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  1. 1:12 "oh my dear children, I love u and I will keep u safe"

    Conny and Norman(from the grave): Yea sure


    Edit:Lol we see Norman in ch74. He is fuccing alive.

  2. The person I love, loves to listen to this song. But now, we have ended. So when I heard this song again I felt very sad and I cried ! 🙁

  3. Isabella was not antagonist. She's a person who wants to love the children normally.

    Only showing them love to the point the children will forget the pain and will only dream a sweet eternal dreams.

  4. Ahhh!!!! This is so beautiful! Isabella is a really complex character, I mean, somewhere deep inside she loved the children, but she got herself mixed with the lies she was telling herself to survive, and her true feelings. She was brainwashed and did what she did for survival, but it makes me really sad when I think of what she’s gone through. In that twisted world there was no other way, and she could only lessen the children’s pain by giving them a happy few years. It was the most she could do to keep herself alive and to try help the kids.
    This anime is so sad… It’s the first anime I’ve cried.


  6. ร้องไห้อะ เพราะมากๆ เนื้อเพลงก็ชวนอินมากน้ำตาไหล

  7. 1:11 to 2:06

    Ligit hit me so hard i cried
    This video is awsome thank you for it.
    ( and sorry i cant spell very well)

  8. Whenever i play this song, i am imagining that im the only one standing on the top building while the others get devoured by monsters

  9. Out of all the original lyric covers out there, this is my favorite one. I feel like it captures Isabella's character really well and the words she wants to convey.

  10. Ok this is totally unrelated to the vid bu what recording microphone and audio editor did you use?

  11. In a hotel sleeping while lestining to this i cried but i still feel bad for connie why did she have to give connie to the demon.

  12. i think she felt trapped in her situation and in her own mind she was doing the best thing for the children even if it was not nice she did not know what else to do and she could not escape

  13. This made me cry so hard! My childhood was very rough and my mother was very violent and sadistic in nature. All we wanted was to be loved and accepted by her our whole life, but never to receive it. We surely are flowers that bloomed in the thorns despite everything. But every lyric of this song hit all the heartstrings.

  14. Personally I like LeeandLie
    's version just a little more. But this one is a MUCH better fit for the anime.

  15. I seriously think this is one of her best covers yet so far great job! I'm really impressed on this song. Keep it up!

  16. It's the best cover of this song imo and i actually love listening to it before sleep <33 calms me down but only when i don't think too much cause if i do i wanna cry :')

  17. 1:37
    Okay, but let's talk about the "Oh, my dear children, I love you and I hope you see" part.
    My ears???
    Have been blessed??.

  18. It’s so amazing how u hit those high notes with a soft and relaxed voice without even forcing urself to hit those notes even tho they are so hard to hit 00:47 – 01:10 is the perfect example
    it’s so beautiful and relaxing ❤️✨

  19. Can I ask who is the owner of this lovely voice???, I just wanna praise her for having a very very very wonderful voice🥰🥰🥰😍😍

  20. For the 67 people who disliked this video, you guys are, for a lack of a better word, cruel. We have a singer/artist who took the time to create her own lyrics that not only, in my opinion, portrayed Isabella excellently but also matched the melody of the lullaby. If you guys can’t appreciate the efforts mewsic did, then what do you appreciate, you critics?

  21. hey mewsic i always appreciate ur work and i love it so much could u make akame ga kill liar mask song pls?if u did i would love that cause that anime has my heart and soul in there i would really be thankful if u could arigato gozaimasu

  22. "i'll hold you close so you'll never know pain"
    I think the meaning of the lyrics is she will protect "her" child no matter what to keep them safe. But she broke emma's leg because if they escape they will die btw (cuz there is many demon outside) OR if they escape isabella can't be a "mother" anymore then she can't meet her "watashi no kawaii kodomo tachi". BUT,HEY. DONT TRUST WHAT AM I SAYING

  23. This is literally so relaxing and sad , but really thank you for writing this with Leslie's melody , OMG first time I heard this I really cried and I was in the middle of the school with my Otaku friend watching the last episode of this anime so the whole school saw me suddenly sobbing it was soo embarrassing bu I still don't regret hearing this from you thaaaaank you really much , I actually agree that Isabella is a really complicated person but , when looking at her situation from another point of view rather than just hating her , she doesn't have any other choice but to do what she did since she was still a little girl .

  24. Wow your lyrics are so beautiful! I was wondering if I could use them for a cover? I'll credit you of course! (Maybe I won't upload my cover if I cannot sing it well so I'll practice a lot)

  25. Okay after I stumbled upon your cover of Name of Life I've been going through your covers for the last half hour (it's almost midnight… oops…) and now I found this and I love everything about this and oh my god I'm this close to subscribing

  26. may contain spoilers

    From all the other covers on YouTube, this is by far the I liked the most because it truly portray Isabella reasons of becoming a mama in the plantation, as she know there's no escape from the plantation so instead of telling the truth or encouraging the kids at the plantation to escape, she strive to make all kids in the plantation live the happiest life they could have in their lifetime before they have to be send off as food to the demon even if it means she have to use force (i.e.breaking legs)in order to keep these short lived happiness to last, as she's afraid if the other kids found out the truth about the plantation they can only live in fear then and that would ruin her very reason of becoming a mama.

  27. Thank you for posting this!
    I'm still a child and I'm memorizing this bc
    When I grow older and become a mom
    I'm gonna sing this to my children's
    Thank you very much!
    And it's a good thing it's
    Downloadable in
    You tube
    Thank you very much 😊😊

  28. Isabella May be evil and cruel, and very protective. But she loves her children so much, she has to protect them so they won’t even know sadness or pain, because the world can be cold and cruel.

    But it went other way

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