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✔ Build a DIY Coffee Table / How To / Surreal Furniture Making

✔ Build a DIY Coffee Table / How To / Surreal Furniture Making

DIY Coffee Table Surreal Furniture I made a coffee table in the shape of a bull it’s inspired by the works of Salvador Dali and Picasso Though I feel grounded by traditional works that link us to the past I also like the awkward and uncomfortable art of surrealism By stretching the bounds of what’s normal or acceptable you get a new look at things it helps spark creativity or at the very least the possibility for new directions in your work progress always seems to be made when you push yourself outside of your comfort zone Let me show you how I made this coffee table I printed out a to scale shape of the Bull I wanted to make the body out of there were a lot of pages to stitch together so I used tape as I matched the pieces of
the paper puzzle and stuck them together this took me a while after the Bull shape was ready I cut the waste out with scissors This full sheet of ply is a left over from the wood I rescued off the street I’ve made a lot of projects from that reclaimed wood you can check those video’s out here on my
channel too I made a tall back chair with piano keys for
the seat A table in the shape of a tree and a very cool looking rustic looking chair I’ll leave the links to those video’s in the
discription so I placed the Bull shape template on the
sheet of ply and stuck it to the wood with tape I traced the shape with a pen marker Pulled off the template and had my shape traced onto the sheet Next I used the jig saw to cut out the bull
shape this is going to be the legs and body of the coffee table I did this times 2 one of the bull bodies were a bit larger so I flush trimmed them with the router table to make both pieces equal I sanded down the two bull sides a bit I then took some black gloss paint and painted the soon to be table base I’m going to make a very simple minimalist box for the coffee table so I’m measuring it out I took it to the table saw to cut it to size and now that I have all the sides for the
box I can glue it up I tacked it with pin nails and left it to dry next I painted the outside of the box in black and to add some color interest I painted the insde of the box green once everything was dry I placed the box where I wanted it to sit and masked it off I’m going to be cutting out this part of the
bull so that the box top can fit it I’m drilling holes where the screws with go that hold the piece together I’ll counter sink the holes too these dowels will be used as cross members I’ll assemble the piece now Once assemble I applied a bead of glue I slidded in the box and left it to dry My surreal coffee table is ready Check out the finished piece subscribe like and comment Escagedo Woodworking

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  1. that was interesting indefinitely original good stuff Eloy! and for some reason my thumbs up don't seem to stay or stick when I use my phone so I am thumbs-up Number 9 just so you know LOL

  2. nice table Eloy, i thought you were going to say give it a little color and use gray….lol. when you were trimming the full bull i thought you were going to say i am trimming the fat…..lol. keep it up nice job.

  3. You know I like me some Dali inspired stuff. Dude, your silky smooth vocals add a whole new dimension to your videos. I love it.

  4. that was very interesting Eloy interesting but great project build. I could see where you were going with this project specially after you mention Picasso and Dali.

  5. really affective project !!! the next time try it with Camels will be also great !!! thanks for sharing !

  6. finally had a chance to watch. your really hit a creative streak.
    after seeing your final product I'd do a burro. they carry boxes like that.

    oh yeah when you said you found the plywood on the street. I wanted you to say "the streets of Miami" like Diresta. lol

  7. Man I'm subbed to so many people that I'm missing out on watching my favorites.  I finally got around to watching this one.  I love the contrast in colors and using the router table to match up the sides makes me want to build a router table.  Good work as always.

  8. You have a polite bull there to just stand around with that load on his back – very fine work. Yes fine narration interspersed with your toolworking. Eloy, that microphone is doing you fine.

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