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$1 Budget: Clip Lamp, Jumbo Clips, Wall Adapter!

$1 Budget: Clip Lamp, Jumbo Clips, Wall Adapter!

villanova going to start with this this
is a_b_c_ nec adapter for uh… apple ipod touch or our phone he will speak to you we do is you didn’t sell missiles fly here and his lies right
into cuba as a usb pariah if without this sport here in the
nuclear wall you can charger here at four o’clock with this so this is a cheap chinese replacement
smita cheap plastic but does the exact same thing over and why this would be
useful filmmakers well i noticed that by saying you
trekking battery charger has this exact same one cc for eight years the savings actually
causes a very common and what role points is i’ve noticed uh… and it gets right in here you know i can mount this on my wall instead of uh… having a quarter one
around uh… this is much more compact in handy
so if your battery charger you might want to check it these uh… uh… might come in very handy for you
as well there ninety nine cents on ebay p find the link below in the description mister clinton recommendation from truth
to the product of the productions probably that’s the name of the first
round they told me about the vision of the
locals can define himself free fifteen dollars the the field conceal we have here essentially uh… says they’re jiang
clothes pins which you can use is clamps you could use these to clam shells volunteer light although when mister we do have using tungsten
lighting uh… because some so it’s very hard to
be using see if those are possibly incandescent lights is old were big her clothes pins will come in
handy they’re cheap plastic uh… with the could prove useful and
for a dollar youth sex on so really you can’t go wrong and finally today we have something a
little more expensive this is a clicked lamps is cliff lamp post clip lampard here this is from carrot
uh… these are friday night out of our one dollar budget well this is basically it is do the sun it’s the flap no that gives you the giant clip do you conclude to any essentially flat
surface although uh… this will also uh… actors in other clan plate utilities are restored electric and
bynum for whatever reason that the big sore reflectors you can use these coupon desk lamps and they will attach to your pcl exams uh… you can reinforce with the
sprinkler for years that you would put the hardware store lights now i must say this is an actually my idea at this one song uh… there was somebody who responded
ah… to the p_v_c_ lights ten of the soul of the video dreams of tina four inches sorry to tell
called things i learned from you too and she was uh… gimme a shout out
about the white stands and i know since it is in our worst or clap way she use
these clip placing clamped clipped this clamped it to the the sea lice and i thought this is a
really great idea miserable different from the first
relate that has a flexible neck of the others
are a little harder to adjust the direction is really easy and has a
built-in diffusion right here so you can use it as direct white uh… or you can move it to wear the
diffusers in front of the way to enlighten talent for a softer looks
so i think this is a lee grady after i saw her video i went out and by three
liza targeted because of their five nine nine each so they’re a little bit at a
budget that’s a great year and so that check out of things channel the annotation below organizations we’ll
take you there where you can check out the link below a description so those are some things you can get
uh… featured on the one dollar budget and i’ll see you next time

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  1. I was at a dollar store the other day and saw colored transparent plastic report covers and soft-cover binders. I thought maybe they'd be good to use as gels with CFL's, but upon closer inspection decided they weren't dark enough. In retrospect, they might do the trick if doubled up, but I thought I'd let you know in case you spot some that could work well.

  2. A little heads up: If you happen to live near by a Hobby Lobby, check their clearance section. I myself have picked up .005" thick sheets of clear colored plastic for .89 cents each (I got myself orange, red, green and blue sheets, three each), I've tested them out by taking a picture of myself, which they appear to be useful as party gels.

  3. HAHA, cool, I got mentioned in your episode!!! Yes, its TurtleDude Productions. But Youtube had a character limit on my username so. :/ They probably aren't very strong, but they might be handy for small things.

  4. Another great episode!

    And speaking of good Dollar Tree finds, I just picked up a mini tripod (about 5 inches tall) from there a couple of weeks ago. It is, as you'd expect, rather flimsy. But it's also just a buck and will do quite nicely with a smaller camera. Enjoy!

  5. Those lamps are the same as the ones the kids used at the school I used to work at. It had a stand with 4 of those lamps, and unfortunately a lot of them somehow would get way to hot and melt the plastic. I don't know how much wattage bulb I would use in these, maybe a LED style bulb without much heat but the same light output.

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