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10 DIY Home decor Artwork

10 DIY Home decor Artwork

10 DIY Home Decor Artwork. Having a beautiful, comfortable, and unique home interior must be a thing most people
want. Of course, it is reasonable remembering that
a house is place where we spend most of our life. There are many ornaments and embellishments
you can buy out there [Online or offline] to beautify your home interior. But then, have you ever thought to make your
own home decorations trinkets? You should not worry; you are not required
to be a professional artist or some sort of interior designer to get the job done. Stuff around your house is enough to make
your home more stunning. And this is 10 DIY home decor artworks that
you can try any day you want. Start from number
10.Painting Okay, you are probably able to buy a painting
from famous painter yourself. However, you can also actually display yours. Wait, you probably think that you cannot paint
at all and the result is probably worse. But you should not worry; even the bad painting
can be beautiful and artistic if you know how to package it well. Just buy canvas and then paint it whatever
you want. You can mix colors by using the main color
theme of your room as reference. Lastly, put on frames. That’s enough. More ideas… 9.Photos with Frames.
I assume you already have some unique photos that represents your memorable moments. Well, You can use it to decorate your wall. Put your photos in Polaroid style and group
them together on the wall to give your interior sense of vintage. 8.Vintage Plates.
Still about the vintage home decoration, you can also use your unused plates as wall decorations. Although you probably can use plates that
are the same with the plates you use to eat, make sure that they have artistic designs. Similar to the photos with frames, you may
hang them in group to give more artistic look. If you can display some plates with different
sizes, it can be much better strategy you can try. 7.DIY LED Bottle Chandelier.
Chandelier is a very important element to make your interior look more fabulous. Of course, it is despite its main function
to lighten the room. Interestingly, you can make your own chandelier
even from the unused stuff like bottles, plastic spoon, plastic cup and the likes. The jars must be cleaned and then put the
LED inside. Lastly, you can then hang it with rope that
is artistic as well. For more sense of contemporary, you can even
hang more than one chandelier at once. 6.Sequins Wall Art.
Sequins are so sparkling and classy indeed. Yes, despite its function to adorn your party
decoration, it can also be attached permanently on your wall. If it will take longer time to attach the
sequins one by one, you can ask help from your friends of course. The sequins must only be attached on some
part of the interior. Too much sequins can just make the atmosphere
become cramped and uncomfortable. It depends on your taste. You can opt metallic color, gold, silver,
pinkest, reddish, and others. 5.Cup of Tea.
This idea is actually similar with that plates on the wall idea. The difference is of course what you hung
on the wall. The DIY works is similar. You hang them on the wall in group to give
your wall vintage look or you can arrange them using modern or contemporary decorating style. 4.Rosette Backdrop.
If you think you can make paper souvenir yourself neatly, use it. The idea is named rosette backdrop. a kind of decoration idea made from paper
and then shape it like flowers. You can choose any color you want. But it is better if color you choose complements
with wall color you already have. 3.Print-Yourself Wall Art.
This idea is almost similar to the previous one. Find any adorable pictures from the internet
and then print it out. Next, frame it and then just put it on your
wall. Any picture you want, make sure it represents
your personal preference. Classic, modern style or 3D, pick one or some
that will not annoy you next week you stare it for few minute. Alone 2.Wooden Wall Art.
You can let professional do if for you or you make it yourself. Yes sure. If it is your first experience, and you decide
to DIY it. Choose cheap and thin wood. Next, buy some in case it turns out to be
an ugly piece of art or wall décor that scare your son, daughter or your dog later. 1.Ribbon Wall Art.
This idea follows same rule you already learned in point number 2. The difference is of course material you used. The only thing to remember before you try
to execute this idea is color attach to the ribbon. If they are not suitable with the main color
theme of your interior, leave them in store and let other people take it. Next, have fun and silence any distraction. That’s it. Before you leave, help this video attract
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