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hi guys I have a new photo and it’s from Shine Hai
it’s an LED dimmable floor lamp it’s perfect for reading and for
other activities requiring sufficient light now this is the box it comes in
is very easy to assemble it took me about five minutes and it comes with a
smaller lunch to help with the screw on the bottom it has an adjustable
gooseneck basically up down around any way you want it’s very easy to turn on
here’s the knob and the more you turn it the brighter it gets and then turn it the other way and it will get dimmer and eventually it will turn off this has
full spectrum daylight hues so there are no odd colors emitted in this reduces
eyestrain it is 5000 Kelvin Kelvin is a method of
expressing color temperature in 5000 Kelvin is daylight color temperature the fact that is dimmable allows you to
use for accent lighting with lower level or light if you don’t need to use the
full twenty five hundred lumens I think many people underestimate the importance
of good lighting so here is a closer look of the lamp here is the knob to turn it on all the way so then twist it back to get it and turn
it off in and to compete very functional you can move it in whatever direction
you like I would use this for studying reading or doing arts and crafts or even
playing music I left the fact that is very very easy to use the line runs cool so there’s not an
excessive heat generated this is a very minimalist design but sturdy enough in
highly functional so in recap this is the Shine Hai dimmable LED gooseneck
lamp providing a full spectrum daylight and is easy on your eyes thanks for
watching Oh

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