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【TOKYO NOW 2019】Ep10.Navigating Tokyo Waterways

【TOKYO NOW 2019】Ep10.Navigating Tokyo Waterways

The purpose of the Tokyo Mizube Cruising Line is to transport goods and people trying to return home during disaster situations. We usually operate the ships and the piers to make sure everything is working properly for when they’re needed during a disaster, but they’re also used as a waterbus service for people to enjoy the waterfront. We’d like people to not only use our waterbus service for sightseeing but also as a way of getting around. You can travel from north to south, or you can do the reverse without having to change waterbuses. There’s just no other transportation like it. Now, as for what seasons to ride, the cherry blossoms season and the night view during the summertime shouldn’t be missed. Sumida Park is on both sides of the Sumida River, and it’s lined with cherry blossom trees. From March 20 until about the first week of April, the cherry blossom trees are blossoming. The sight of them will take your breath away. The bridge and the 360° panoramic view of the waterfront from the ship’s upper deck are simply stunning. And then there’s the night cruise on Saturdays that is really special. It gives you an amazing view of Tokyo Bay at night. We hope the Mizube Cruising Line becomes a way
of getting around that many people use casually. These are things you can only experience when you ride the Mizube Cruising Line. We’re planning new routes and events so people can get even more enjoyment out of the waterfront.

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