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hello my curious friends I’m back with
another exciting video of TTI today we’re going to see some science
fictional secret furniture that no one knows what they can do so don’t miss
anything hidden swimming pool agar engineering
seems to be the company of choice if you want to build James bond-esque
conditions to your ordinary home this latest innovation features the way for
you to have a hidden swimming pool in your backyard the hidden swimming pool by Agra
engineering was developed by a packed team of designers who after years of
research and development created a remote-controlled teal woodwork swimming
pool whose a water level can be adjusted with the push of a button it offers a
range of options such as the result of the position of the floor when the
floors in the upper position the size of the pool is bigger when in the middle
position the water position can be adjusted as required just the push of a
button Auri cloud bed the aura cloud bed has to
be seen to be believed this unique creation was brought to life
by Ori living and it can be adjusted by an electric mechanism to either be
hidden in the wooden ceiling or brought down to the floor for extra mini room
when it’s needed when not in use it’s a beautiful sofa and dining table
that are left behind in its place pallet walls secret door for another invention that wouldn’t be
out of place in a supervillains lair the pallet walls secret door is the latest
invention for when you simply aren’t satisfied with a more traditional
storage solution for your jewelry guns and cash the covert concept secret door company
specializes in the creation of hidden doors and spaces where you can keep your
valuables safe and secure at first glance it appears to be a regular wooden
wall but at the push of a button the separate sections of the wooden panel
separates and opens up into a spacious opening where you can keep your
valuables out of reach to all but your most trusted visitors japanese hidden table ordinary japanese
tables are pretty cool but the japanese hidden table takes this awesomeness to
another level this japanese hidden table is made possible by the use of FL t07
lifting columns created by progressive automations at its lowest position this
table blends with the floor making it essentially invisible it’s raised by
virtue of a remote control and it rises up with beautifully led enhanced glory
just like a phoenix from the ashes easy concealment table the AZ concealment table is a table with
a secret compartment that is hidden to even the most observant visitors the
concealment table is ideal for storing valuables such as your pistol with an
easy reach yet out of the hands of children all you need to do is place a
key and a hidden fuel on the inner side of the table and turn for your concealed
space to pop out this hidden space is made out of walnut
and is RFID activated to give you the perfect prompt response to any threat in
your home floor compartment table hidden and the depths of Ottoman this is a
secret space where you can hide anything you desire if you’re the sort that likes
hidden spaces and loves to store portable things in areas where you can
easily reach them then this is clearly all you’ve ever dreamed of you can hide
whatever you want in this space and perfect concealment is assured by a
fluffy carpet when you want to extract your stored items you can make use of a
magnet to find the keyhole hidden bar cabinet the hidden bar cabinet is the brainchild
of Todd DeYoung a gifted designer who created this amazing device with the
help of FLT 0-6 lifting column set which is manufactured
and marketed by an innovative company progressive automations this hidden bar cabinet is designed with
a lifting column set within the sides of the lip section to raise and lower the
shelf smoothly and effortlessly the finishing touches including LED lighting
mirrored backing and stainless steel hardware and a modern finish to an
already exquisite designs secret bookcase doors did you know how spies
hide their super secret quarters of course by using secret sci-fi doors
these secret bookcase doors look just like any ordinary bookshelves but at the
push of a button open up to reveal a secret room a product of the mind of Bruce McArdle
this device makes use of linear actuators and control systems including
the PA 14 mini linear actuator which is generally used for linear motion Arduino
Uno rev3 a microcontroller board and some multi moto Arduino shields which
provide full speed control options for actuators dressler box the dresser box is a unique solution to
the problem of garbage disposal this unique creation comes at a time
when we as humans are in the middle of a battle with the overwhelming amount of
waste to reproduce created by a udimm based company the dresser box is a
series of retractable garbage cans bicycle garages and other devices that
make obvious waste a thing of the past go chair the go chairs are compact
chairs designed for maximum comfort and space efficiency primarily used by
adventures nature lovers and in activities ranging from concerts to
camping and barbecues on the beach the go chair is as versatile as it is
comfortable it provides comfortable seating at 10 inches off the ground has
been shown to carry up to 300 pounds and is light enough to be carried wherever
you need it the go chair is activated at the push of a button which causes an
extension of the arm available at the price of $249 for a set of four and 480
dollars for this set of eight chairs why are you waiting check out more videos
from this channel hit the like button if you’ve enjoyed this video and don’t
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  1. Got to say, the wine spiralling out of the floor is pretty sick. Definitely beats the hell out of a bouquet of flowers for a conversation piece. Good work TTI.

    Side note, like the way you say arduino lol. Put that in another video please.

  2. كل عام وانتم بخير
    بمناسبة عيد الأضحى المبارك
    تقبل الله منا ومنكم صالح الأعمال
    ولاتنسى الإشتراك والإعجاب وضغط زر اللايك في قناةالقارئ محمد المرولي ٠٥٥٤٤٠٥٧٨٥ وشكراً

  3. People are going to step on that table
    And all those germs will get on the plate/cup and get onto the food/drink
    So it’s not that great

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  5. Fantastic video admire your sincerity! Sorry for sharing this web site here PaidHomeEasy .Com (remove space) but it really has helped me a lot and if it can benefit at least one more individual In my view it's worth it.

  6. The ori cloud bed would be perfect in a horror movie like if somebody’s sleeping Michel Myers comes and pushes the button they get crushed

  7. I dont like the swimming pool that slides open, imagine there was a kid maybe on his/her phone and a person closes the pool.

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