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💥 LED DESK LAMP TRAVEL LIGHT (Gooseneck Combo Hanging Light) Review 👈

💥 LED DESK LAMP TRAVEL LIGHT (Gooseneck Combo Hanging Light) Review 👈

hey guys so today I have an interesting
portable LED light lamp that is multifunctional this lamp can be used on
surfaces or you can even hang it somewhere if you like this is the Meco
LED portable desk lamp this is the box that comes in it’s offered in two other
colors as well currently we have the orange with us the box in case is the
lamp itself and the tour the charging cord this cord you plug right in on the
side and plug into your computer which is the easiest at least or if you have
an adapter you could plug it into a wall as well this lamp has a gooseneck
feature that provides 360 degrees of flexibility now there are three levels
of brightness you press the little power button here go from dim a little bit
brighter to the brightest setting now this device has five hours of light in
the highest level of brightness which means you can read for a decent amount
of time or maybe if your power went out you could provide some electricity this
way it’s very portable very lightweight easy to use as a lot of uses this can be
used as a desk lamp if you know you’re on the road or something or maybe you
want to not have something big and clunky next to you it can also be used
as a nightlight as well because you can simply put it back in here and there you
go it’s brightens up right here and you just change to your desired setting and
there you go it can also hang on your backpack
bicycle maybe even a baby stroller if you’re out near dusk or something at a
park be a great way to use it or if you’re walking home late you want some
security you would have this as well you can also carry on
and perfect you know handle to carry around with and me and if you want some
comfort or want some a good place to put it elsewhere you could also have it on
your bedpost as well to provide some extra light if you want to get up in the
middle of the night and have something you put on without blinding yourself
with your regular lights alright so here you have a better look at the lamp
itself you can as you can tell it can be very portable you can just take this off
real quick you can move it up and down very bendy actually movable as well you
can focus the light wherever you want turning whatever whichever direction you
know and picked your desired brightness now right now I have it on the highest
brightness which is the third setting and it doesn’t get hot at all so your
kids could use this if you need to as well it’s a fun functional light and you
have no need to worry about batteries since it all you have to do is plug it
into your computer or an adapter into the wall very simple and easy to use so
here to sit close up again here you can just push it down and here there you go and as you get to the light comes in
right around here provides a great nightlight here’s the back of course
this handle is very handy as well and then all we have to do get up and there
you go you have your lights alright so this is the cool functional LED portable
desk lamp by Meco please be sure to check the description for links below on
this and for our social media as well please keep the comment
in your likes coming and be sure to subscribe to our channel on to find out
our next review thanks for watching you

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