in berry form. Once the berries are made into jam, with sugar
added, they offer a perfect, “sweet, but not too sweet” flavor profile. Cheap Kid’s Meals Are Offered IKEA definitely markets to families and caters
to families. Every IKEA location offers tons of furniture
and home accessories that are perfect for growing families, from bunk beds to plush
toys and beyond. So, it’s no surprise that kids get VIP treatment
at IKEA food courts. To maximize savings, moms and dads may sign
up for IKEA Family cards. IKEA Family is a loyalty program which allows
IKEA customers to redeem earned points for special deals. Signing up for the IKEA Family program is
as easy as visiting the official IKEA website for your country and entering your email address. Even if you don’t have access to special savings
through your IKEA family card, you’ll find that feeding your children at an IKEA food
court is pretty wallet-friendly. At USA-based IKEA food court locations, children’s
meals are available for $2.99 and up. Kids need to be 12 years of age or younger
to get these meals. Some of the kid’s meal options are very interesting. They have ingredients that are different from
many fast food kid’s meals. For example, the Grilled Chicken meal for
children comes with string cheese, strawberries and carrots. Another option is Vegetable Balls, which are
offered with a ragout made from spinach and tomato, as well as seasonal veggies and ancient
grains. There’s also a Swedish Meatballs meal, which
is served with seasonal veggies and mashed potatoes. If your kids are hard-wired to crave Chicken
nuggets from restaurants, don’t despair. You can order your child a Chicken Tenders
meal with French Fries. Breakfasts at IKEA If you want a good breakfast at an IKEA food
court, which is very similar to what you’d get at a local diner, you can get what you
want for a low price. IKEA’s food courts are known for providing
great breakfasts that are cheap, quick to access, and easy to enjoy. The official IKEA Canada website is currently
promoting the breakfast menu, which certainly sounds enticing. Choose from Swedish-style crepes served with
a medley of berries, or go for sausage, bacon and eggs. If you want something really light, choose
an omelette made from egg whites, which has a tasty spinach and goat cheese filling. You’ll also have the option of building your
own morning meal, just how you want it. All IKEA food court eggs are come from cage-free
farming processes. The eateries also offer sausages made from
chicken, which are completely antibiotic free. Menus may vary a bit from country to country. Check your local IKEA to see what’s on offer
for breakfast. It’s usually possible to get a delicious breakfast
for three bucks, but some breakfast menu items may cost a bit more. Based on the facts presented here so far,
IKEA is a great place to grab healthy food that doesn’t bust your budget. If you want a fast food alternative, that’s
still very fast to access, spending more time in the IKEA food court, and less time at big
fast food chains, may be a smart idea. You may also prefer the quality and price
of IKEA food court menu items over mall food court fare. Facts about the purity and healthfulness of
IKEA food definitely make the fact that lots of people visit IKEA just for the grub easy
to understand. If you didn’t know that IKEA offers breakfast,
now you do. So, why not give it a try? The Swedish Gravad Lax Plate If you want IKEA fare that’s traditionally
Swedish, meatballs aren’t the only choice. You may also order a Gravad Lax Plate, which
includes salmon that’s been marinated to perfection. The plate comes with a sweet mustard sauce
and lettuce. This light and healthy meal is fairly cheap
and it’s packed with nutrition, including protein. Gravad Lax is also known as Gravlax and it’s
commonplace as a component of Swedish smorgasbords. According to the official Sweden.se website,
this dish is a salmon cured with dill, which is perfect alone or as an appetizer. IKEA food courts do have a lot of interesting
menu items, which you probably won’t find at other local restaurants, unless you happen
to live in Stockholm or another Swedish city. IKEA is a great place to explore new tastes,
without spending a fortune. It’s the perfect place to immerse yourself
in Swedish culture. While hot dogs and chicken tenders aren’t
going to stretch you in a culinary sense, the Gravad Lax Plate might. Even the Swedish Meatballs might seem very
exotic the first time that you eat them. Salmon served at IKEA restaurants is farmed
the responsible way. Shrimp and herring from IKEA are sourced from
fisheries with sustainable and well-managed business practices. IKEA Food Courts Are Very Popular In America IKEA food courts get high marks from American
consumers. In fact, the popularity of these food courts
in the USA has led to talk that IKEA will develop standalone eateries. In other words, you may be able to go to an
IKEA restaurant, without needing to visit a big IKEA megastore filled with flat-packed
bed frames, dining room tables and patio furniture. While the standalone restaurants aren’t out
there yet, they might be someday. According to an article from 2017, a rep for
IKEA confirmed that the company was exploring the concept of standalone IKEA restaurants. The food court’s meatballs are favorites of
USA customers. IKEA food is actually a hit all over the world. Every year, a billion meatballs are sold,
which equates to 2.9 million meatballs per day. IKEA’s been in business in the USA for 34
years now. If IKEA VIPs decide to take the plunge and
open standalone restaurants, will they raise prices? Since food prices are kept low to keep customers
in the store, the company might need to jack up prices a bit at standalone restaurants,
just to make sure that they’re profitable. It’s been two years since talk of the standalone
restaurants surfaced, and there’s still no action from IKEA. Time will tell if standalone eateries are
part of this Swedish furniture giant’s business plan for the future. IKEA Take-Out Eating in at IKEA is fun, but the food courts
are occasionally crowded. If you’d prefer to enjoy IKEA food at home…no
problem! IKEA offers plenty of tasty sweet or savory
foods that may be purchased in packaged form and then enjoyed, right in the comfort and
privacy of your own home. Choose from Lingonberry Jam, meatballs, salmon,
mashed potatoes, crisp breads and so much more. Some items are available via IKEA websites. Look around and see what you can get online. Find the rest at a local IKEA. If this list makes you hungry for IKEA food,
you may want to visit an American IKEA location and treat yourself to some take-home SJÖRAPPORT. This hot smoked salmon food product is ASC
certified and offered frozen. It’s made through a process of “hot smoking”
which leaves the fish more cooked than salmon prepared the cold-smoked way. It’s meant to be served in pieces, and has
a lot of the same pleasant smokiness as cold-smoked salmon. There are lots of great options. Eating the Scandinavian way can be very healthy. It’s a good way to ensure that you get plenty
of protein, vitamins and minerals. It’s also a great way to add variety to your
daily diet. Holiday Meals Get Rave Reviews Eating special meals during the winter holiday
season is so much fun. It’s festive. IKEA offers holiday meals and IKEA food courts
have also offered holiday buffets from time to time. When the winter holidays roll around, you
may want to drop by a local IKEA food court and see what’s on offer. In Sweden, Christmas dinner is a big deal. It’s the most grand meal of the entire year. Typically, meatballs, salmon, cabbage, herring,
crisp breads, cheeses and boiled eggs are served. IKEA honors traditional Swedish Christmas
dinners by offering holiday meal options and/or buffets, which have lots of traditional Swedish
dishes. In 2017, IKEA hosted a bunch of Christmas
buffets for its Canadian clientele. The feasts offered all of the goodies that
we just talked about, plus gingerbread, ham and plenty of other tasty treats. Customers paid $19.99 for their meals. IKEA Family members were able to eat for bit
less, and kids under 12 were able to eat for just $7.99 Vegan Menu Items At IKEA These days, a lot of consumers are choose
to go meatless, at least sometimes. This is why IKEA now offers a great assortment
of vegetarian or vegan menu items. One exciting option is a meatless version
of Swedish meatballs. This menu item is called Vegetable Balls. They’re served in a sweet potato and cauliflower
sauce, alongside a medley of veggies. Vegan hot dogs were introduced during 2018. These plant-based wieners are crafted from
a combination of spices, onion, carrots, kale, quinoa and red lentils. Seasoned with turmeric and ginger, they are
a great choice for those who prefer not to eat animal products. Now that you know 10 secrets of IKEA food
courts, you’ll understand that this furniture manufacturer is serious about food quality
and delivers this quality for prices that are more than fair. It’s good news that IKEA food courts have
so much to offer. Stay right here to check out more of our great
videos. Just tap that screen. Checking us out for the first time? Then go ahead and hit that subscribe button
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